I was blacked out of this one on MLB.tv (thanks MLB national deal with Fox) and my Fox game was Atlanta/Washington … you know, because those cities are far closer to Columbus than Chicago … er, wut?

Jeff Samardzija wasn’t as dominant as he’d been in his first two starts, but he gave the Cubs six solid innings, and the bullpen was largely effective. The Cubs were down three when Dioner Navarro hit his second pinch-hit homer in as many days, a two-run shot bringing the Cubs within one. The next inning the Cubs loaded the bases but couldn’t bring a run home. Welington Castillo ended the inning on an easy groundball double play to short. The Cubs did nothing in the ninth, complete with Steve Clevenger appearing to re-injure his oblique on the final swing of the game. It looked pretty bad, and I’d expect we’ll be seeing him hit the DL soon.

Alas. Bright spots? Well, if it wasn’t for a blown call at first base, Alfonso Soriano could have been a perfect 4-4 (presuming his hard grounder that bounced off of Panda at third base would have been ruled a hit).

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  • Mike

    Not too early to trade, I should think. I’d also like to see the Cubs start playing more small ball….the lack of hitting with RISP is dreadful. Time for Sveum to run more, bunt more and hit sacrifice flys and squeeze plays. We’re getting guys on base, but depending on getting hits all the time is clearly not working.

    • Diesel

      Have to make contact to hit sacrifice flies.

    • MichiganGoat

      Um he did do a double steal that put runners in 2nd and 3rd with no outs, then absolutely nothing.

  • Jason

    Soooo… good sign that the Cubs have been in every game, or bad sign that, like last year, we still can’t get the clutch hit or win the close game?

  • Zogie

    The cubs seemed to have lost all luck. Guys are dropping like flies and it seems like every play went the Giants way today. Also, Clevenger took a huge swing at the end of the game and looks like he threw out his back. Likely another player headed to the DL. The cubs pitching did a good job battling, but again the cubs batters could not pull through. I believe they have the worst RISP average in all of baseball. They went another 0-6 again today with RISP. The bright spot on the day was Soriano. He is looking to get hot and he was safe at 1B. My continuous replays from my DVD can be proof. Defensively, the cubs did not play well either. Hairston and Rizzo combined for a couple bad decisions costing the cubs 1 run. Some other little things, the cubs need to stop striking out with RISP. I am tired of watching guys whiff when they just need to put the ball in play. Contact!!!!!!!! Strikeouts have killed all of our rallies. My shout out goes to Sori. Hopefully he turns hot and starts to carry this team for a few games. He is yet to get his first RBI on the season, so he is due for a few big games. @Zogie Twitter

  • Diamond Don

    Same old story. Cubs are last or near last in baseball in rbi’s when runners are in scoring position. Heard Moreland on radio say winning teams are 75% in getting in a least one run in from third with less than two out. Can’t wait to have a full team of players who can hit the ball to the outfield to drive in at least one run.

  • Rebuilding

    Why is Tim McCarver ever allowed to do Cubs games? His hatred of the franchise is palpable. On the Soriano play I just knew he was going to say it was a good call, and of course he did

    • Tim

      On the bright side this is his last season in the booth

      • waittilthisyear

        on hairston’s awful throw home w/bumgardner scoring, mccarver says “and the CUBS missed the cut off by 30 feet.” sorry tim, hairston missed the cutoff man, not the entire franchise

    • Dustin S

      I thank Tim for his years of baseball service and broadcasting and all, but he is the most painful announcer to listen to bar none including Hawk.

  • @cubsfantroy

    I watched til the 7th inning. Guess I should have watched a little more. It was nice to see Dioner hit a HR again. Makes me wonder if he is going to get the start tomorrow. I just wish the Cubs would show a little more fight early in the game.

    And for the love of God, CUT LILLIBRIDGE!!!!!

  • Tobias

    Can Bosio go out and talk to Marmol before he throws his first pitch? It seemed like Marmol settled down after Bosio talked with him.

