Cubs Minor League Daily: Javier Baez Blows Up

javier baez daytona cubs[Ed. - It looks like Luke will be back tomorrow, but, in his stead, BN'er JulioZuleta once again graciously offered to give us a fill-in. He rocks.]

Well, we had rainouts in Chicago, Iowa and Kane County.  On the bright side, the Tennessee Smokies and Daytona Cubs turned in some impressive performances.


Iowa was rained out.  The game will be made up June 19 as part of a double header.


The Tennessee Smokies beat the Hunstville Stars 4-1.  Christian Villanueva broke a scoreless tie in the 6th, taking Taylor Jungman, the 12th overall pick in the 2011 draft, deep for a 3 run shot. Twenty three year old Northwestern product Eric Jokisch started and went 6 shutout innings, allowing 3 hits and no walks while striking out 7.  On a night where offense was hard to come by, the Smokies showed a patient approach drawing 7 walks.  Arismendy Alcantara filled the stat sheet with a pretty unique line (see below).

Notable offensive performances:

  • Matt Szczur: 0-5
  • Arismendy Alcantara: 1-1, 1R, 3BB, 4 SB (2 errors)
  • Christian Villanueva: 1-3, HR, 3RBI
  • Rubi Silva: 1-4


Daytona responded nicely to Clearwater’s 27-hit outburst from Tuesday night, beating the Threshers 13-2 (What the heck is a Thresher?).  Daytona went with two “starting” pitchers; twenty-two year old Taiwanese righty Yao-Lin Wang got the start and threw 4 innings of 1 run ball before being replaced by lefty Austin Kirk, who went the final 5 innings allowing 1 run on 3 hits.  Both guys are off to solid starts and are worth keeping an eye on.  On the offensive side, the Cubs pounded out 12 hits and drew 11 walks (!).  Javier Baez DH’d and showed signs of breaking out of his early season slump, collecting three hits, including a HR for the second day in a row.

Also, earlier in the day Carrie Muskat confirmed that Jorge Soler will rejoin the team today (Thursday).

Notable offensive performances:

  • Javier Baez: 3-6, HR (3), 2RBI, 2R, 1K
  • Zeke DeVoss: 1-2, 2B, 3BB, SB, CS
  • John Andreoli: 0-2, 1R, 2RBI, 3BB (has now walked in 20.6% of his plate appearances!)
  • Stephen Bruno: 1-4, 2R
  • Dustin Geiger: 3-5, HR, 4RBI
  • Taiwan Easterling: 1-3, 2B, 2R, 3BB

Kane County

The Cougars were rained out.

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  1. cjdubbya


    A thresher is one of two things:

    1. A person or machine that separates grain from the plants by beating.

    2. A surface-living shark (Alopias vulpinus, family Alopidae) with a long upper lobe to the tail.

    I knew the first one, but not the second. Maybe if there are Thresher sharks in the Gulf, this would be doubly fitting? It’s an interesting MiLB team name to be sure.

    1. ETS

      Threshers to inhabit the gulf.

    2. spearman

      The 1st time I ever heard of a Thresher was in Jaws.

      1. Bilbo161

        Farewell and adue to you fair Spanish Lady….

    3. hansman1982


      I’m guessing they mean this one.

      1. Cubbie Blues

        I figured you were going to chime in, but where’s the green?

        1. hansman1982

          I believe that is the same one that my Dad claims was the “it” one to have back in the day but you could at least have this powering it:


          1. Spriggs

            Nothing runs like Dernier

  2. Timothy Scarbrough

    In light of Jorge Soler’s recent blow-up, I was sort of scared when I read this headline.

    1. Spriggs

      Me too. I was thinking… you gotta be kidding me!

  3. TonyS

    Without googling i think a thresher is a shark. Good to see all the walks from the farm guys.

    1. TonyS

      Ha ha. 15 mins late with the thresher reply.

