jorge soler peoria chiefs cubsIf you’re just catching up, Chicago Cubs prospect Jorge Soler got into some trouble last night after dashing out of his dugout toward the opponent dugout with a bat in hand. The details of the incident are here and here, so I won’t re-hash them.

Today, the Florida State League suspended Soler for five games (per Jesse Rogers), which is definitely on the lighter side for what I would have expected. It’s possible the Cubs will levy additional punishment, but it’s also possible that, when everyone examined exactly what happened – and not what was written third and fourth-hand about it – cooler heads decided that it was a serious, but not grievous offense.

Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein is addressing the media about the incident, and said media is Tweeting feverishly. Here’s a quick summary of Theo’s comments:

All in all, it sounds like what you were hoping to hear today. The young man screwed up badly, and he’s going to be punished for it. From there, we move on and hope nothing even resembling it happens again.

UPDATE: Gordon Wittenmyer says that although Soler was also fined an undisclosed amount by the FSL, no additional punishment is forthcoming from the Cubs. There’s your additional evidence that this probably wasn’t as big of a deal as it originally sounded, and the Cubs genuinely believe this is an out-of-character, probably-not-ever-going-to-happen-again kind of thing. Also: don’t talk about a guy’s family. Just don’t.

  • JulioZuleta

    It’s really unfortunate that something that got him a 5-gamer was picked up by Deadspin. Guys like Gordon Wittenmeyer still classifying the incident as “he attacked with a bat.” As I suspected, the other player crossed the line, and Soler over-reacted. This wasn’t the case of a crazed man swinging a bat in a crowd of people.

    • Westbound Willie

      I’m sure he just brought the bat over to the other teams dugout to see if he could pick up a couple autographs from his favorite players

      • DarthHater

        Did anybody remotely suggest that Soler did not do anything wrong or that he did not deserve the punishment? No.

        • wax_eagle

          I think we’d probably all agree that he got off lighter than we really expected. The way it was initially reported it sounded like a potential career ender.

    • roz

      I agree that the headlines were a bit overblown because he didn’t actually attack anybody with a bat, but I think it’s somewhat telling that he did bring a bat over to the other dugout. Realistically, what purpose would he have had in bringing a bat over if not to hit someone or something with it?

      To be clear, I do think this was probably a one time thing because apparently someone was talking crap about his family which is a big no-no, but let’s be clear – he meant to do some damage with that bat, regardless of whether he consciously made that decision or he grabbed the bat in the midst of a blind rage.

    • BT

      Wittenmeyer also classified it as “beyond comprehension” when on Mully and Hanley this morning. Apparently he has a low comprehension threshold.

      • JulioZuleta

        He is so bitter about the Cubs lately. I don’t really get it.

  • baldtaxguy

    Seems fair given what appears to be an out of character mistake, and one reportedly he regrets notwithstanding the punishment.

  • miggy80

    Now that we got the details and the punishment I wonder if this is a turning point for Jorge? Will he use this incident as a motivation or will he let it get to him. Regardless, I believe we will learn more about this young man from how he handles the situation going forward rather than from the situation it self.

  • Westbound Willie

    Out of character? You know less than nothing about this guys character.

    • DarthHater

      We know that he has reportedly been very apologetic and accepting of his punishment in a prompt fashion. That is not less than nothing. I have seen plenty of professional athletes who respond to such situations with less good character than that.

    • JulioZuleta

      As a matter of fact, national writers have been tweeting all day that every scout and front office person that’s interacted with him say he’s a great kid. So, we know more than nothing, to edit your post.

      • Westbound Willie

        Every scout? You mean to say every scout? Every one of them?

        I can tell you third hand that that statement is false. Every time.

        • JulioZuleta

          That’s the consensus. I’ll take the words of a dozen or so national writers referring to probably hundreds of sources collectively over your third hand comment board sources. Forgive me.

        • baldtaxguy

          Sorry, you’re right, I should have added “…REPORTEDLY out of character….” Thanks for pointing that out.

        • DarthHater

          Every person who has read your comments on this subject thinks your being a douchebag. That’s right, I mean to say every person. Every one of them.

          • DarthHater

            Every person who read my comment now thinks I don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Oh well. 😛

            • Jono

              Learn to write good, jeesh

          • JulioZuleta

            I can confirm these reports.

          • Westbound Willie

            I look at this soler issue as “what would every one here say if this guy was in the cardinals system”?

            I think most of the comments would be entirely different.

            • DarthHater

              People at this site would say that Gandhi was a scumbag, if he was in the Cardinals system.

            • baldtaxguy

              Every one on this site? You mean to say every one on this site? Every one of them?

              That statement is false. Every time.

