You may recall that, among the Cubs’ awesome promotions this year (Zubaz!!!), the team is giving out a set of specially-made Topps cards, in four installments, at four games this Summer. The cards essentially place current and former Cubs on classic Topps cards on which they couldn’t actually have ever appeared (like, for example, Starlin Castro on the 1987 Topps brown look). The game dates for the cards are Friday, May 3 (a game I’m going to be at, by the way), Friday, July 5, Friday, August 2, and Friday, August 30.

The Cubs kindly sent me a set of the cards to give a closer look (all of my pictures are up at the BN Facebook page) and, naturally, titillate you. I’m happy to do it, because the cards are pretty badass.

The full set is 82 cards, and it looks really neat when you try and fan it out into a Cubs-looking “C”:

cubs cards c

Ernie Banks has six cards in the set, which is the most of any player (naturally):

Ryne Sandberg has several additions, including a groovy looking ‘stache:

Sammy Sosa must not be too “on the outs” with the organization, they gave him four cards in the set:

I’ve got a bunch more pictures of the cards up at the BN Facebook page for your perusing pleasure.

  • Internet Random

    Man. I do so love the 1956 Topps design (Sammy’s bottom left.)

    • Internet Random


  • Johnny Mac

    Nothing gets the ladies like Ryno rocking the sweet stache

  • #1lahairfan

    Pretty cool looking. I wish I was going to one of the games where they distribute those.

  • cubchymyst

    Did you get the Zubaz pants as well?

    • Brett


      Not yet!

  • LEO R.

    They also sent sets to season ticket holders with a different type of stamp on the front to differentiate from the ones that will be handed out at games. I just ordered a set off of
    Ebay and should have it in the next day or two. I think i’ll leave the set unopened for now.
    But they do look cool. There is also a card with the three prospects on it.(Baez,Soler,Almora)

    • Mr. Brent Kennedy

      That is correct, there is a silver Cubs logo with “Season Ticket Holder” underneath. The whole set is pretty sweet. If anyone is interested, I have a bleacher seat to night and weekend games for sale on the Message Board that I will sell pretty much at face value.

  • Robbo

    Rumor has it that Dick Tidrow was supposed to be all 82 cards but his awesomeness broke the baseball card printing machine

  • Leroy

    I want one so bad. I only have about 500 Ryne Sandberg cards—-need more!!! LOL

  • Coldneck

    Going rate for a sealed set on ebay is $125-140.

  • justinjabs

    Jealous …