wrigley field from right bleachersWith rain’s in the past, present and future, and sub-freezing wind chills on the way tonight, the rubber game between the Brewers and Cubs has been postponed.

You can’t lose the ones you don’t play, AMIRITE?

Actually, it kind of stinks, given that the Brewers are without Aramis Ramirez right now, and were possibly also going to be without Jean Segura. Then again, it’s not like the Cubs are at full strength right now, so maybe the postponement will work out just fine.

No makeup date has been announced just yet.Β The Brewers come to Wrigley July 29-31 and September 6-8, so it’s possible we’ll see a makeup double-header then.

The Cubs will try again tomorrow afternoon against the Giants.

  • willis

    Would love a skip of Feldman then because of this postponement. Start off with Villanueva tomorrow vs. SF and throw the best four arms at them, not Feldman. Could put him in as a long man tomorrow and Friday if needed. He hasn’t thrown worth a shit yet.

  • DarthHater

    What a bunch of pansies. πŸ˜›

    • Beardface

      Calm down Mike Rice πŸ˜€

  • Diamondrock

    I wasn’t going to be able to watch it anyway, so I’m actually kind of glad that it’s been postponed. I’m going to my first game at Fenway tonight (courtesy of my university). Our old friend Ryan Dempster will be on the mound, so that could be interesting.

    As distasteful as it is, I’ll also be wearing some cheap Sox gear that I picked up this afternoon. I don’t want to get beaten up by any of the Boston yahoos for lacking appropriate attire…

  • Jp3

    So Brent Lillibridge’s hot streak will just have to wait I guess. 0-17 and counting.

  • Jp3

    What about a double header Friday!?!?! I could get double stats for Rizzo and Castro! Just kidding of course… But can’t wait til Friday for the 1st one time only fantasy baseball day

    • Bric

      I’m thinkin’ you meant Thursday since today’s only Wednesday. Either way I agree- a very early Thursday game against the Brewers and then another against the Giants would be cool, or making the Brewers wait until Friday to play the same and then have to jump on a plane to get to St. Lo to play the other end of their double header. Either way stranger things have happened. That’s what this league needs! A little more excitement.

  • arealpoy

    Does this count as a winning streak?

    • mak

      Certainly the “not-losing” streak is extended to 2 days

      • Timothy Scarbrough

        It is now tied with the first two days of the season. Let’s see if we can push the not-losing streak to three days with another bout of rain.

  • Koyie Hill Sucks

    That sucks hopefully tomorrow’s game isn’t postponed…

  • willis

    Aaaand, not skipping Feldman. Stupid move, but expected from this guy.

  • Edgar Reyes

    Why not Monday Day Game Cubs have a day off and so do the Brewers and not much travel, none for the Cubs and Brewers come from St. Louis play a day game and then drive up till Milwaukee for next series

  • Die hard

    The rooftop dispute will be in court by then

  • Die hard

    And maybe Braun will be suspended by then

  • Mush

    Brett, I see your boy Whitenack was DFA’d by Cleveland. I guess all the angst for nothing. He must be done.

    • Blublud

      Cleveland claimed him in the hopes that they could re-DFA him. This would allow them to stash him in the minors off of the 40 man. This was their plan when they claimed him. It just might work, considering he has already cleared waiver through the entire NL once.

  • Barroof

    Game cancelled because nobody was going to show up to watch the garbage that’s on the field. Go ahead all you haters blame everything on the rooftops like you always do. I’m waiting for one of you pricks to say it’s 60 degrees and sunny in Rosemont right now. Shit I wish the Hawks were playing tonite.

    • Bric

      Dude you really need to settle down. Go up to the rooftop, have a beer, watch a DVRed Hawks game, whatever, but this is usually a classy website and we’re all Cub fans. Name calling and bitching to a bunch of people you’ll never meet doesn’t help you prove your point it just makes you look like a dick.

  • Barroof

    Bleacher Nation is for HARD CORE Cubs fans. 80% of the people going to the games are not hard core and just want to enjoy the day or nite out. Why is that so hard to understand ? The rooftops are more of a gathering and party spot. When you go you better expect to have a crappy view hell your 500′ away from home plate. It’s just a bar in the sky. Must be working as they’re packed when the weather is nice.

