respect wrigleyAnother deadline in the Wrigley Renovation has come and gone without a formal agreement between the Chicago Cubs, the City of Chicago, and the Neighborhood in which Wrigley Field sits. Yesterday seemed like the perfect day to announce a deal: it was the home opener at Wrigley, and progress toward a resolution had clearly entered the home stretch.

But, after a round of media appearances that yielding nothing of any particular substance, Tom Ricketts had essentially confirmed that no deal would be coming. After that, he headed to the game, where he sat behind the two men with whom he’s been working so closely to get a deal done, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Alderman Tom Tunney. Those two had front row seats, naturally.

So … what now? No one seems to be saying anything certain, and there obviously isn’t the same level of public discord and leverage-grabbing anymore. That’s gotta be a good thing, right?

At bottom, based on the perceived closeness of a deal over the past week – so close, in fact, that multiple reports had the sides reaching a done deal by Monday, which did not occur – and the tenor of Ricketts’ prepared comments yesterday (all positive, no threats, and no time lines), I really do believe that the parameters of an agreement are in place. There are official, “public processes” to go through, and small issues to still hammer out. There may yet be a fight with the rooftops to be had, but it doesn’t seem like that is actually what is now holding up the finalized agreement.

The simplest explanation for yesterday’s failure to announce an agreement: massive deals are super complex, and involve dozens of lawyers poring over hundreds of provisions, all with competing ideas on just how to phrase something to perfectly protect his/her client. That yesterday would have been a nice day to make an announcement is secondary to actually getting the particulars of the deal done. I think the Cubs were hopeful a deal could be announced yesterday because they knew it was, for all intents and purposes, in place. But the realities of actually memorializing something so expansive and far-reaching as this deal live on their own time line. Nobody wants to make a mistake that will rear its head 10 years from now simply because the deal just had to be announced on “Opening Day.”

Now we await the various public processes, it seems.

  • Curt

    Chicago politics good god what a cesspool of butt kissing , money grabbing , political posturing, no wonder it’s a fight to get anything done. I hope it still gets done, but what will make me ill is after the I”s are dotted and t”s are crossed the parties involved will all claim how happy they are it’s done and how great it was to work with the rest of the parties involved . well see a few years down the road if the cubs wished they had moved when they had the chance to.

  • MightyBear


    • Brett


    • DarthHater

      SMF 😛

  • Brian

    Ricketts whispering into Rahm and Tunney’s ear- Now, you see when them owners of the rooftops over there continue to be a pain in the a…, then these 40,000 fans x 81 will be gone, what do you think about that!

  • David

    Wasn’t there talk yesterday and in the past few days that things have to go through the “public process” now? Does that mean referendums or something like that?

    • Brett

      Yes – and I did a bad job of explaining that. I just updated to make it more clear.

  • justinjabs

    Relevant surprisingly entertaining tweet from Jesse Rogers:

    • King Jeff

      Nice pic, that’s pretty funny. They really look like a major economic machine to me.

  • gutshot5820

    So now we have news about no news? Sorry, I had to make a smart-ass remark. Caaaaaaan’t control my hands,.

    • King Jeff

      Obsessive watch says that there is nothing to obsess over, so we obsess over nothing.

  • aCubsFan

    ABC 7 just reported that no renovations will be completed this off season because they missed numerous deadlines for ordering materials. They said the framework is in place for a deal but it will be months before finalization of deal because of the signage and jumbotron.

    • Brett

      Definitely possible. That’s a pretty huge deal, if true.

    • Spriggs

      This is just not going to end well, is it? What a huge disappointment this would be.

  • STH Section 514 Row 3

    If this turns out to be true it is highly disappointing for the Cubs. Not only will they have to continue to fight against landmark restrictions, but now you’ve lost another year of revenue from the hotel, fitness center, etc. I would at least hope they have unlimited opportunity on night games, concerts and the closure of the streets surrounding the park on game days.

  • HellInWaveland

    The Cubs should move to Rosemont, where they can have all the night games they want abd deal with inconsiderate fans like you. But as long as they’re at Wrigley we have enough night games. The pathetic Ricketts don’t even want to build a parking structure — it probably interferes with its hotel construction. The Cubs are losers — and so are entitled fans like you.

    • aCubsFan

      I got the impression that Tunney pulled the parking garage off the table because of the petition by the ‘neighborhood’ who was against the parking garage.

      • HellInWaveland

        Source? That’s not what Nbc said tonight. And the only ‘neighbors’ who would object are those leasing out their garages. NBC said said Ricketts wanted offsite parking, which we already have. The neighborhood has been hearing about additional parking for 10+ years and still nothing. If it doesn’t happen this time I am going to make it my goal to get Tunney unseated.

    • whiteflag

      How are the Cubs entitled?

      • HellInWaveland

        Read it again.

        • whiteflag

          I’ve read it. I don’t see your point. If the cubs were to move:
          1) residents of Wrigleyville will see property values drop
          2) city of Chicago will lose 500 million in revenue
          3) bars, rooftops, restaurants lose a ton of revenue

          Did the people moving into that area not know there was a ballpark in the neighborhood? You can’t tell me they didn’t know what they were moving in to. It’s a business let it operate as one. I am not saying the cubs are innocent, but seems me they are being pretty fair given the circumstances.

    • Kevin

      Enough night games? 30 night games falls way short of the 53 night game average. Do you want the Cubs to have a similar Day/night schedule as other teams or should they just lay down and continue to be controlled by unhappy residents like yourself?

  • Kevin

    Hello Indianapolis

  • -mp

    Do It…………….move already and build a new park. Join the 21st century and make a clean break from the past.

  • Cheryl

    At one point it sounded like Ricketts got what he wanted but from the various comments today it sounds lie he lost on the parking garage, lost on the night games, signage is a problem still and the hotel is now in question. Is there any reason for him to stay at Wrigley with all this?

    • Brian

      I don’t think they lost on the garage, that sounded like a $7+ million throw in for Tunney and cohorts.

    • Kevin

      I can’t think of any reason to stay and put up with this political bullshit!

  • Kevin

    April 1st hard deadline passes
    April 8th 2nd hard deadline passes
    Talk about a loss of credibility.
    Time for TR to take action

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