  • Kyle

    Clevenger headed to DL. Lillibridge job saved.

  • Alex S

    I keep trying to figure out the logic behind having Lillibridge in the lineup. At least Alberto Gonzalez has a couple of hits, and Valbuena may not be hitting the ball much either, but at least he might continue being a walk machine and add to his team leading total. Lillibridge had one hit and zero walks, and he’s no Darwin Barney on defense…

    I mean I can even understand not bringing up Watkins because you want him to continue his growth steadily, but there has to be someone out there who can do a better job than Lillibridge.

    • Pat

      The logic problem is not with playing him now. The problem was putting him on the 25 man to begin with. Once that has already been done, and you have an injury to one of the guys he is supposed to be backing up, then you play him, because making any sort of decision on 25 or 30 plate appearances is just dumb. In fact, as far as samples go, it’s about twice as dumb as giving someone a job based on what they did in spring training, and that’s a high high bar to surpass.

  • Willie Smith

    Fuji is injured……….no………….like baker…………….vizcaino…………..concepcion……..seems like a trend with jed.

    oh well……………number 3 pick here we come!!

    • Carew

      The FO has no control over someone’s body. Silly comment

      • DarthHater

        No, I’m pretty sure the FO is hiring Jeff Gillooly to go after Cubs pitchers. It’s all part of the master draft pick plan. 😉

      • leo l

        not completely silly. but more likely luck than evaluation

        • DarthHater

          It’s no secret that the FO has deliberately gone after some guys who were available in whole or in part because they are recovering from injuries, such as Baker and Vizcaino. Complaining about the fact that those guys are injured is, therefore, silly.

          Other guys, like Fuji, got injured after they were acquired. Blaming the FO for those injuries is silly.

          So actually, it is, in fact, pretty much a completely silly comment.

          • Kyle

            “We believe that pitcher health is the next big market advantage.”

            *notes that pitcher health is not our strong point right now*

            Others: How dare you hold them accountable for pitcher health? They have nothing to do with that!

            • DocWimsey

              But there isn’t a contradiction: if pitcher’s health is the next “big” thing, then the current issue is: how do we get healthy pitchers? In the decades of baseball, the closest thing we have to a “unifying principle” for avoiding pitching injuries is to keep pitch counts low: and in some ways, that is a tautology, because the fewer times you stick your head in a lion’s mouth, the lower the chance that you get your head bitten off.

              Personally, I think that this is analogous to the war against cancer: it’s a war on many, many fronts, and it’s quite probable that things that are vaccines against some pitching injuries are carcinogens for other types of pitching injuries. It’s a good idea, and I hope that they succeed: but it might be years before any obvious patterns can be brought to light.

              • DocPeterWimsey

                Hey, where did my first name go? Oh, there it is….

              • Kyle

                I’m pretty sure when they talked about doing tons of research into pitcher injuries, they meant something a little deeper than pitch counts.

          • Willie Smith

            i forgot feldman is hurt now tooooooooo

            and baker and vizcaino were recuperating from injuries……so no not so silly……a fact….jack.

          • Willie Smith

            yes.darth hater; we all know you are the resident “i’m never wrong” dude on this site…we are all just blessed to be in your presence.


  • fromthemitten

    Cubs no match for the fighting Tidrows

  • fromthemitten

    bummer about the blackout I don’t understand their choices either they’ll show west/east coast games over the Cubs here in West Michigan where I’m 3 hours from Chicago

    • fromthemitten

      the only logic I can think is that Atl/Was is more appealing to a baseball fan who doesn’t have any vested interest in any of those four teams

      • http://401klogic.net Westbound Willie

        Soriano’s trade value?

        That’s gold ,Jerry. Real gold.

  • Tim

    We will not be scoring many runs when out only extra base hit is Navarro’s homerun. We can’t play station to station

  • Jono

    When’s the NFL draft?

    • W_Francisco

      What’s the NFL?

