respect wrigleyAlthough the rooftop owners’ veiled threats about a lawsuit cloud things a tiny bit, every source now seems to be in agreement: a Wrigley Field renovation deal is coming.

The AP cites two sources who essentially confirmed everything in the original Sun-Times report (a deal will get done, the Cubs will get most of what they were seeking, Tom Tunney will get his security and parking, and Wrigley will be renovated, starting after the season). Dave Kaplan also jumps on the confirmation bandwagon, saying that sources tell him a deal will indeed be done by Monday.

One of those sources gave Kaplan some details on the negotiations, and on the rooftops having to settle for whatever they could get.

“When the club was sold in 2009, the rooftop owners were warned that they should have approached the Ricketts family to tear up the existing deal and work with the family to find a solution that would allow the Cubs to renovate their park, but at the same time, protect the rooftops and their businesses at best they could,” the source told Kaplan. “They didn’t listen so this is what they are going to have to accept.

“However, this deal is a win-win for everyone involved. Mayor Emanuel can stand up and say that he is bringing in more tax revenue and more jobs to the city and the Cubs get their renovation plan and a huge increase in their revenues through signage, etc. The rooftops get to live out the remaining years of a valid contract that they signed in good faith with the Chicago Cubs and Tom Tunney, and the community gets the increased police protection and a big increase in available parking spots. Everyone makes out well with this deal.”

And, for good measure, and for warm fuzzies, Kaplan quotes a former GM who now scouts for another organization (and who may or may not be Jim Hendry):

“Tom Ricketts has always said that after expenses all of the remaining revenues will be reinvested into the baseball operations department. The thought of Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer and a big pile of money is a scary thought. I never thought I would say this but the Cubs are finally going to be the powerhouse that they should have been a long time ago.”

  • gutshot5820

    After this deal gets done, the Cubs will get virtually everything they wanted. With all the new revenues from TV deals, MLB share increase, stadium advertising etc.. PLUS Tom Ricketts promise to divert all revenues to the baseball operations, if the Cubs go cheap again on salaries, the fans will go full retard on the Cubs,

    I fully expect the Cubs payroll to be at the max level before revenue sharing kicks or or even Yankee-esque when the time is right.

    • Blublud

      I hope the Cubs go Yankee-esque, but only if its there own players, mostly. I could careless if the Cubs payroll is 60 millin in 3 years, as long as Baez, Soler, Almora, Vogelbach, and a few others are on the roster somewhere, or something similar. When/if they all blowup, then we can have a huge payroll. If we do have a huge payroll, I hope its because Baez is making 22 mil, Vogelbach 19 mil, Almora 18 mil, Soler 20 mil and so on. You can rearranged the number and who’s making what, but you get the point. Then you can throw 1 or 2 big name FA from other teams in there, but I hope most the talent is home grown.

      • gutshot5820

        That’s a far-fetched fantasy scenario, if you think all of them are going to reach their peak potential. We would be lucky if one of them became an all-star. There are way too many holes in the line-up to think and hope that you can fill them all with homegrown talent. Most likely, it will be premium free-agents in addition to players on the farm club. And it will not happen in one year, but hopefully they can at least be competitive next year.

        • Blublud

          You can take the names off, and change the contract values. I was using those names because they are the ones people know. I know all those guys may or may not reach their full potential.

        • Blublud

          Though, of those 4, I think it’s likely that Soler, Baez and Vogelbach all come close. I think Almora will struggle to hit the higher up he moves.

          • Grant

            I think Almora has a far better chance of sticking than Vogelbach. Vogelbach is a bat without a position.

        • FarmerTanColin

          Yeah that is exactly what I thought too. Mostly homegrown talent coming from these past couple and continuation of building the farm system. The ability to keep these players is what should set the Cubs aside from say the Rays since they are forced to trade their pitchers to recycle value into their system.

          Not saying we are going to be the Rays but it’s nice knowing that we don’t have to play moneyball when it comes to keeping our best guys. Samardjiza and Rizzo should be locked up by the end of the year or so.

        • Grant

          I don’t think it’s as far-fetched as you’re making it out to be.

          Not saying that all those guys will be all-stars, but given how things are changing with the new CBA and how more and more teams are locking up their star players before they get a chance at free agency, to expect a team to have multiple premium free agents just looks impossible.

    • aCubsFan

      Revenues – expenses = profits.

      You misread that. It isn’t all revenues. It’s all profits. There’s a big difference.

