Wow. Way to keep things exciting, Cubs. Everyone loves a walk-off.

(Obligatory Kyuji Fujikawa is the new Carlos Marmol joke, or some such thing.)

The Cubs came back to win in the bottom of the 9th today courtesy of a Dioner Navarro pinch hit homer and a Starlin Castro walk-off double. That, despite Fujikawa, in the top half of the frame, blowing a beautiful start by Carlos Villanueva.

David DeJesus and Starlin Castro went deep for the Cubs today, which you’ll gladly take, even if no one was on base. But the Cubs also squandered a couple leadoff doubles, which, like, stop doing that.

But today was ultimately a good day.

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  • baldtaxguy

    Castillo is having such a good start offensively, and his throws to 2nd are outstanding. Nice to see.

    And great to see Schierholtz starting well….and keeping the haters quiet for a bit.

    • DarthHater

      Bah, humbug. 😉

    • notcubbiewubbie

      seems someone worked with him on receiving and framing the pitches also.last year he was brutal.

  • #1lahairfan

    Carlos is always good in the 1st half. Let’s see how he holds up after the break.

  • stevie

    Looking at our team, I think this offense can be at least average, once Rizzo and Soriano start to hit like they are capable of. At least Rizzo’s been giving us some power. Castillo is off to a great start, hopefully he continues and has a breakout year. I think he’ll cool off some, but still have a very good season. second base and third base looks like they’re gonna be a black hole throughout the year. 2B should get a little more productive when Barney returns, but who knows what we’re gonna get from Stewart. If everyone else in the lineup hits like they’re capable of, Castillo & Schierholz continue hitting well and we can get Barney and Stewart to provide at least a .250 batting average, along with Stewart providing a little bit of power, we could end this season with close to 80 wins. I think that for the most part our starting pitching should be good more often than not, it could be a strength when Garza returns, and if Baker comes back fully healthy.

    The bullpen is a major concern, IMO. I can see this being a problem throughout the year. It’s already cost us some wins and we’re barely into the season. This pen could be the major reason we won’t hit 80 wins. I predicted 75 before the season, and I think we will still reach that, but this bullpen scares the hell outta me. Marmol has lost it, we should’ve just accepted the Haren trade, messed up arm or not, cause Carlos has lost it. The japanese closer, I can’t ever remember his name, will be up and down all year, IMo. But he at least has the excuse of learning the majors and how to deal with major league hitters, Carlos is outta excuses.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      The Cubs OBP is not going to be dreadful again, and they will probably get above average slugging from only one position (SS). That’s a recipe for a below average offense if ever there was one.

    • Koyie Hill Sucks

      Barney will be a significant upgrade over current second basemen. He gets contact on the ball so he wont strike out as much his BA will be around .260-280, he is a much better defensive player and without looking at the stats I think he was one of the better clutch hitters last year, which isn’t saying much but still….

      • X The Cubs Fan

        You’re right. Darwin Barney had less major league strikeouts than Brett Jackson last year.

  • Kevin

    Brett, more and more while trying to get to your site I’m getting redirected to the following site:

    Thanks for anything you can do to stop this from happening. I exclusively use my iPhone.

    • Diesel

      I get the same on my phone as well

  • Brady

    What a 9th inning!Just when I thought my hopes were being crushed again, they come back and win it. When I watched the replay of the walkoff double it irritates me that Castro watched the ball fly off the wall, at the same time though I remind myself when I watched the game live the moment he hit it I thought he had cleared the wall since he absolutely crushed it. Keep it up guys!

  • Mike Taylor

    I’m glad we have Carlos Villanueva on a 2 year deal. I honestly thought at the beginning of the year that Feldman and Villanueva would put up similar numbers.

  • Westbound Willie

    You know why you thought that, correct?

  • N8theGr8

    Cubs: Committed to trying to lose 1-run heartbreakers, but then winning them instead.

  • N8theGr8

    Team pride is a wonderful thing, especially when the team is pretty bad.

  • TakingWrigleyToSaoPaulo

    This team could be OK if we had a shut down closer. We are going to loose a lot of games in the 9th with Marmol and Fugi back there

  • Cub2014

    I only saw the final 3 innings but from what I
    Saw Clevenger played a good 3rd base?

  • Curt

    I’m glad they won yesterday but I’m still waiting on the mindset of the cubs to change when Epstein and hoyer were brought in they said the way the cubs played would change from top to bottom something’s have but for an example I know the cubs have 2 leadoff doubles and Castro and I believe Castillo neither one hits the ball to the right side to advance the runner to 3rd fundamental things like that need to change before the cubs will start playing smart baseball