zambrano-estradaThis would certainly stir the masses ..

From Sahadev:

A visit – as in, just to say hello – certainly makes the most sense. At last check, Zambrano was still holding out for a starting job somewhere, and was also not so good at pitching. There are also probably some hard feelings, even if the new front office merely traded Zambrano (whereas it was the old regime that actually saw him implode).

Paul Sullivan didn’t get much from the Cubs:

The possible explanations there? Well, Sahadev could be wrong about Z’s presence, but I doubt he’d make that mistake. It’s also possible that Z visited, unannounced, and the Cubs are all, “whaaa?”

It’s also possible that the Z visit was planned, but the precise person with whom Sullivan spoke wasn’t aware of it.

That all said, it’s also possible that Z is at the ballpark to meet with the Cubs about, you know, pitching for the Cubs. If true, or if – holy crap – a roster move is coming, I could see why the Cubs wouldn’t want to confirm his presence at the park just yet.

I guess we’ll keep an eye on this, but it’s probably nothing more than a visit and an ensuing media firestorm.

  • TWC

    Fracking Paul Sullivan plagiarizing Sahadev’s tweets…

    • justinjabs

      Yeah man! Why wouldn’t he just retweet what Sahadev said? Give the guy some freaking credit. smh.

  • North Side Irish

    Are you plagiarizing Sahadev’s news?

  • Tim Morgan

    What does CNN say?

    • cjdubbya

      From my twitter feed: @CNN is reporting that Zambrano’s been signed, 11 years, $231MM, full no trade clause.

      • wax_eagle

        Pretty sure they’ve since backed off this. But that they do still have an unconfirmed report from someone in the cubs or that he’s signed.

      • Jp3

        Maybe they’re just trying to prove they’re not strapped for cash? $231 mill, not too shabby Z!

  • Cubbie Blues

    Maybe he just forgot his jacket?

  • EQ76

    Not sure what to think about this report.. How about Big Z as our closer??? actually, that’s not a terrible idea.

    • MightyBear

      Yes that is.

      • EQ76

        couldn’t be worse than Marmol and Fuji have been

        • Koyie Hill Sucks

          and certainly better than Gregg.

          • EQ76

            as much of a basket case as Big Z was, I actually liked him.. i’m probably in the minority but the dude had passion and at times seemed to be the only Cub that acted like he actually cared. he just needed medication.

            • santos toupe

              I’M A HUGE Z FAN AS WELL. TO BAD FIRST BASE IS OCCUPIED, WE COULD USE THE OFFENSE. crap, sorry about the caps

  • Rcleven

    Lock the gates and bar the doors. I wouldn’t even sell Z a ticket.

  • dash

    I bet they’re considering using him to DH in all those interleague games. 😉

  • Edwin

    Big Z has some unfinished business with the Gatoraid machine.

    • MichiganGoat


  • Cubbie Tim

    Maybe he’s dropping off some water coolers?

  • Believe in 2015

    Baez hit his third homerun today in a 3-6 performance. I hope he can start heating up

    • someday…2015?

      Villanueva also hit a homerun today. Hopefully his power starts to come around cause as we sit here now, his bat does not profile at third.

  • Patrick W.

    $5 says this will be a sign and trade for Volstad.

  • Brett

    You guys are cracking me up.

  • hansman1982

    He just really misses standing in the player facilities, taking a big breath in and just soaking up the ambiance.

  • davidalanu

    Kevin Gregg: “Z, seriously, they signed me to pitch…IN CHICAGO!!! Dude you gotta get over here. This is seriously crazy shit!

    Z: “I’m on my way!!!!!”

  • Jp3

    Sign all the players!!! Wait maybe they just want him on staff for some sort of mentoring role for Soler😃🔫

  • MichiganGoat

    I’m sorry Cubs, I brought you back Campy…. SMASH, SMASH, SMASH
    We cool now?

  • MichiganGoat


    • MichiganGoat

      Crap why won’t this image display

      • DarthHater


      • DarthHater

        It will only display if you first embrace the power of the Dark Side. >:-)

        • MichiganGoat

          I knew I could count on you buddy

  • Rudy

    New 3B Man?… He should be good for 20 HRs!!!

  • Ed Wiese

    I always did like Zambrano. Loved the fact he wasnt afraid to get in the face of teammates and let them know what was wrong. Also miss his bat! Didnt he hit 7 or 8 homers in a season? Most pitchers are lucky to get 8 hits a year! Not to mention he is a switch hitter!

  • Austin

    I’m in the minority but I wouldn’t mind him back on a minor deal with no second chances for off field or bad on field tempers. Maybe getting back in Chicago could do him some good on the pitching side. Plus he is still better than half our O and most our bullpen. In hitting and pitching respectfully.

    • HotRuta

      With a zero-tolerance approach, where’s the opportunity to score any “Magical Moments” for YouTube postings?

      Seriously, though, look at how Brandon Marshall turned around his behavior after arriving in Chicago — and getting his meds right. I imagine the same kind of therapy would apply to Z. I think most of his problems came from an inability to concentrate; the last year or two on the Cubs, he was just slinging the ball up to the plate.

      • MichiganGoat

        Except Marshall was a great player when he signed with the Bears, Z is bust of a player now with nothing left in the tank.

        • HotRuta

          Weeeell that seems a little harsh. For the seven years from 2004 – 2010 Zambrano was 98 – 53 with a 3.48 ERA, and he got Cy Young award votes in three of those years; that’s probably one of the better runs in that period. Certainly, the wheels came off in 2011 and 2012 (and his true age probably is closer to 36 than it is to 31), but I think he still might have a bit left in the tank (as an innings-eater, not a top of the rotation guy) — not that I am in favor of the Cubs bringing him back.