  4. jt

    Jokisch is quietly having a nice season start

  5. Stu

    I really like how well Jokisch has pitched the last 2 years in A & AA. Whats his future look like?

  6. jt

    Found a line from Jan Cubs Den which stated Jokisch is similar to Raley and Rusin and has the better circle change.
    But I was also wondering if others had more on him?

  7. Idaho Razorback

    I just saw the weather. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cubs are rained out again today. Anytime there’s a rainout, the game seems to always be on WGN.

    1. JulioZuleta

      I had to walk half a block the the Red Line and I am absolutely drenched. It’s very dark here.

  8. Rynomite

    Not to be the PC police, but in light of recent events perhaps we should refrain from using certain language…

    1. Greg


    2. Spriggs

      I don’t agree.

    3. Edwin

      Says the person named Rynomite, which is a play on Dynamite.

      Not to be the anti-PC police, but I really don’t think Brett’s phrasing is insensative at all. It’s a common expression.

    4. Ron

      Really?! I think we all can tell tje difference without walking on glass.

    5. DarthHater

      If you see yourself typing the phrase “Not to be the PC police…” you should stop immediately and hit the delete key repeatedly.

  9. Idaho Razorback

    What language?

  10. Morken

    Brett is like “Rain Man”: He’s great at conveying the game of baseball, but get him off of that subject and he exposes his lack of overall understanding for anything else.

    What kind of genius uses the descriptive ‘Blows Up’, when referring to a BASEBALL PLAYER’S improvement at the plate, a few days after a devastating terrorist bombing?

    You know who? Brett!

    1. Edwin

      It’s why I always try and get Brett to go to casinos with me.

    2. MichiganGoat


      1. Jim


      2. DarthHater

        From now on, you can only talk about Qantas, Brett, because Qantas never crashed.

    3. JulioZuleta

      Again, I love irony. Morken, while criticizing someone for essentially being insensitive, makes the inference that autistic people have a “lack of overall understanding” other than one specialized subject.

      1. Kyle

        No, he didn’t. He referenced one specific (fictional) autistic person.

        1. Cubbie Blues

          Actually, it was based off a real person.

        2. JulioZuleta

          One fictional person whose traits are based off of a well known health condition…

          1. Kyle

            A well-known health condition that advocates for have spent the last decade trying to explain to people that it’s a spectrum with widely varying symptoms that are almost individual to each person.

            As the saying goes, “If you know one person with autism, then you know one person with autism.”

            I honestly find your stance here to be a bit more offensive (although I’m sure unintentionally) than referencing Rain Man.

            1. Cubbie Blues

              I never thought I would say it, but, Kyle, I think you are being a little too sensitive.

              1. Kyle

                Well “a bit more offensive” than “not offensive at all” isn’t much. Just a tiny bit :)

            2. JulioZuleta

              Hah Kyle, I spent two entire years studying autism and following autistic students around Northwest Suburban High Schools for certain types of case studies. I have a preettyyyy thoroughh understanding of the condition. Also, I have an understanding of the English language, so I could tell what he was implying. Makes sense that you defend Morken, though.

              1. Kyle

                Eww. The fact that you spent that much time studying it and still think it’s okay to react as if there’s some sort of stereotypical autistic person makes it even more icky.

                If Morken had said “like an autistic person,” then I’d be right with you. But he didn’t. He referenced a specific fictional (based on a real person) character from popular culture.

                Now, as far a defending anything else he said, well, he’s not worth defending. Or noticing at all.

                1. JulioZuleta

                  My point is that, I know very much about autism, and can tell what he is implying about it. I was saying it was offensive because he was implying a completely invalid stereotype. I thought that was obvious…
                  See how that works….criticizes someone for being insenstitve by furthering an incorrect stereotype? Irony, just like I said. The argument that “Rain Man” is just “a fictional character” is weak. Everyone knows that that “character” supposedly portrays autistic “tendencies.”

