jorge soler peoria chiefs cubsChicago Cubs prospect Jorge Soler has been crushing High-A pitching to start the year, and he’s apparently also crushing High-A dugout walls.

Tonight, there was some kind of bench-clearing altercation in the Daytona/Clearwater game that precipitated Soler’s ejection. The details, for now, are of the Twitter-filtered variety (that stream is Josh Timmers), but the gist appears to be: Soler got a bat, and headed toward the Clearwater dugout. He apparently didn’t take any swings at a player, but he did take a swing at the opposing team’s dugout. Like, the dugout, itself.

More details will come in the morning, as I’m sure the Cubs will be forced to respond – plus there will be reports from the scene (and, in the YouTube era, a video somewhere). It seems based on the early take, though, that a suspension is going to be forthcoming. I’d set the over/under at 10 games.

UPDATE: Julio, in the comments, was listening to the game: “Soler slid hard to break up a DP. The second baseman didn’t like it and said something. They shoved each other. Javy broke it up. Benches cleared, everyone went back to dugout (including Soler). Soler then left the dugout with a bat, walked across the diamond and hit the wall, I believe he only hit it once. The announcers speculated it’d be a week suspension. I’d guess two.”

  • Willie Smith

    So far this year the future by theo has Vizcaino in extended ST, Almora out till mid-May, and now Soler doing his best Bert Campaneris “act” surely to be suspended upwards of 2 weeks plus.

    The future is so bright I gotta wear shades…….cubby blue rosé colored!

  • miggy80

    I think I will with hold my judgement until I see the video, but it doesn’t sound good.

  • RightFieldForLife

    Maybe that guy told Soler he was the one who sent the goat head………clearly he was just defending the integrity of the Cubs.

  • Marc.N


    When does Almora start playing?

    • Rcleven

      About another 2 weeks.

  • JoeyCollins

    “Soler” is trending on twitter. I guess that’s better than #Goathead.

  • Kygavin

    Am I the only one who loves this and thinks it is awesome? First of all how scary would it be to have Soler (6’4 215 and clearly a grown-ass man) running at you with a bat? And second is there any update on the condition of the wall? Wall safety is a serious matter and I bet Soler hears from its lawyer

  • TWC

    This story is the best one to emerge from the Cubs organization since Quade was fired.

    • gratefulled

      Shows how much you know. Quade could have worked magic if he had a full season.

      • King Jeff

        You mean besides the full season that he managed, right?

    • Bill S

      This is great.

  • Rcleven

    Latest report out by Mooney:
    Robbie Aaron, Daytona’s director of broadcasting and media relations, indicated that Soler did not strike the Clearwater dugout with the bat (which was a description spread on social media).

  • ripitrizzo

    who ever pissed him off must have said something nasty”

  • Nomars left glove

    That’s how you say “sir, although I respect you candor on the topic of fundamental base running, I vehemently disapprove with the context with which you speak of my mother” where he’s from.

    • Katie

      I love this comment.

  • JoeyCollins

    just got a breaking news alert from my ESPN score center app about this.

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  • Leroy
  • Brad
  • Brad

    I think that it’s something to note because of the still recent change in cultures for Soler. Normally he doesn’t behave this way (it would have come out before now if it was normal) so its not like he has a consistent behavioral problem. However in the heat of the moment, and MLB games can get very heated, he lost his cool. This may have been permissible where he grew up, but he needs to adjust to American culture and rules and realize he cannot do this here. Again, it’s the first incident, so hopefully its not a repeat situation that we’ll have to deal with. I’m sure Brett will have a full reflection tomorrow morning that will help us digest this.

  • The Dude Abides

    Red Flag #1 for one of our future cornerstones. Will be interesting to see how Cubs brass react to this. Hard to believe anything that comes out will condone this as acceptable behavioral regardless of what was said, cultural differences doesn’t cut it as an excuse.

  • DCF

    Well, at least Soler is providing some form of entertainment. However, the reports don’t back up the headline of a bench-clearing brawl. Or any brawl at all.

  • Idaho Razorback

    This is now mainstrean news as it is on the front page of AOL, right below the goat head article. Not good.

  • ETS

    ESPN says he never swung the bat
    “Soler was caught by Cubs teammates before he made it to the opposing dugout and never swung the bat, according to the News Journal.”

    • ETS

      oops, I was only 3 hours late on posting…

  • Die hard

    Hope he has Aflac Ins

  • DCF

    Apropos Goat head, where is Brett’s report about that?

    • Brett

      Waiting for the Bullets, since it’s stupid, pathetic, and shouldn’t get much attention.

  • MichiganGoat

    How dare you diminish my fallen brethren. ***shaking hoof*** It was you Brett!

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  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    If he was truly the Cubs top prospect he would have swung 2 bats with fireworks coming out of them. Baez is back to being the top prospect.

  • Edwin

    I heard Brett Jackson also tried to take a swing at the opposing team’s dugout, but struck out.

    • Coop

      ^ I loled.

    • KidCubbie

      That is actually really funny.

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