            • JulioZuleta

              Entirely different? So you mean like the complete opposite? Entirely? I can tell you that would be false. I understand what it is to be a hot head athlete, as I myself was one for many years (never to this extreme).

            • Joe N

              Well for one thing, if we’d have wanted the Cardinals fans to understand what we were saying, we would have had to use little words… and typed v–e–r–y s–l–o–w–l–y… :-)

  • forlines

    Yeah, I heard the tail end of the clip this morning on the rock talk radio show, and they made it seem like a roid raged Soler killed 7 people and threatened to off himself with broken bat pieces. It’s an unfortunate event, but a lesson should be learned; never talk shit on a Cubans family.

  • Tyron

    Where can I find this on Youtube??

  • DarthHater

    “I ask Jobu to come, make other team fear my bat. I offer him cigar, rum. He will come.”

    • ETS

      I don’t if I’m being a PC-nazi but this joke seems at best, in bad taste and at worst no better than the players making derogatory comments about Soler’s family which led to this whole mess.

      • DarthHater

        The movie’s in bad taste. That’s why it’s funny. If Soler could be sent into a violent rage by a Jobu joke, then he really does need counseling. And yes, if you’re gonna try to ban Jobu jokes from the blog, you’re being too PC. But not a Nazi, cuz that would be an un-PC thing to say. 😉

        • ETS

          Would you say the term PC-nazi is ironic? (or is it just coincidence? 😉 )

        • Jp3

          Agreed DH, if he gets offended by such a joke as that every catcher from here to Christmas will be telling him distasteful jokes to throw him off because that’s what catchers do. You think there won’t be any screaming Brewers fans that will try to get under his skin any way they can? How many Braun jokes do we have???

          • ETS

            Cubs fans are racist anyway – remember what happened to poor milton bradley? [/s]

  • Jp3

    Any video links yet?

    • wax_eagle

      Unless someone has it on cell video I doubt we’ll see any. The Blue Jays probably have it on tape if they have in stadium cameras, but I doubt they really have any interest in releasing it.

  • JulioZuleta

    Pretty shocking how many “holier than thou” commenters and reporters are willing to try to act like a 21 year old is the devil for an isolated incident that took place after an opponent made repeated barbs about his family. Didn’t know I was in the company of so many perfect humans.

    • Kyle

      Not at all surprised how many sports fans want to shrug off something that a player they are rooting for did.

      • Brett

        Not at all surprised how many Kyles want to take a contrarian position.

        • JulioZuleta

          I feel no need to respond to his remarks on this. I think the 5 game suspension is evidence enough that I was correct in saying that this was “overblown.” If reports of “attacking the other team’s dugout with a bat” were not overblown, you’d be looking at 60 games and an arrest. I feel bad that Kyle has to live with his negative self. Must be rough.

      • DarthHater

        I think he did something wrong, got a well-deserved suspension, and hopefully won’t do anything like that again. Beyond that, the only thing I’m interested in shrugging off is your tedious and pointless whining about what you think other people think.

        • DarthHater

          Okay, if this is a different Kyle than the one who has already been droning on about this, then I withdraw “tedious” from my prior remark. but the rest stands. 😉

  • Master Gonzo

    Most 21 year-old males make one or two really dumb mistakes that don’t reflect their overall character as a mature adult. These learning experiences are what help shape the man. Let’s hope he learns from it properly, and I don’t doubt the FO will make sure he does..

  • Mike

    If, indeed, there was a verbal attack on Soler in regard to Soler’s family, I can see why he would be upset. I don’t condone his behavior, but attacking a family member verbally can provoke a defensive nature in any man.

  • Luke

    Del Valle diffused it?

    Frank Del Valle is not a big guy. He’s no Campana, but he’s probably not much of an impediment to anyone as built as Soler.

    Now I’m really interested to see what Del Valle can do as a closer at higher levels. If he’s got the guts to take on an angry Soler, he’s got the guts to close.

    • Brett

      Fellow Cuban, though, right?

      • cedlandrum


  • Peter

    Anthony Rizzo has no plate discipline.

  • cubfanincardinalland

    In five minutes he showed more passion for the game than Aramis Ramirez has in 18 years. As the previous post mentioned, don’t eff with a Latin guys la familia.
    Wish I could have seen the looks on the faces of the players in the other dugout when the big boy started running over.

