kevin gregg cubsToday the Chicago Cubs announced that they’ve signed former closer – and former Cub – Kevin Gregg to a minor league deal.


No, no. The Cubs have probably been talking to Gregg, 34, who’s been waiting for the right opportunity, for some time now. With Carlos Marmol flailing and Kyuji Fujikawa injured, it’s as likely that Gregg decided to move on the Cubs as it is that the Cubs got desperate. The AAA bullpen has a number of interesting fringe options already, so I just can’t see the Cubs being induced into a Gregg-sized panic at the big league level. Depth never hurts, and Gregg has pitched successfully in the big leagues. For now, the Cubs will stash him in the minors, and see what he’s got left in the tank. That’s all this is.

Of course, “pitched successfully” is a relative term. His brief time with the Cubs in 2009 netted him a 4.72 ERA, and a prompt dismissal from the organization. From there, he caught on for a very good year closing with the Blue Jays, and then a couple meh years with the Orioles before he was released in September 2012. The upside here is both remote and low, but the risk is basically non-existent. No reason not to sign him to a minor league deal if he’s into it.

For now, Gregg will train in Mesa before finding a landing spot in the organization. He pitched fairly well this Spring for the Dodgers, but didn’t ultimately make the team.

  • Jed

    But if we put Gregg as closer, Marmol will become a lights-out setup man, and everyone will be calling for him to be the closer! It makes perfect sense!

    • caryatid62

      Only if we can get the DeLorean up to 88 miles per hour.

    • Brett

      Heh. I remember that.

  • MichiganGoat

    Meh who cares at this point 😉

  • Westbound Willie

    I wasn’t 100 percent sure before but by signing Gregg I’m absolutely sure that Theodore hates cubs fans and will do anything to ruin the current winning culture

    • Brett

      I understand baseball! And love the Cubs! I especially love Ryan Sandburg, who should be the manager!

      • DarthHater

        And my understanding of baseball and love of Sandberg are conclusively established by my inability to even spell his name right.

        • MichiganGoat

          Sandburg is the uber/mecha Sandberg

  • Cyranojoe


  • ProfessorCub

    I think this is as much about weird-looking athletic eyewear depth as anything.

    • Chase S.

      They should also pick up Kyle Farnsworth to help with that depth. We’ll probably need him against Carlos Quentin anyway.

  • jayrig5

    If he pitches in the majors again I would be shocked.

  • Jason

    Ok. The Cubs have given up. Kevin Gregg is the worst pitcher in Cubs history. If they call him up, I’m done watching them this year.

    • Sircub

      Ooh, ooh, ooh! This is a fun game, can I play? Ok, so Kevin Gregg was a pretty good choice, but for my pick for worst Cubs pitcher of all time, I’ll go with Ernie Broglio.

      From 1966-1967 Broglio pitched 112.1 innings with the Cubs, and amassed a 3-12 record, with a 6.50 ERA, 6.20 FIP and a WAR of -2.0. He had gave up 7 BB / 9 and had 4.5 K / 9.

      So if the Cubs sign Ernie Broglio to a minor league flyer deal, then we’ll know that they’ve given up and we can stop watching! We’ll call it, “The Broglio Line” and you better not cross it Theo!!!

      • DocPeterWimsey

        I’ll go with the hydra of George Frazier, Warren Brusstar and Ray Fontenot. Those 3 made being in the bleachers dangerous in 1985!

  • dvs1313

    Hello Theo. A signing of a player who is not a cast off or washed up would be nice. There is a difference in starting over and giving the fans nothing to even tune in for. Not one move is working so far. As much as I like Rizzo lets be honest he is not a major league ball player yet. Theo left the redsox in shambles with no far system, and the Padres suck. I am begining to lose faith because of moves like Gregg. Makes no sense. Bring up someone, anyone, but someone with potential not a guy who has not been good in at least 5 years. Politician speak is getting old. He asks for paitence well timeline would help that.

    • hansman1982

      Fisk, fisk, fisk…

      “A signing of a player who is not a cast off or washed up would be nice.”

      DeJesus and Jackson would like a word. Teams everywhere sign a ton of minor league guys who are washed up or cast offs of other teams. If they didn;t suck, they wouldn’t be signing minor league deals.

