wrigley field from right bleachersI’m still mad at you, wind.

The Cubs will try to even the series at one with the decimated-but-still-able-to-beat-the-Cubs Brewers. Travis Wood takes the ball, and he picked the right day – the last time he pitched at Wrigley with the wind howling out, he gave up five homers to the Cardinals. Tonight, the wind isn’t expected to be blowing out like it was yesterday. It’s actually looking like it might be blowing in.

Of course, as we saw yesterday, that can change on a dime.

Brent Lillibridge is going to get a hit tonight. He has to. His OPS+ can’t stay -100 forever.

Game Info

Milwaukee Brewers (2-5) at Chicago Cubs (2-5), 7:05 CT on WGN.

Game Thread and Series Preview

The Game Thread lives here. You should participate in the madness. And, of course, for those who aren’t into message board-style game threads, please feel free to use the comments on this post for your in-game commentary/outbursts.

The Series Preview for this series lives here.

Starting Pitchers

Wily Peralta (0-1, 6.75 ERA, 1.688 WHIP)


Travis Wood (1-0, 0.00 ERA, 0.500 WHIP)

Milwaukee Brewers Lineup

1. Norichika Aoki, RF

2. Rickie Weeks, 2B

3. Ryan Braun, LF

4. Jonathan Lucroy, C

5. Alex Gonzalez, 3B

6. Carlos Gomez, CF

7. Jean Segura, SS

8. Yuniesky Betancourt, 1B

9. Wily Peralta, P

Chicago Cubs Lineup

1. David DeJesus, CF

2. Starlin Castro, SS

3. Anthony Rizzo, 1B

4. Alfonso Soriano, LF

5. Nate Schierholtz, RF

6. Welington Castillo, C

7. Luis Valbuena, 3B

8. Brent Lillibridge, 2B

9. Travis Wood, P

  • Die hard

    Insanity is doing things over and over the same way expecting a different result — how about tweaking the order ?

    • Tim

      What do you suggest?

      • Die hard

        Flipping Rizzo with Soriano and move Castillo up behind Rizzo

        • MikeW

          I’m with this

          • ETS

            Sheirholtz has looked good at the plate this year I think. I don’t think flipping rizzo and sori is a good idea either. Sori is a career ~320 OBP. I think over the coarse of a season you’d be better off with rizzo in front of him.

            • fromthemitten

              hey guys how about hitting sori leadoff?

              • Coach K

                Now there’s an idea! Haha

        • Spencer

          Soriano has looked worse than Rizzo so far this season, and that’s no small task. I don’t think giving him more at bats in April is the answer.

      • Koyie Hill Sucks

        I suggest sitting Lillibridge

        • TWC

          I suggest sitting ON Lillibridge.

        • Mike

          Besides the already mentioned sitting-on-lillibridge, can we just bring up Logan Watkins already? Heck, I’d rather see Hairston at 2nd than Lillibridge. Hairston hasn’t played 2nd in years, but maybe he could actually make contact. That, or just play Gonzalez at 2nd until Barney is back. Lillibridge isn’t doing anything, and won’t again today.

        • @cubsfantroy

          You should change your name to Brent Lillibridge sucks.

  • DWahl71

    Standing in the bleachers right now, wind blowing straight in at the moment

    • http://www.justinjabs.com/blog/ justinjabs

      Have a great time.

    • http://401klogic.net Westbound Willie

      So that’s you in the bleachers?

  • Featherstone

    Now that you mentioned it lillibridge’s ops+ will stay -100. For another week. Thanks for jinxing it Brett

  • RWakild

    How about bringing Watkins up for a bit? Give us something to look forward to besides another Lillibridge strikeout.

    • Mike

      Thank you!!!!

  • Mike

    Clevenger at 3rd, please!

  • Rcleven

    The Northwest Herald ‏@InsideTheCubs 16m

    Sveum said Barney will play in minors Sat/Sun/Mon & be ready after Cubs’ off day. “He could play today. He’s pretty much ready to go now.”

    Now for the P word.

  • Mike

    Meanwhile, some Iowa Cubs actually know how to hit the ball….namely Sweeney and Watkins.

  • Mike

    With this lineup, I’d rather see old-timers Grace, Sandberg, Dunston and Luis Salazar play the infield. I’m sure they’d hit better at their advanced ages vs. the youngin’s that are playing tonight.

  • Mike

    What ever happened to Adrian Cardenas? I know he’s not with the Cubs in any way, shape or form anymore. Can’t find anything current about his playing status. Sveum never game Cardenas a fair shake last year, either. They need to give him a call…..we need someone who has a history of actually hitting the ball.

    • Melrosepad

      As far as I know, Adrian Cardenas never signed with anyone in the offseason and is a free agent still. Don’t know if there were attitude issues or something. Seemed odd to me that a 25 year old with a decent minor league resume only got the one cup of coffee in the show. All the pinch hitting didn’t help either. When he actually started he was decent.