          Anyhow, I was talking about “fixing” a player’s bad behavior, not about whether Zambrano could be a great player (or whether or not he ever was one). Most people seemed to think that Marshall’s behavior was negatively impacting his performance; I just think that the same could be said for Zambrano.

  • Cedlandrum

    You guys are funny.

  • Tommy

    Heck, give him a shot. Nothing to lose now that we don’t owe him millions of dollars. He’s worth a shot as a reclamation project.

    • justinjabs

      I wouldn’t hate it.

  • I-CubsFanBoy

    Maybe somebody punked him and said it was “Big-Z” bobble head night.

  • MichiganGoat

    It would be fun but it wouldn’t amount to anything, if he had anything left he’d get a contract and wouldn’t have to “visit” teams.

  • Fastball

    I hope we sign him. He is Goose Gossage reincarnated? Closer and best pinch hitter on the roster. Got my Z jersey out and it fits

  • a_mazz_ing

    Yes our new CF and leadoff hitter!!!!!

  • Crazyhorse

    Zambranos worst year still can not compare to little Theo excuse of The Cubs having the worst season in 40 years. Zambrano ended his season on a terrible note and deserved to booted. He had some great seasons in Cub Uniform Little Theo is still waiting just to graduate to bad.

    This front office is a sham, they have failed resign thier own good players , trade players for crap and sign stink. The ball club reflects its front office.

    It took a couple of years for Zambrano to wear out his welcome I wonder how many years it will take fans to do the same of this crap of of a Front office.

    • MichiganGoat

      Oh Silly Rabbit

      • Behind enemy lines (south side cub fan)

        Tricks are for KIDS

        Teamwork 😀 — pound it

        • John S.

          ‘cept it’s Trix!

    • BT

      Man, you know EXACTLY what you are talking about, and have a very good idea of what is going on. I look forward to hearing your informed theories in the future.

    • Westbound Willie

      I don’t think anybody that remotely knows at least a little about baseball would ever say that Epstein knows very much on how to run a team. He’d never admit to that. Ricketts on the other hand at least admits he knows nothing about much of anything.

      • BT

        Exactly. People who know a little about baseball would say Epstein doesn’t know very much about how to run a team.

        • hansman1982

          You are right, people who know little about baseball say Epstein is a bad GM.

          • Bea Arthur’s husband.

            Except that Theo isn’t GM (officially anyway).

          • Kyle

            Can I say Hoyer’s a bad GM?

            • BT

              You can say whatever you want, this is America. People will choose to agree or disagree with you. As for me, I think 18 months is a comically short period of time to make a judgement like that. I view him as neither a good nor a bad GM, just as I don’t have a solid opinion of Theo’s tenure running the Cubs. My only opinion is that people calling these guys out as bad because the team is losing are completely missing the point, or bad because they aren’t signing free agents, aren’t seeing the big picture the same way I see it.

              • Kyle

                And my opinion is that the idea that front offices could or should be allowed to have poor results for some number of years before being judged is silly and counterproductive. It’s a results-oriented business, as it should be.

                • BT

                  So you give Theo full credit for the 2004 World Series win?

                  • Kyle

                    Sure. Why wouldn’t I?

                    • BT

                      Because a lot of the team was in place when he took over, and logic would dictate that the previous regime should get some of the credit. So should Theo. However, you are going to stick to your guns, and I will let reasonable people form their own opinions as to whether a GM of 18 months is completely responsible for a team’s W/L record. I would think it would take longer for a GM to leave their mark on an organization.

                    • Kyle

                      So long as you’ve got a full offseason to work with, you’ve had more than enough time to place your significant stamp on a team.

                    • MikeL

                      Not true.

                    • Brett

                      Not sure you’ve always held that belief. It’s convenient for your current position that you do now, though.

      • bbmoney

        Yes since many people who have forgotten more about baseball than you’ll ever know have said the exact opposite. Besides that….spot on.

    • Timothy Scarbrough

      Man I really can’t tell if you are being serious. Are you really trying to favorably compare Zambrano to Epstein?

  • hansman1982

    “The possible explanations there? Well, Sahadev could be wrong about Z’s presence, but I doubt he’d make that mistake. It’s also possible that Z visited, unannounced, and the Cubs are all, “whaaa?”

    It’s also possible that the Z visit was planned, but the precise person with whom Sullivan spoke wasn’t aware of it.”

    I’m guessing there are issues that Sullivan holds against a certain Cubs blog.

  • Bea Arthur’s husband.

    Resigning him would fit with the major league scouting staff recommendations lately.
    His talent is similar to Lillibridge, Ransom, Kevin Gregg, Scott Feldman, Luis Valenbuena, Ian Stewart…only difference is his attitude. These are bottom of the barrel dudes. It’s sad really.

  • Jp3

    Not really, he’s a much better hitter than all those players you listed…

    • Bea Arthur’s husband.

      Jp–given the tragedy I’m watching unfold in Texas. Thank you for that brilliant one liner. Great laugh.

      • Jp3

        Bea, not a problem. Yeah that’s another tragedy this country didn’t need. As for my comment, it seemed obvious the difference in the players listed… I can remember Carlos getting a hit now and then where the rest of the players in question were like unicorns, I’ve heard of these things called hits from said players but have never actually seen one😀