  • Bigg J

    Just saying kind of hard to win when you got Soriano with as many strikeouts as the leader with hits in Castro. Both have 9

    The Cubs average 8.625 strikeouts/game……I mean come on!!!! Hit the damn ball!!!

    • TSB

      Well since the season events has been settled after 8 games, than I suppose you believe the following: a) Atlanta will finish the season with a 141-21 record, as their winning percentage is currently .875. b) Chris Davis of the Orioles will set a new RBI record with 393 at the end of the season c) Cuddyer will win the NL batting title with a .478 average.

    • Bigg J

      8+ strikeouts/game though come on, that’s horrible. To top it all our utlility infielder Lillibridge is a whopping 0/17 with 7 k’s. He has a .000 OPS because he hasn’t even taken a walk either. He has more errors then hits HAHAHA

  • Rebuilding

    Baez already with his 4th error of the season tonight. Btw…maybe everyone already knew this, but the MiLB site is fantastic. You can simply click and get an app that takes you to each of our affiliates live box score

  • North Side Irish

    Got a Breaking News Alert from the Tribune that a goat’s head was delivered to Wrigley Field addressed to Tom Ricketts. That seems healthy.

    • Jimmy James

      Diehard strikes again

      • DarthHater

        Ack! Has anybody seen Michigan Goat today? :-/

  • Barroof

    Don’t you need some rain to be rained out ? Ain’t no rain out here . I think they meant to say nobody comin’ out.

  • Rudy

    Soler bout to beat down the opposing team with a bat!!! Just got ejected!!! He took it to their dugout and being held back by his teammates!

  • Rudy

    The announcers are speculating up to a week of suspension!

  • Die hard

    Bet that temper of his was omitted from the report of the scout who recommended him to Cubs

    • DarthHater

      There’s absolutely nothing you won’t turn into an excuse for kvetching, is there?

      • Kyle

        That makes him sound kind of awesome, to be honest.

        Then again, I always liked Milton Bradley.

      • Die hard

        Better kvetcher than whiner

        • DarthHater

          They’re pretty much the same thing, but kvetch doesn’t sound as bad. I didn’t want to accuse you of whining or you might call me mean again. πŸ˜‰

          • Die hard

            Am I talking to Darth Goat or Sybil?

            • DarthHater


  • Die hard

    Funny — nobody has ever seen the two of you in the same chat room at the same time— makes one wonder if you two aren’t the same poser … Oops Freudian slip

  • brunsmk

    Listening to that as well. A little worried about what is going on with him. There has been a few times he has gotten pretty heated with the umps from what I have heard as well (per broadcasts).

  • Die hard

    Bring Soler up now— he’s ready for the bigs

    • DarthHater


  • Die hard

    To set an example needs at least 30 days to cool down and have anger management therapy

  • Die hard

    Yes he doesn’t have the monopoly on tantrums

  • Fastball

    I like it. We got a kid who shows emotion. I think its good for baseball when a kid goes ape shit every once in a while. Guys rally around that big time as long as he isn’t pissed at his own teammates. I got tossed out of my fair share of games. It used to be a real part of the game. Now days players and managers just don’t have enough Lou Pinella or Earl Weaver in them. We don’t even have good bench clearing brawls anymore. Now guys go out and make dinner plans while two guys are a little pissed. I remember the day when teams just had a hatred for each other. No it’s all friendmanship. I just made that word up and I’m using it. Last good fight I saw was Kyle Farnsworth putting a body slam on that dude from the Reds. If we had a real ass kicker on our team that would give me some more hope for this season.

    • Die hard

      Yea especially in replays on the Jumbotron

  • Carew

    Ok, I’ll be honest, that’s kinda badass by Soler, but DUMB AS HELL. I feel that crap will be sorted out quick

  • Fastball

    Anger Management is bull shit. Give the kid a damned trophy and tell him to get back out there and kick butt and take names tomorrow with his bat at home plate.

    • Die hard

      Am sure Bud agrees

    • DarthHater

      —-Sincerely, Carlos Zambrano

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