  • mick shagger

    Do we have a manager or pitching coach in the dugout?!?! Ejax gets shelled in the first with no visit now Wood gets in a jam and finally Bosio comes out AFTER the Braun at bat. Does anybody think we’ll even score a total of 3 runs tonight?!?!

    • Mike

      I think we’ll be lucky to score one run, and even luckier if we don’t give up more than 8 runs.

  • Mike

    I hate acronyms, but OMG, this team sucks.

    • Mike

      This team sucks so badly, they’d lose to the Kane Co. Cougars.

  • http://bleachernation allen

    Game over. No way we score 3 tonight

  • Coop

    This game is a fine example of Castro’s defensive deficiencies…

    • Mike

      He should really be playing 3rd or 2nd.

      • Die hard

        Been arguing that for 2 years – Saw him at 3B first time I saw him play in person… But I was spoiled on Luis Aparicio and Don Kessinger… And when the Wizard of Oz came to Wrigley – they knew how to pick it!!!

  • caryatid62

    This year is going to absolutely suck. The team is mediocre (at best) and there’s absolutely nothing to look forward to in terms of call-ups this entire season. There’s no Rizzo coming up to inspire some hope–just garbage upon garbage with the best hope being a firesale in July hopefully netting a prospects better than C level.

    This sucks.

    • Mike

      I almost agree with you completely. Outside of Logan Watkins, if they even call him up, and maybe Brett Jackson, this is a completely lost year. They might lose more than the 2012 team.

  • http://bleachernation allen

    I hate being excited about a game and then it being over by the second inning. It also sucks knowing their is a very good chance this team has no shot of scoring three runs

  • Mike

    Lillibridge is worse than Joe Mather. I didn’t think that was possible.

  • Mike

    Chone Figgins for 3rd base, or 2nd….yeah, I know, he hasn’t hit well in years. I don’t care. Get someone who has some friggin life in them. A warm body will do.

    • Die hard

      Can pick up Fontenot for cab fare

      • Mike

        Sounds good to me. Sign him now.

      • whiteflag

        Not a bad idea. DH

  • Mike

    I wish DeJesus could get a few hits, so we can trade him for, oh, I don’t know, someone who can help us actually win a game.

  • medler

    OK. Time to play…


    I always go for the 1994 Cubs.

    Awful. We should be luck to never live through that crap again!.


  • http://bleachernation allen

    Its amazing how every pitcher who faces us is “nasty” and has “great stuff”. No we just suck

    • Mike


  • http://bleachernation allen

    Good job Soriano! Me and you are tied in homers and rbi’s! Only difference is you make $18 million more a year than me

  • Bigguy

    I am a 60 year old lifetime Cub fan I do not think I can take being out of the running before the ivy turns green . Why should I care when they are making millions and could care less

    • Mike

      I’m with you, sir.

  • http://bleachernation allen

    I miss Bob Brenly

    • Mike

      I miss Harry & Steve.

      • http://bleachernation allen

        Those were the days. In the broadcast booth anyway. Not exactly on the field

        • Mike

          True about the field product. Wish Harry was still around to call games….and that would mean Steve would still be around as well. Kasper & Co. just don’t cut it.

          • http://401klogic.net Westbound Willie

            Lynn tries but he flat out stinks. How in the world did we get a small market announcer?

  • Die hard

    OT—- LaTroy Hawkins now pitching for the Mets— he’s got nothing but never did and yet he’s retired batters faced

  • Melrosepad

    So, any chance we look at Julio Borbon or try and pick Whitenack back up since both were designated for assignment?

    • Mike

      Borbon would be nice. I say, get him and bring up Sweeney…..try anyone but this bunch.

  • http://www.survivingthalia.com Mike Taylor

    We won’t see Watkins until after the trade deadline. He gives us a legitimate, lead-off hitter, but Barney needs some at bats this season before we can trade him. He had a bad Spring Training. I’m guessing post-trade deadline lineup will be something like:

    2B Logan Watkins (L)
    SS Starlin Castro
    1B Anthony Rizzo (L)
    C Wellington Castillo
    CF Brett Jackson (L)
    LF Scott Hairston
    RF Ryan Sweeney (L)
    3B Luis Valbuena (L)

    • http://401klogic.net Westbound Willie

      That lineup would average ten wins a year.


  • http://401klogic.net Westbound Willie

    I miss ann hallberg. She was really great in the sack.

    • Mike

      LOL, who?

      • http://401klogic.net Westbound Willie

        Ann hallberg. I used to go out with her when we both worked at bear stearns.

  • Mike

    At least our SS, C and CF can hit, but not the other 5.

  • Die hard

    If ur not with the one you love then love the one ur with— Phillies announcers bemoaning not signing Hairston before the Cubs—- here take him!!

  • Mike

    I can’t wait for Ian Stewart to come back, so I can laugh at him striking out as much as Lillibridge, and hitting worse than Valbuena.