The Cubs were hitting the ball hard early against Mike Minor, they just weren’t getting any of them to fall. Their BABIP luck this year has been crap (not that I’m saying this is a potent offense or anything). Anthony Rizzo’s struggles against lefties continue, as he looked completely lost against Minor (three ugly Ks).

I’m going to pick on Scott Feldman a bit, but I’m admitting up front that this is picking. In the first inning, he was cruising. He got the first two guys quickly, and had Justin Upton down 0-2. Welington Castillo called for three different outside pitches, all of which Feldman shook off. Finally, Castillo allowed Feldman to throw what he obviously wanted to throw: an inside fastball. The problem? Justin Upton feasts on inside pitches, even those off the plate (see the TAv chart). Upton’s hands quickly got around on the ball (which was down and in, not up and in as it should have been (if it was to be inside at all)), and he lasered it out to left. It struck me immediately as both a physical and mental mistake, especially 0-2 on a hitter like Upton.

Obviously it was a rough debut for Feldman, who clearly has good stuff, but made little mistakes all night. He certainly filled up the stat sheet.

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  • fester30

    I remember recent seasons when the most annoying thing to me about the Cubs was all the LOBs. I have a feeling that won’t be a problem this year. You have to get on base to be left on base.

  • mditka

    any news on Lake & Vitters time frames?

    • Westbound Willie

      Wait longer.

  • Spoda17

    I actually didn’t think Feldman looked “that” bad… He threw good pitches, but its the walks that got him… first gam jitters? new league? we’ll see next start. Biggest worry is the offense. If Feldman pitches lights out… we still lose…

  • Jp3

    Baez looked good last night, sort of… 2-5 double and HR but with a couple of bj K’s

  • RY34

    somebody might want to tell lillibridge and valbuena the season has started, pathetic hitters!

  • Rebuilding

    Logan Watkins 3-3 with 2 walks for Iowa last night. I wish we would just bring him up and give him a shot. He will at least take a walk from time to time. Great pitching from Starling Peralta, Ryane Searle and Alberto Cabrera, as well

  • Jp3

    I agree on Watkins, I’ve seen enough of Lillibridge for a lifetime. Watkins ready or not gives us the best chance to win this year, I’m not throwing in the towel for the next 2 years 4 games in..

  • Jp3

    Starting lillibridge=throwing in the towel

  • Brian

    You’d think Feldman played for the braves with this scorecard.

  • Jamie Weiss

    One batter too long. I was listening to Pat & Keith (well, Keith & Jud because it was the 5th) and when he walked Uggla to load the bases, I thought Dale would go get him. 2-1, and you have a chance. Anything more than that against the studs in the Braves bullpen, it’s a done deal.

    Props to Michael Bowden last night!

  • gutshot5820

    Cubs players got yelled off the field by Atlanta GM Wren yesterday. We are now officially, the Rodney Dangerfield of baseball. No respect.

  • http://Bleachernation Loyal100more

    I’m encouraged by the play of both Scott’s we picked up. If Feldman can cut down on walks ( a big if I relise) his outing was good enough to win. Offence offence offence!! A little bat on the ball and we don’t expose our pitchers as much. But so far I’ve been pleased with the rotation, and if it’s this good all year were in great shape to win some ball games. Looking pretty good. Now let’s hit em where they ain’t and score some runs. This is just about the opposite of how the team performed in ST.

  • willis

    Sveum not pulling Feldman in the 5th was ridiculous. Simply managing for trade value. Just like the Marmol crap the other day.

    Manage to win, dude.