brewers logoThe Cubs return – limping – to Wrigley Field for their home opening series of the year. Fortunately it comes against a very banged-up Brewers club, so maybe the Cubs can rebound.

By way of reminder, the Series Preview hooks you up with what you need to know about every series this year – streaks, broadcast information, pitchers, expected lineups, etc. That way, if you want to check only one place to get a sense about an upcoming series, or to plan ahead, you’ve got it. There’s also some fun stuff, because fun stuff is fun.

We’re Going Streaking

The Cubs dropped all three games in Atlanta, even if they should have won one, and easily could have won the other two (if they could, you know, score at all). They’re 2-4 on the year, which is probably about what you would have projected through these first six games anyway.

The Brewers, as mentioned, are very banged up, and have lost five in a row after winning their opener.

Game Times and Broadcasts

  • Monday, April 8 at 1:20 CT on WGN.
  • Tuesday, April 9 at 7:05 CT on WGN.
  • Wednesday, April 10 at 7:05 CT on CSN+.

Expected Starters and Lineups

These lineups are likely to be pretty close to what actually gets fielded, but you’ll want to check each day’s Pre-Gamin’ post for the actual lineup.


Starters: Edwin Jackson (0-1, 3.60), Travis Wood (1-0, 0.00), Scott Feldman (0-1, 7.71)


  1. David DeJesus, CF
  2. Starlin Castro, SS
  3. Anthony Rizzo, 1B
  4. Alfonso Soriano, LF
  5. Nate Schierholtz, RF
  6. Welington Castillo/Dioner Navarro, C
  7. Luis Valbuena, 3B
  8. Brent Lillibridge/Alberto Gonzalez, 2B
  9. Pitcher


Starters: Marco Estrada (0-0, 7.20), Wily Peralta (0-1, 6.75), Kyle Lohse (0-0, 1.50)

Lineup (they’re so banged up, it’s hard to predict):

  1. Norichika Aoki, RF
  2. Carlos Gomez, CF
  3. Ryan Braun(?), LF
  4. Rickie Weeks, 2B
  5. Jean Segura(?), SS
  6. Alex Gonzalez, 3B
  7. Jonathon Lucroy, C
  8. Yuniesky Betancourt, 1B
  9. Pitcher

Hot or Not and Whom to Watch

Travis Wood was dominant in his opening start against the Pirates, so hopefully he keeps that up. Wouldn’t it be great for him to truly emerge as the kind of starting pitcher the Cubs feel they have to keep in the rotation even after Matt Garza and Scott Baker return? Good problem, right?

Alfonso Soriano’s early-season troubles seem to be continuing in 2013, and the chillier temperatures in Chicago probably won’t help.

It’s way too early to be worried about Anthony Rizzo, but it’s not too early to keep an eye on his deep struggles against lefties, and his ability to adjust to the adjustments of pitchers. There’s a healthy book out on him now, and he’ll have to keep up with pitchers changing their approach against him.

It didn’t take long for Kyle Lohse to get ready for the season, despite not signing until the final week of Spring Training. He gave up just one earned run against the Diamondbacks, and went six innings in his first start.

Jean Segura started off the year hot for the Brewers – .450/.500/.650 – but he might miss some time with a thigh bruise. Aramis Ramirez also started out hot, but he’s on the DL with a knee problem. Ryan Braun also started out hot, but has missed time with a sore neck.

Are you sensing a theme here? The Brewers are damaged and very beatable right now.

Series She-View

The Series She-View is one beautiful woman representing the Cubs taking on another (usually) beautiful woman representing the opponent. The Cubs’ representative will change as the team’s needs change – in other words, if the Cubs are winning, the rep will stay the same. But if the Cubs’ performance calls for a change, someone new will step in. The opponent’s representative will change from series to series, at my whim. But at least she’ll probably be wearing the opponent’s colors or have some connection to the team or something like that. It is immature, and the connection to baseball is tenuous at best. These things, I know.

