Boy, that would have been special.

The Cubs teased us with a 9th inning rally today, Opening Day at Wrigley, entering the inning down 7-2. Unfortunately the game ended on a deep fly ball to right by Starlin Castro – a fly ball that would have won the game if the wind hadn’t completely shifted direction in time for the Cubs’ rally. Castro had already just missed two homers earlier in the game – one of which literally hit the rim of the left field basket.

I guess baseball is supposed to be exciting, and this game was. But damn if the ending didn’t sting.

Edwin Jackson’s Wrigley debut sure didn’t go as he’d hoped. He seemed to be having grip problems in the first inning, and he was all over the place after allowing two early singles. That led to four runs, and a huge hole – even on a windy day. He settled down after that, and look pretty good over the next five innings, but the damage was largely done. Shawn Camp didn’t help things immediately after Jackson, either.

Norichika Aoki continues to destroy the Cubs.

But … ugh. Grumble.

After his first two near misses, I added Castro to my team for Friday’s contest. (Seriously, I did. You should de-stress by signing up for the free $300 contest, too. It’s more fun with more of you involved. And I need fun.)

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    If Lillibridge can’t hit in starters at bats how is he supposed to do so in a limited/bench role? Theo and Jed both kept repeating all spring that you can’t get fooled into looking too much into ST stats because you’ll get bitten. Give it a couple more weeks of Lilly whiffs and I’d say it will be fair game to announce they were ‘bitten’ by Lillibridge.

    Just off the top of my head I’d rather have seen them sign Polanco or Mark Reynolds than have to watch Svuem’s bestie Valbuena continue to take his Jacque Jones esque hacks. Polanco could be playing 2nd at the moment and Reynolds could give a day off to Rizzo against tough lefties.

    Do we blame TR for continually trimming the payroll or Theoyer for not swindling a deal and realizing they had another anemic offense on deck for 2013?

    • Brian

      I really dislike Lillibridge. What’s he doing in the majors? Get rid of him, he’s wasting a roster spot for someone else that won’t suck as much as him.

    • Kyle

      By my math, position players acquired by Epstein/Hoyer since they took over are worth -0.6 fWAR to date this season. Pitchers +0.4.

      So the net influence of two years worth of moves from this front office on this team has been below replacement.

      • Matty Ice

        But, but, but…. They’re geniuses.

      • Westbound Willie

        I’d replace those two guys and put some old school guys in. When I heard that Epstein made a big deal about teaching baserunners to touch the inside of the bags with their right foot I knew we had the head guy from the geek squad running the show.

        • ProfessorCub

          I just lost IQ points and somehow became a less caring and thoughtful person after reading these last few posts.

          • Westbound Willie

            So you went to a negative IQ?

            • ProfessorCub

              now that just hurts

      • jt

        which WAR standard are you using?

      • Westbound Willie

        So signing shithouse hasn’t put them over the hump yet? Maybe you forgot to factor in Mather or Joey gathwrong.

      • DCF

        Grades can’t be Jugded by WAR properly. Salary Relief, trading for prospects etc isn’t quantifiable by WAR

        • Matty Ice

          No, just win-loss record

    • John (the other one)

      I don’t like Lillibridge much either, but neither Polanco nor Reynolds can back up ss. And they are both toast offensively. I also don’t think Lillibridge will go 0 for the season.

      • Koyie Hill Sucks

        Seeing how he has handled 2B i don’t have much confidence in him playing SS. He wont go 0 for the season but he will make Koyie Hill look like a good hitter.

        Its no that he is 0-14 or whatever he is, it’s how he has looked at the plate, just overmatched.

  • Timmy

    Things are going just as Theo planned…

  • http://Bleachernation Loyal100more

    Factor the farm? A big part of what theo has done (rizzo) has been bluster the farm (beaz) and get the club in a position (soler) to compete long term. So a lot or the win above replacement stuff (Almora) won’t show up at the big league level (vizcaino) for at least a year plus. As a fan I want a (paniagua) world series championship, not just a sexy line up (samardzijas a starter) that costs a lot of money, has a high WAR, but never wins it all (travis woods pretty good) and deletes the farm in a vane attempt… Like we have done in the pat!

  • Cubbies4Life

    Loyal100more, as much as it hurts, I agree with your position.