One strike away from winning a game in which the Cubs had blown a big lead, but somehow managed to come back …

Edwin Jackson did his first inning thing once again, easily retiring the first two batters before giving up consecutive singles and a walk. He would have gotten out of the frame unscathed if not for a Dioner Navarro passed ball. He then cruised for the next four innings before completely losing control in the sixth. That loss of control, coupled with similar shakiness from Michael Bowden and Dioner Navarro, let the Giants turn a 4-1 deficit into a 5-4 lead. In the inning, Jackson, Bowden and Navarro combined for a Major League record five wild pitches.

The Cubs did a little combacking of their own, rallying from a two-run deficit to take the lead in the bottom of the 8th. That was just designed to get your hopes up, though, as the Cubs managed to blow it in the 9th and 10th.

Today was Shawn Camp’s turn on the blow-a-save carousel. Everybody gets a turn (some more spectacularly than others, like Camp today), and it obscures nice things like a couple two-run homers from Starlin Castro and Nate Schierholtz, as well as a surprise homer from Alberto Gonzalez. (He also hit the sac fly that gave the Cubs the lead in the 8th, but no one will remember that now.)

I’m going on The Score (670-AM) tonight at 7pm CT with Ben Finfer to talk about the Cubs. Really going to be fun after this one.

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  • DarthHater

    It’s hard to keep track of what’s happening on the farm, since Luke got lazy and started taking the weekends off. 😉

    • DarthHater

      Okay, that was response to Jp3’s post about Soler. Not only did I miss the “reply” button, but I got bumped to a new page, so now it looks like I’m picking on Luke out of the blue, when I was actually picking on him in a somewhat relevant context. 😛

      • Jp3

        DarthHater, I think Javier Baez is coming back around seeing his last couple games he has a couple doubles and a triple and has only K’d once in his last 16 ABs. Guess he didn’t like sharing the spotlight with Soler. Also Barney took 3 BB tonight in Iowa, gotta like that

    • Kyle

      The last two days have been pretty solid for the farm. Quite a relief.

  • Whiteflag
  • Jason

    Incredible stat: the last time Mariano Rivera had more than 12 walks IN A SEASON was 2005. That’s like 5 games worth for every Cubs closer.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      This is also why the “closer” concept is so detrimental to most teams: guys like Rivera (who matches up well against almost everyone) are really, really rare. A “closer” is a rare quality, not a position: and trying to make it a “position” is like trying to designate a player as the Babe Ruth or Michael Jordan on a team.

  • North Side Irish

    Danny Ecker (@DannyEcker) tweeted at 11:03 PM on Sun, Apr 14, 2013:
    BREAKING: Wrigley Field deal done. Now begins months-long approval process to see whether it holds. The details:


    • North Side Irish

      And Taylor’s sleeping through it. Slacker.

    • MichiganGoat

      Okay that report give me more hope than the ESPN, but the whole “approval” process scares me. The bigger question I have is: Can construction still happen this coming offseason or has that window passed?

      • TNN2

        You obviously are new to Chicago politics. This is a done deal. Some minor issues will crop up as they always do in a 5 year project, but who is going to stand in the way?

        The rooftops? The language in their contract explicitly states that their views can be blocked if it is a project that the city approves.

        The landmark commission? They are a bunch of rubber stampers, but even if they weren’t the relevant language of the existing landmark status is vague enough (“uninterrupted sweep of the bleachers”) and the precedents have already been set with the Toyota sign that there is no reasons why they would deny the signage.

        Other aldermen? Why would they care if Wrigley has up to 51 night games a year? It isn’t their problem and the city will make more $$$ from this deal.

        Overall this is a win and there shouldn’t be any significant problems going forward.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    According to ESPN the Cubs have reached a deal with the city for the Wrigley Field Renovation!!!

  • Serious Cubs Fan
  • Spencer

    Renovation deal done!! Kinda sorta.

    • hansman1982

      The way it seems (on a 2 second read), the mayor is behind it. The rest *should be* a formality.

      • MichiganGoat

        Until Ricketts announces it I’m not trusting anything that is written, and it’s ESPN.

  • Cubsfanforlife

    Brett, what happened to you being on the score last night at 7pm? I was listening online and you weren’t on. Did I miss it? Do you have a link to it, I would love to listen to it. Thanks

    • Brett

      Got bumped to 7:40pm CT. I could be mistaken, but I don’t believe they replay their Sunday shows on the site, I’m sorry to say.

      • Cubsfanforlife

        Too bad, I listened till about 7:30, and then gave up. Only ten more minutes. Would have been cool to hear you on the radio. Sorry I missed it, looking forward to the next time you are on. I am a fan of Boers and Bernstein on the same radio station, would love to hear you on there. They seem relatively smart to me. I am sure you did a great job. Thanks for the info

      • BT

        I was just looking on WSCR’s site, and I can’t seem to find it. Bummer. If I’d only turned on the radio 10 minutes earlier, I’d have caught more than you saying goodbye. He did have lots of nice things to say about though

      • cas-castro

        i had this on too but daddy duties took over around 7:30. Nothing like fussy babies to take my attention away.