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It’s Almost Certainly Just a Visit, but Sahadev Sharma Says Carlos Zambrano is at Wrigley Field

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zambrano-estradaThis would certainly stir the masses ..

From Sahadev:

A visit – as in, just to say hello – certainly makes the most sense. At last check, Zambrano was still holding out for a starting job somewhere, and was also not so good at pitching. There are also probably some hard feelings, even if the new front office merely traded Zambrano (whereas it was the old regime that actually saw him implode).


Paul Sullivan didn’t get much from the Cubs:

The possible explanations there? Well, Sahadev could be wrong about Z’s presence, but I doubt he’d make that mistake. It’s also possible that Z visited, unannounced, and the Cubs are all, “whaaa?”

It’s also possible that the Z visit was planned, but the precise person with whom Sullivan spoke wasn’t aware of it.

That all said, it’s also possible that Z is at the ballpark to meet with the Cubs about, you know, pitching for the Cubs. If true, or if – holy crap – a roster move is coming, I could see why the Cubs wouldn’t want to confirm his presence at the park just yet.


I guess we’ll keep an eye on this, but it’s probably nothing more than a visit and an ensuing media firestorm.


Brett Taylor

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