      • gutshot5820

        Knew that. Just lazy writing by my part. I assumed everyone would know what I meant.

    • WGNstatic

      I don’t mean to play the PC police, but, I think we would all be better off if you didn’t use the “r-word.”

      • DarthHater

        Revenue? Ricketts? … 😛

      • TimBeam


    • Kyle

      The Cubs got virtually nothing they wanted out of this deal from the beginning. Now it’s down to being granted most of their Plan C.

      • Brett

        Plan A was a combination of public financing and revenue additions … what was Plan B?

        • Kyle

          IIRC, Plan A was “give us a bunch of money because you did everyone else.” Plan B was “Well, give us a bunch of money but take it out of our taxes.”

          • Brett

            I could be wrong – it’s a tortured, long, hundred-update-filled history – but I don’t believe they ever asked for any money that wasn’t directly tied to the amusement tax.

            • Kyle

              Yeah, I guess you are right.

              The original plan, as I understand it, was for the city to borrow $300m and use it to pay for the renovations, and then cap the amusement tax the team paid on tickets, with the excess going to paying back the bonds, with the state guaranteeing the bonds with other tax revenue if the amusement tax “excess” was insufficient.

              Once that got shot down, the Cubs began trying to work directly with the city to try to find a way to different way of getting them their money, but it never got that far because the Mayor shot them down at every turn.

    • clark addison

      The Yankees’ payroll is no longer Yankee-esque.

  • justinjabs

    I love that last paragraph. I imagine Hendry sitting in the upper deck of an empty Yankee Stadium on the phone with Kaplan. It’s dusk. He looks calmly into the distance as he gives that quote and ponders.

    • miggy80

      J-Jabs that is poetic and love it. Been digging you post and caught your tweet via Michigangoat.

      • justinjabs

        Thanks man.

  • Blublud

    I think we are seeing the end of the rooftops. It either that, or Ricketts is using his leverage to deflate their value so he can swoop in down the road and buy them out for a fraction of the value. If the rooftops don’t have an extention of their contract with the Cubs, their property value drops every season that passes. In 10 seasons, when there is only 1 season left on the contract and it becomes clear there will be no extensions, the property will have virtually no value. It will be a ways away, but this is something to keep an eye on.

  • Die hard

    I still don’t see how the majority of constituents are served by this deal? would have thought deal would include closing the streets adjacent to the park on game day except to buses bringing in tour groups… That would avoid the traffic jams due to game traffic clashing with non game traffic

    • Westbound Willie

      They already close that street

  • Barroof

    Well Blubud I hope in 10 years the Cubs have won at least 2 world series and sign a new contract with the rooftops. Why is everyone so against them. I love taking groups of customers on them for business . They also look cool as hell on tv. I had 20 people up there for the Winter Classic. I just don’t understand all the haters.

    • Blublud

      Well, I hope in 10 years, beth murphey and company has filed for bankruptcy and has to sell her buildings dirt cheap. Then Ricketts buys them and then he can run them. At that point, I don’t care if they stay or not. I think they have no risk and should just enjoy the ride. If they were doing that, I would have no problem. But trying to stop the very product that you benefit from with no risk from maximizing there abilities just so you, and only you can benefit makes you a leach and unneeded.

      • Tom A.

        The bars will survive just fine. The bars will do real well if the Cubs are a winning team. The bars will survive for a long long time.

        I see via the Internet that the rooftop owners have borrowed millions of dollars. Those loans will be less and less valuable as we approach 11 years from today. I really don’t see the banks allowing them to borrow money going forward. The rooftops will go out of business and the Cubs will have done nothing but let them know they have 11 years left. Their chance to be reasonable and strike a reasonable deal likely has ended. It sure seems like they exercised bad business judgment by the way they approached these negotiations. If I was a rooftop owner I would eat some crow apologize to the Cubs and hope that I could strike a deal that would allow me to exist beyond 11 years.

        • D.G.Lang

          I don’t think the rooftops will survive after the current agreement. Once this agreement ends, I expect the Cubs to expand seating in the outfield since the rooftop owners won’t be able to fight them.

          The Cubs would be pretty much free to do whatever the city lets them do which may or may not include buying out the buildings along one side of the stadium or the other and rebuilding to allow for their open street fairs. I wouldn’t be supprised to hear of some part of the new agreement allowing for expansion after the RTO agreement ends.