This year, the Series She-View will live over at the Message Board. Here’s your She-View for the Brewers series.

Caption the Enemy

A new feature for the Series Preview this year – since folks on the Internet can’t get enough of cracking wise about pictures, I thought it might be a fun addition to the Series Preview. I’ll drop in a picture (hopefully one ripe for captioning), and you’ll drop in your clever captions into the comments. Then, if there are good ones, we can meme-ify them for use down the road.

For example … here’s an iconic shot of Ryan Braun discussing a certain legal/performance/testing issue:

  • cjdubbya


  • MightyBear

    “All my packages from Florida came FedEx, so blame the FedEx guy. It wasn’t my fault.”

  • hansman1982

    “My douche is THIS big”

    “No, I use leave-in conditioner.”

    “I do NOT have a third collared shirt on because that was so last week”

    • Internet Random

      “No, I use leave-in conditioner.”


  • DtheG

    “For the last time I was never on The Jersey Shore”

  • ncsujuri

    “you call me a douchebag like its a bad thing”

  • ncsujuri

    “5, 5 dollar…5 dollar foot-looooong”

  • andrewmoore4isu

    No, I did not have sexual relations with that woman!

  • ETS

    Whoa whoa whoa, I went to Miami clinic that was handing our PEDs, but I only went there to get directions on how to get away from there.

    • ETS

      out***** grrr.

  • FarmerTanColin

    This is a big IF since injuries and ineffectiveness are bound to happen but especially if Wood and Villanueva keep pitching well thoughts on a possible 6 man rotation or a piggyback system? This is also assuming Garza and Baker come back to pitch effectively.

  • whiteflag

    “If the sample sits, you must acquit.”

  • BABIP (MichCubFan)

    “Don’t hate me ‘cuz I think I’m beautiful”

    “The only thing I use is Head & Shoulders”

  • Dale’s Ear

    “Stop sayin s*** about my hair bro.”

  • Cubbie Blues

    Listen guys, it wasn’t PEDs it was herpes.

  • JulioZuleta

    “Relax guys, I haven’t stopped wearing Affliction T’s…my Mom just hasn’t finished my laundry yet.”

  • ssckelley

    “That azzzz was this big………”

  • waittilthisyear

    “i can’t decide what to brand it; either a jewwy curl or the perm of zion”

    disclaimer: i am jewish

    • Internet Random


  • Kev

    “Relax guys, it’s not a Members Only jacket. It’s just a pullover that looks exactly like a Members Only jacket.”

  • Kenster

    “Alright you got me… I do use ladies hair conditioner, but that’s only because of the testosterone I’ve lost taking these peds you guys accuse me of”

  • pete

    Hey, I borrowed this ajcket from my dad’s old road roommate, May Day Malone. It always got him lots of the ladies.

  • On the Farm

    “The guy asked me where I wanted it and naturally I told him in the butt… I didn’t realize he was talking about giving me PEDs.”

    • Dougy D

      Very nice.

  • cubchymyst

    “Wait, I can’t be on jersey shore? But, I’ve got the douche bag look down”

  • Can’t think of a cool name

    For the last time, I’m not the guy from the Mummy.

    • On the Farm

      Ha! I thought of something similar to this one too

  • JBarnes

    “No, no, no…no needles. The only thing that gets stuck in my a** is this big.”

  • Mike Taylor

    “Woah, Cousin Larry, don’t be ridiculous… needles is perfectly normal in Mepos.”

  • Smackafilieyo

    “I’m not gay!!! My boyfriend is….”

  • Fred Tedeschi

    “The needle I use is THIS big!”

  • Cubbies4Life

    “Whoa! Do ALL the ladies think I look like a DB when I’m out of uniform?”

  • Sarah

    “Hold up… what do you mean Paul Ryan cancelled our p90X date?!”

  • Andy

    “Yeah, I used my dealer in my appeal. And my hair looks kinda gay. But I still make more money than all of you combined.”

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