  • The Dude Abides

    Let it go on Soler, he got his suspension and time to move on. Show of hands, who thought he wouldn’t be regretful when he realized it’s not cool to charge the dugout with a bat. Time will tell if he really gets it the next time someone pushes his buttons…

  • Jp3

    Yeah never gonna happen again is hilarious. He’s played how many games that haven’t equaled a whole season yet. Anyone who thinks they know what Jorge will do when plunked is kidding themselves. I hope this is a one-time-thing but c’mon. Also I’m all for just promoting him to AA when he gets back:). We probably have better head shrinks the higher he climbs the organizational ladder

  • DarthHater

    “Also I’m all for just promoting him to AA when he gets back”

    Oh, sure, then every player will see attacking the other team with a bat as a quick path to promotion. 😉

    • Jp3

      AA promotion was def joking but he was hitting about .500😃

    • Jp3

      I’d be an advocate of Lillibridge swinging a bat at someone if he’d hit like Soler… But I’m sure he’d miss

      • cubsnivy56

        I’m not gonna lie………….that’s funny!

    • Pat

      Well, we did give Zambrano a contract extention a couple weeks after punching out his catcher, so there is some precedent there. :)

      • Jp3

        Don’t remember the timeline on that issue but it sounds right, didn’t we trade Barrett almost immediately after that scuffle?

  • Blublud

    I’m not condoning what he did, because going after or even acting like you are going to go after an opponent with a bat in unacceptable, but I like fire out of my players. Its the same reason I like what Baez did last year against the Cardinals minor league team. I would rather have a player that you have to reel in then one you have to try and pump up. I love the fire that Zambrano showed. Sports are competitive, and sportmanship should be displayed, but sometime competitiveness pushes the boundries of sportsmanship. In fact, IMO, if your competitiveness doesn’t push those boundries, then you are not competitive enough. I have no problem with what the player on the other team said about his family in the heat of battle. I also wouldn’t have had a problem if Soler had stood up right there and beat the dogbreaks off of him. But grabbing a weapon on any stage is inappropriate.

    Hopefully Soler stays intimidating people with his bat, but it not ever again by threatening to swing it at them.

  • Dustin S

    The Theo and Soriano comments were nice, but it’s kind of funny how cleche baseball (all sports but basbeall especially) interviews are. I kind of chuckled reading them because we all knew what they were going to say almost word for word. Remorseful, learning experience, cultural adjustment, maturity process, won’t happen again, yadayada…

    I do think the mental part of the game is a big part of it though. I have to believe that it affected Vitters. He was destroying AAA and comes up and literally could not hit the side of a barn. He looked like a pitcher coming over from the AL in the box, like he’d never hit before. It seemed like much more than just a hitting adjustment thing, it was like his head was elsewhere. To a lesser degree it reminded me of what happened with Rick Ankiel when he suddenly couldn’t pitch at all, or when Chuck Knoblauch (I think that was him) suddenly couldn’t throw a ball from 2nd to 1st.

  • Freshness21

    Jorge Soler is #3 on my google news Top Stories. Don’t know if that’s tied to my search history at all or if it’s entirely independent. But he better hope someone beats their wife or gets caught with PEDs today so it story can go to the back page.

  • npnovak

    Honestly, this doesn’t sound THAT bad. He did grab a bat, but he never hurt anyone with it. People seem to have a short memory. Worse brawls than this one happen every year, especially in the minors.

    Haven’t seen this one mentioned:

    Hopefully there’s video out there somewhere so there are less comments like mine. We don’t have any way to form real opinions on what happened.

  • Die hard

    Will this prevent him from getting a green card or visa to play for Cubs under new immigration law is the real issue as this is a felony

    • frank

      There would have to be charges, and no one of which I’m aware has suggested that.

  • cubchymyst

    I just hoped he learns to take things about his family in better stride. Now that this has happened once, another team will likely try to enrage him to get him kicked out of a game.

    • Luke

      Yep. Which means we’ll find out in a hurry if this was a one time mistake or if it is going to be an ongoing issue. You pretty much bet every single time he steps to the plate or gets on base he’ll hear nothing but crap about his family.

      There really is no need to speculate. We should know within two weeks.

      • DarthHater

        “There really is no need to speculate. We should know within two weeks.”

        “Know”? What are we going to “know?” “Facts?” Ha! Your weakling facts will shrivel up and blow away in the fiery wind of my unnecessary speculation! 😛

  • Cizzle

    Anyone remember that fight about 6 years ago when Zambrano came charging out of the dugout with his belt in his hand ready to beat someone down? THAT was hilarious!

  • Fastball

    If I was heading toward the other bench I would damned sure have a bat in my hand! You don’t go after 25 guys without a bat. You might get your ass kicked otherwise. :)

  • Fastball

    So we know Soler is smart!

  • cubsnivy56

    This is a test from God! Are we true CUBS fans? Can we overcome this as we will overcome all the obstacles laid before us? The road is not an easy one but I am in!!!

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