Ouch. Again.

Travis Wood and Derek Holland were locked in quite a pitcher’s battle until the 8th when Wood (apparently) started to get into a little trouble and Shawn Camp couldn’t bail him out. That proved to be the difference, as the Cubs went on to do the teaser-rally thing in the bottom of the 9th, scoring a couple on a pinch-hit, bases-loaded double by Nate Schierholtz. That rally all came with two outs and nobody on, but the game ended on a Darwin Barney liner to center that Craig Gentry dove and caught. If it drops, the game is tied. If the ball skips past him, the Cubs win.

Freaking ugh. That hurts.

The Cubs offense logged just two hits and no walks in seven innings off of Holland. Whatever. Derek Holland’s mustache is ugly anyway. It’s no Carlos Villanueva.

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  • Brad


    What’s the possibility that the Cubs drop Camp? Or how many more clunker appearances do you think it will take before we “DL” him or waive him? I know the Cubs and Sveum fell in love with him last year, but he has never been attached to my heartstrings. I believe he is serviceable when he can get grounders, but painful to watch when he can’t. Right now he clearly can’t.

  • Jason

    I just watched the Gentry diving catch replay again, and I swear that ball curved towards him. God must hate us, it’s the only possible explanation. Or maybe we just really, really suck. Yeah, that’s probably it.

    • corey costello


  • http://Bleachernation.com someday…2015?

    Looks like Baez is starting his turnaround. Baez went 2-5 with a homerun tonight. Stephen Bruno with a 2-2 and a double. He’s hitting .422 early on. Kane County played 2 seven inning games today. Vogelbach went 2-7 in the set. Candelario 2-7 and a 2 run double. Great to see Szczur having a strong start in Tennessee. 2-3 today with a solo shot. He also stole a base. Brought his average up to .304. Alberto Cabrera went 6 giving up 7 hits, 2 walks, 2 runs, and 5 strikeouts. For Iowa Brooks Raley had a strong outing. 6 innings, 6 hits, 0 WALKS(love that), 0 runs, and 7 strikeouts. Good day for the farm.

    • Kyle

      Sadly, Baez did not go 2-for-5 tonight.

      He was 1-for-5. He had a fielder’s choice in the first inning, homered in his second PA, then struck out in his next three.

      • http://Bleachernation.com someday…2015?

        Milb had him down as 2-5… Guess they had it wrong. The 3 Ks are bad but Javy seems like the type of player who once he crushes one ball he tries to crush the next 20. Hopefully that can be fixed but i don’t see the 3 Ks as that big of a deal.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          You are sort of right. Baez is the type of player who tries to crush every pitch: so, after he crushes one, he’ll try to crush the next 20, and the next 20 after that And after he doesn’t crush one, he’ll try to crush the next 20 and the next 20 after that.

  • MikeL

    I am not optimistic about Baez. Very early, but he might be a prospect that could ultimately flame out. Disappointing, but it happens.

    • MightyBear

      I wouldn’t give up yet. He’s all of 20.

  • Tobias

    I wonder what percentage of hate for Sveum has to do with the Cubs not hiring Sandberg? Am I the only one that remembers a time (which is quite a number of times) that fans were calling for Cubs management to tear down the team completely because of how poorly the results were? I am staying the course as a fan because I cannot remember a time when there was so much effort and resources being thrown at the scouting side of the team where the end results are a continued pipeline of young players mixed in with what veterans are still with the team. I’m looking at last year and this year’s Cubs, more or less, as an expansion team. “What,” you may ask? Well, Cubs are trying to sort out and build upon their farm system while filling current holes with cheaper veterans that have trade value which could lead to adding prospects to said farm system.

  • Cheryl

    It doesn’t do much good to shake up the cubs pitching and bench and bring in some of the veterans they signed to minor league contracts at this point. Maybe after June1 they’ll take a good look at Sveum’s management skills. But in his defense it doesn’t seem he has much of a team. I wish he’d drop the platooning for a month and see if they do any better. But even if they did he’s so hung up on it that he’d probably still go back to it.

  • corey costello

    Anyone have a link of Barney’s near game winner?