  • JP

    Cubs C Steve Clevenger Injured Himself Striking Out To End The Game

    The Chicago Cubs are 4-7, and they lost again today to the San Francisco Giants. They also lost Steve Clevenger’s services for at least the foreseeable future; Clevenger, meanwhile, lost some dignity.
    Clevenger, who entered as a pinch hitter, crumpled to the ground after swinging and missing at Santiago Casilla’s offering. Clevenger needed help off the field, and is reportedly headed for an MRI on his oblique.

  • jim

    This is going to be ANOTHER LONG SEASON!
    WHATEVER happened to “small ball”?
    Runners in Scoring Position & actually getting
    them into score?

  • Die hard

    Todrows mustache 2 Theos high brow 1….didn’t need 6 but still not enuf — with season in crapper already if Toronto would take Soriano and he would accept and throw in Barney Cubs pay 95% of Sorianos salary and Cubs get pick if any 2 pitchers from A ball— do it

  • Chad

    Take away Castro’s error in game #1, and Harriston’s bad decision in this game…and the Cubs may have swept the series. There were obviously a couple other turning points…not to mention the terrible batting with RISP….but those two lapses by Castro and Harriston turned the series.

  • Wester

    Was at the game, and all I can say is if soriano hassles a LITTLE bit, he gets to first, and the double play scores the tying run. He didn’t even jog out of the box. That is all

  • John

    You heard it here first. At the July 2014 trade deadline – Cubs trade Almora and Volgelbach to Pittsburgh for McCutchen. Makes sense for both teams, Pirates will stink this year and the next and will look to shed payroll, as always. Castro, McCutchen, Rizzo, Baez, Solar,… not a bad 2 thru 6 linup. C’mon man – let’s make it happen. McCutchen is signed thu 2017 – with a team option for 2018. Max is $14 million/ year. not too expensive for a gold glove/ MVP candidate.

    • Cedlandrum

      not going to happen.

      • Dustin S

        I’d agree, McCutchen is one of the top OF in the game and would take more than 2 prospects. We focus so much on the Cubs prospects here because like ObiWan, they’re our only hope…and it tends to lead to overvaluing them a bit (sometimes a lot). That trade idea isn’t completely awful, but it would probably take another quality piece or 2 to Pittsburgh to get him. By quality I don’t mean Marmol, Soriano, Feldman, etc. Put ourselves in their shoes, would we trade Castro for 2 decent prospects? I would hope not.

    • Tobias

      McCutchen is their centerpiece. It would not make any sense for Pittsburgh to trade him. LA is looking to move Lilly. I wonder if Cubs would do a Marmol for Lilly trade.

      • ReiCow

        Aren’t the Dodgers relying on Lilly to fill Grienke’s void?


        • Tobias

          On MLBTR, there was an article that the Dodgers want Lilly to go on two more rehab starts, but Lilly is refusing. Even with Greinke’s injury there seems to be no room for Lilly in their rotation and are looking to move him and his salary.

    • baldtaxguy

      I would not assume that the Pirates “will stink this year and the next….”

    • http://401klogic.net Westbound Willie


    • YourResidentJag

      Actually, I could be more like Twins trade Sano to Pirates for Cole and Alvarez, since Twins are looking for prospects that project as TOR starters. New trend in trades “I trade you my top prospect to fill a hole, if you’ll give me yours.” So, no Pirates are in no way going to get worse.

  • John

    To make that trade work, Almora and Volgalbach would have to have pretty damn good year this year and next. I’ll throw in a lower level pitching prospect, too. Nevertheless – I hope July 2014 is when the cubs are able to make a significant trade to get a top 10 guy in town. Add a few acquistions and get us in the playoffs in 2015.

  • Stevie B


  • DCF

    The Cubs problem isn’t mainly hitting with RISP. As McCarver was happy to point out, the Cubs are close to the bottom in both team OBP and RBI. Or in other words, the offense is bad, very bad. I’m confident they’ll improve on their pathetic start to this season, but obviously this team is not going to be a contender and not designed to be one.