          The noise from Wrigly is most likely not as much of an issue as the RTO makes it out to be. We should remember that there is an elevated line running a little to the east of Wrigly anf those trains make noise all day and all night long. The noise from the Cubs park is only during the games or the concerts and the games ‘only’ occur 81 times per year as opposed to the L-trains 365 days a year.

    • Mrcub1958

      Bar, they’re mooching off of a legitimate business while infringing on said business right to grow. Or, from the Cub fan view…they could care less about winning a WS and act to deny us the ability to increase odds of that happening. Please don’t patronize them this year and take your business associates into the ballpark. Try the Bleacher Club or put out for the PNC Club. You will impress.

  • aCubsFan

    The end of the rooftops just might come sooner than 11 years. You have to think that the Cubs and the Ricketts want to own all the buildings and property that immediately surround Wrigley.

    Wouldn’t be nice to turn those buildings back into apartments where the Cubs’ out of town players can live in instead of being put up in downtown hotels?

    • Westbound Willie

      Seriously? Lol

    • Ron

      I love that idea. Make them super fancy hotels that the visiting team stays in…the cubs get the profit of a team playing. Brilliant!

  • cubzforlife

    The property will always have value being across the street from Wrigley. The rooftop owners will be able to payoff their loans and still make a profit assuming the Cubs have a decent team. Then ( I hope) the buildings return to residential propertys with a few lawn chairs on the roofs. It will always be a cool place for twenty somethings to live.

  • FarmerTanColin

    Brett, If this has been done already then I apologize, but possibly interviewing one of these rooftop owners on the podcast I think would be a great way to hear their side of the situation. Even though an agreement is coming soon.

  • Chief Sosa


  • Chief Sosa

    I took a walk around wrigley and its surrounding area yesterday. Let me tell you this, F that place. If it wasn’t for Wrigley, that whole area of town would be considered a ghetto. Boystown is directly south of Wrigley, precisely north of Belmont and east of ashland. You’ve got sex shops with dildos in the windows within a mile of Wrigley, a shop called “Gaymart”, and hobos walking around. The further north you go from Wrigley the blacker, poorer, and more eary it gets, and its really a crying shame to experience it first hand. Wrigley Field does not deserve this crap.

    • DarthHater

      Not to mention the a-holes it attracts into walking around the surrounding area.

      • Chief Sosa

        Was your a-hole attracted to the surrounding area? Precisely Tulips?

      • Westbound Willie

        This Sosa guy is probably from southern illinois and rode his cow up to WF to see the big city lights for the first time. He’s doing all these tests on this website to see if his posts show up so he must have borrowed Ronnie woo woos iPad to make his first Internet connection and post here.

        Kid sounds like a real winner. 50 bucks he changes his name to avoid further embarrassment

        • Chief Sosa

          Actually i’m from Chicago and testing my gravatar. If you or any other tough guy trying to roast me here are from Chicago, how bout we meet up and you say it to my face? I’m in Bucktown bitch. Bring yo mama she owes me some money.

          • Westbound Willie

            So you’re from Chicago and this is the first time you’ve walked around the WF neighborhood to see the local demographics?

            Ok pal.

            • Chief Sosa

              Who said that was the first time I walked around WF? And why does it matter to you?

              • DarthHater


                • Westbound Willie

                  Watch out. Chief will threaten you and make a comment about your mother.

                  Guys like this nut job are the reason the area around WF needs police protection and the neighbors lock their doors.

                  • Chief Sosa

                    What was wrong with my original comment? It was only an observation. I’m sorry i’m not down with the gays like “Westbound Willie” and Darth Hater are. Someone please explain to me whats wrong with my comment.

                    • caryatid62

                      Actually, it was a judgement based upon an observation. There’s a massive difference.

                      And the fact that using “gay” as a pejorative term means (a) you don’t really understand the culture here, and (b) it’s probably not worth arguing with you.

                    • Brett

                      You very much have the right idea.

                    • Kubphan82

                      Hobos walk all throughout Chicago… Not just Wrigleyville. You obviously have some racial issues projected through your post, not cool. I’ve lived in some pretty good predominantly African American neighborhoods… Keep your homophobia to yourself. You continue to sound ignorant with “your mom” insults. And threatening people with “come find me” garbage… Yeah, you sound like the voice of reason with whom everyone should jump on board…

                    • gutshot5820


  • Caleb

    The last part of this post gave me a chubby. I’m ready for Chicago cubs domination!! Suck it, cardinal fans!

    • SirCub

      I think my dreams tonight are going to involve Jed, Theo, and large pile of money.