    • Billy boycott

      How many times will you ask for someone else to post the link?? Are you really that stupid that you can’t find it yourself, or is it just pure, utter laziness? Just curious…

      • Wilbur

        I don’t think you are curious at all. I think your comment is intentionally rude and insulting and adds nothing of value to the conversation.

      • corey costello

        Find it right now and show me how lazy I am.

        Stop being an idiot.

        MLB doesn’t upload almost game winners to the highlights.

        • cjdubbya

          It’s on the Rangers website in the gamer. First video link on their website. Hell of a grab.

  • demz

    i think we are used to the prospect flame out because our minor league coaching in the past was just.. not good.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      It had less to do with the coaching and more to do with the FO’s strategy of trying to win through “situational” play. Situational performance in one season is no predictor of situational performance in the next season, and guys who are “clutch” or “smart” in high school or college do not possess that as a trait in the minors. The traits that really make a difference at MLB level (batting eye, control, etc.) are not easily taught: if they could be, then any organization with such coaches would rapidly flood the majors with high caliber talent.

      The key really is identifying and signing guys with traits that carry through from one season to the next: and this FO did a very good job of that in Boston.

      • MichiganGoat

        and this is why the new CBA hurts so much, now we can’t target those kids that have those tools in High School and pay them to sign with us in the later rounds. Players with great hitting tools and batter’s eye will continue to dominate in college and get picked up in the early rounds. Hopefully this FO finds a way to take advantage of the CBA but it really limits the amount of great talent with these tools you can sign in the draft.

  • Dan

    Sapplett has to go bring up Sweeney

    • Korean Goat

      i like sweeney but he is left-hand batter. just use dejesus against LH pitcher, sveum!

    • MichiganGoat

      Meh potato potatoe

  • Stu

    The only way Cub fans will see any change is to stop giving them money. Enjoy the Cubs for free whenever possible. That really is the only power that you have.

    The attendance will continue to fall as more losses are piling up and castoffs are plugged in to replace other castoffs. Money is what is driving the current regime and the only way that change will ever come is to stop giving them money. Don’t go to Wrigley Field, get rid of MLB TV, and you will see real change.

    Realize that to a certain degree you are being played with emotionally. The current team is a bad product and not worthy of your hard earned money.

  • Die hard

    The new scoreboards will cut the wind blowing in

  • http://www.bleachernation.com colonel ichabod

    can the cubs please rid themselves of camp already. thought sveum overvalued him last year and he currently sucks, so im starting the trey mcnutt call to arms.

  • ruby2626

    Has anyone heard anything about Arodys Vizcaino? Lately seems like our T.J. guys are coming back slower than ever. Heard that often guys come back stronger after the surgery however Whiteneck, Baker and apparently Vizcaino seem to prove otherwise. With our bullpen totally sucking this year you would think that at some point he would have the potential to be our closer. Did Rondon also have that surgery, I like what I see so far but the upper 90’s we heard about in the winter leagues seems closer to 92. By the way congrats to Paul Maholm, 3 and 0 with a .000 ERA Hopefully Vizcaino can still make that trade look good. What’s up with Dillon Maples, is he tired from the 10 innings he has pitched the last 2 seasons, how long is this bust waiting to happen going to be out.

    • Bric

      Wow- and I thought I was the only one who took serious issue with Maples’ questionable work ethic and dedication (given the reports I read at the time. I’ve never seen him throw a single pitch or heard him speak but I trust the inside sources when they’re not directly involved).

      But be careful bro, busting on a rookie is apparently one of the few taboos that will bring down the thunder around here. Not sure why, considering the kid’s already made more at the age of 18 then most of made before we were 30. But, WTF, a just a couple more million wasted… If we don’t talk about it, it didn’t happen.

      • TWC

        You got your conspiracy knickers all twisted up, kid? Busting on a rookie is tabboo here? You’re just ticked that the kid got drafted ahead of you, arent’cha?

        • Bric

          T Dub, you know I’d love to respond but Vitters has still got those naked pictures of Hayden Simpson and me tipping over those cows. And he’s not afraid to use ’em….

          • MichiganGoat

            Don’t forget the ones from that night with Felix Pie and Corey Patterson- I hear those are make naked cow tipping look minor 😉

  • Jp3

    Spriggs had a good word to say in the in the MLD wrap up comments