      “Not one move is working so far. As much as I like Rizzo lets be honest he is not a major league ball player yet.”

      Marshall for Wood, Sappelt and Torreyes worked out. Cashner for Rizzo has worked out (don’t let 2 weeks of a new season fool you). Signing DeJesus worked out, Converting Samardzija into a starter worked out. Putting Marmol back into the closer’s role last year worked out. Not releasing Soriano before last season worked out.

      “Theo left the redsox in shambles with no far system, and the Padres suck.”

      If leaving a team with 90-wins, the best offense in the majors and a top-10 farm system leaves it as you described it, I REALLY hope he does that to the Cubs. The Red Sox were a team that desperately needed Darvish and 1 other SP after the 2011 season. When people talk about throwing seasons, look at what the Red Sox did before the 2012 season. I haven’t dug too deep into the Padres but I do know they sucked before and after Hoyer’s short tenure there.

      “Bring up someone, anyone, but someone with potential not a guy who has not been good in at least 5 years.”

      A move like this doesn’t mean the Cubs want to bring him up to the MLB club, just they need someone in the minors.

      “Politician speak is getting old”.

      It’s what GM’s do when they speak publicly. No sense in bashing the team or locking yourself into corner X unnecessarily.

  • Jason

    Hey wait, is it still April Fools Day???

    • BFiddy

      Inb4 we announce the signings of LaTroy Hawkins and Antonio Alfonseca tomorrow…

      • Brian Myers

        I understand 62 year old Goose Gossage wanted too much money. :-)

  • Alex

    Couldn’t agree more bring up dolis or Parker (he just set the saves record at Iowa), much more upside there then marmol a goofier white counterpart

  • hawkcub

    Alfonseco must not have been available.

    • Jp3

      Ohhhh!!! I forgot about Alf! How about Flash Gordon? Was he not available, speaking of guys that got run out of town

    • Chase S.

      Joe Borowski?

    • Chase S.

      Maybe reanimate Rod Beck?

  • XavierGunz

    But wait who did he play for after the Cubs. I seem to remember he did well for the team after us. Or am I mistaken? As much as we are all hating the moves the cubs are making we really have no choice. There is really nutting out there at the moment. Im being patient, we all should. We have waited this long we could wait a few more to have an elite team. In Theo I trust.

  • MikeW

    Even if he pitches in AAA there’s gotta be a better use of one of the 7 or 8 bullpen spots in AAA

  • Idaho Razorback

    Is Mel Rojas and Dave Smith still available?

  • Kyle

    This is the definition of roster-fill. Nobody has enough prospects to fill every spot on every minor league roster. When Dolis was called up, they needed someone to roster fill in AAA. Gregg is it. No reason to complain or kvetch.

  • The Dude

    Oh boy. This signing is gonna make the locals restless and be sarcastic fodder for Sox fans and the press. Fudge.

  • Die hard

    Team will now be complete after Zambrano brought back …..Wish he would now go by Gregg Kevin so at least there would be something to talk about

  • Carmelo

    Just signed Kameron Loe—Clevenger to 60 day DL, Loe to 40 man roster.

    • Kyle

      Wow. That is one heck of a swing by Clevenger. If he’d made contact, the ball must’ve been slated for a rooftop.

      Loe is a soft-tossing righty who is indistinguishable from the other mounds of replacement-level relief pitching we have. Not a good or a bad move. Just a move.

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  • Dan

    Well we can always use him as a starter

  • Jp3

    Wow this Kameron Loe signing, didn’t know who he even was but after looking at his Seattle stats this year you see why he got cut. 6.2 IP 8ER and gave up 6 HRs!! He’ll fit right in in the 7th. Soon as Gregg gets pulled up to the big club we can go 7th-Loe 8th-Gregg and close in down with Marmol in the 9th. We’ll give the Astros a run for their money(slot)

  • Bob Johnson

    The worst part about Ernie Broglio was that we traded future Hall of Famer Lou Brock for him. If my memory is correct, Broglio had won 20 games for the Cardinals the year before.

  • 0708champ

    *existent not existant

  • Tommy

    I’d be ecstatic with a 4.72 ERA out of our closer role to date.

  • Mike

    Kevin Gregg called up. He’s now in the Majors…..

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