  • Timmy

    Not happy about a jumbotron, but I guess all great traditions fall to the unrelenting desire for mere profit. Even if it means losing on purpose for years and shutting out the rooftop community.

    • Brett

      The Ricketts sure have wasted a lot of money – expensive front office, expensive organizational software, expensive Dominican facility, expensive international prospects – in their quest for mere profit. Someone should probably send them a business card.

    • cdncubfan

      Spoken like a true RTO.

    • DarthHater

      “shutting out the rooftop community.”

      The “rooftop community” will not be shut out – they will be just as free as everyone else to buy tickets and attend games in the renovated Wrigley. The only shutting out will be of neighboring businesses that directly poach the Cubs’ product, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Also, they aren’t in danger of really being shut out for another 11 years.

      • Tom A.

        This is 100% correct.

        • DarthHater

          This is 100% correct. 😉

    • Tommy

      What the heck does losing on purpose mean?

  • hawkcub

    When the Cubs were trying to get public funds the RTO should have been yelling from their roof tops for them to get those funds. Barring their views were not effected. It probably would have done no good but it would have developed good will with the Cubs. Which may have helped them now. Instead they decided to blockade.

    I personally have never been or plan to go to the RT’s. Just to far from the field. But they are part of what makes Wrigley unique. I do enjoy the view they create. If they disappear I will not be sad though. They did not create any fans by their actions. In fact they pissed many off.

  • Jason (Thundermug)

    Was there any good things from Friday’s Minor League Baseball Games ?

    • nkniacc13

      I believe Baez homered

  • Ivy Walls

    Long term, the deal will strategically do what the Ricketts and Chicago needed, offer a financial base to grow and maintain the Cubs. It is more than a franchise but a year long entertainment enterprise.

    Regarding roof tops this will slowly marginalize them, they will not be able to invest in their own product and therefore will have to go to the one buyer who has a future, the Cubs. Some roof top facilities will stay, some will be converted to ad space, I can see the entire surrounding buildings being purchased by the Cubs on Waveland and Sheffield offering restaurants and other venues for street fairs and off season stuff—2022-2025

    As for the TV contract I see them extending WGN though 2019 when the Comcast runs out, knocking it down to Wed home day games, Fri & Sun games and few other day games as the night games will be increased to what 44? Then the Cubs create their own TV network by their lonesome.

    Think about it 23 games are weekend and day home games, leaving 61 games, if 44 night games that leaves 17 day games on weekdays, there are 11 home Wednesdays, (3 PM start) so now there are six games remaining, opening home opener, this year there are 3 weekday (non Weds or Sun) getaway days, this takes us down to 2 more games, okay the back up home opener and you pick’em.

    The hotel and other stuff and this is a $3B company

  • Boogens

    Just asking… for all the issues that need to be addressed in Wrigley, specifically the structural integrity and the clubhouses, doesn’t $300 million seem a little light? Especially considering that they have to work around the limitations of the existing structure. I know the rennovation estimates are about $500 million but I believe that about $200 million was targeted for the hotel.

    Also, does anyone have an idea if the Cubs get to keep all of the revenue generated by the new parking faclity?

  • Willie Smith

    $300M seems really low and nothing done in chicago comes in at budget. they are doing it all wrong anyway. wrigley should be leveled except bleachers and re-built from ground up. could be done by start of 2016 season. instead this “plan” will take 5 years; assuming lawsuits don’t drag it out; and won’t be done till start of 2018 season. the world won’t come to an end if the cubs play somewhere else. not like they are trying to win anyway for the next few years. OR just move and let the rooftops go under. would be nice if the owner would work as hard to fatten his wallet as putting a winning team on the field

  • Die hard

    The product advertising Jumbotron designed to divert the attention away from the inferior product on the field….. They take the fans for suckers …. Maybe the fans should boycott the games until team is playing .500 ball after 50 games

  • Barroof

    Chief Sosa shopping at GayMart yet again. Did you pick yourself up something nice I hope ? You call Wrigleyville a ghetto ? Dude you need to take a look around the cell area and think again. Another thing, if the Cubs screw the rooftop owners there is no way in hell the Alderman will allow any additional changes to Wrigley. Why can’t we all just get along. If Ricketts thought the area was so bad why didn’t he pickup and leave ? Because he realizes that Wrigley Field is the draw not the piece of shit team the last few years and this and possible next year as well. I am a Cubs fan, I live by the ballpark, I want the Cubs to win but stop the crying about the rooftops.

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