                  1. Kyle

                    I’m just not following how you aren’t seeing that you are the one fostering the stereotypes that you claim to be annoyed that he’s fostering.

                    He referenced one autistic person. You took it to assume that he meant all autistic people. Doesn’t that mean you are the one implying that all autistic people are the same?

                    Eh, I guess the only way I could see it your way is if you thought the portrayal of the character in the movie itself was offensive.

                    1. DarthHater

                      How about if we just all agree that K-Mart sucks and leave it at that. ;-)

    4. hansman1982

      I read this and I don;t know what ya’ll are whining about. All he did was write “hamburger” over and over and over…

      1. Morken

        And all you did was eat hamburgers. I was simply doing my job as a reporter.

    5. BluBlud

      Come on man, are you serious!!!

      If “blows up” is a term that we use at any other point, then why should we stop using it just because someone stupid decides to something stupid. If we go tippy toeing around, having to watch what we do or say, or how we do or say something, because some fool chooses to be a terrorist, when under any normal circumstances we wouldn’t, then we are letting the terrorist win. We mourn our loses as a country, we honor the heroes, after which, life still has to go on.


      1. DarthHater

        Didn’t you just let an idiot affect your life, Blu? :-P

        1. BluBlud

          Effect or Affect or which ever one :0

          I just trying to help him out, but I did forget who I was talking to.

          1. BluBlud

            Damn, my smileys never work. :O

    6. hansman1982

      Wow, definition of a troll.

      It’s fine holding up Marge Schott as a good example of women in baseball, but saying “blows up” is too insensitive for you.

      Obvious troll is obvious.

  11. JulioZuleta

    Off topic but I always forget how young Torreyes is. He won’t be 21 until September. Pretty young for AA.

    1. Spriggs

      What kind of injury he is coming off of? I think it’s funny they list him at 5’9″. I would be surprised if he was even 5’7″.

      1. JulioZuleta

        They said he showed up late the spring training. I’m not sure if the late arrival was excused or not, but they kept him back for a week or two to get in shape. I don’t believe he has had any sort of injury, but I could be wrong.
        I’m kind of surprised he didn’t start the year in Daytona. If Bruno stays hot and Torreyes looks a little overmatched, I think you could see a second basemen trade between Daytona and Tennessee in a month or so.

        1. Spriggs

          That sounds right. I forgot he was late.

      2. Westbound Willie

        I stood a few feet away from him last year and the guy is maybe 5’2. I asked him if he ever played in the 5 foot and under league and he said he was a couple inches too tall for that league.

  12. Idaho Razorback

    Are you kidding me about being sensitive about Javier Baez “Blowing Up?” What’s next, a basketball announcer can’t say “jump shot” because of Sandy Hook? Get real.

  13. DL Huyck

    Keep an eye on Dustin Geiger. Could be the real deal.

    1. Cubbie Blues

      His BABIP is over 100 points higher than it has been the last two years. I don’t see that as sustainable.

    2. JBarnes

      I like Geiger a lot too. Good sized kid that seems to move OK in the field and all he does is hit at the plate.

      1. MikeW

        He’s probably gonna be a pretty good hitter, but he’s a brutal 3B. He’s gonna have to play 1B, and then the bat’s gonna have to carry him big.

  14. John (ibcnu2222)

    Baez was wicked awesome.

  15. PcB

    Why is nobody talking about the bomb that Baez hit yesterday? It was an absolute rocket. It exploded off of his bat like someone lit it’s ass on fire. Bomb rocket blast.

  16. JR

    Great to see Baez starting to click. Hopefully he keeps it up!

    1. brickhouse

      Need to string together a week or 2 of good performances and not 1 game before declaring things are starting to click.

  17. BluBlud

    John Andreoli continues to impress, everyday. Even without a hit, he gets on base 60% of the time in this game.

    Dustin Geiger is also show a much improved hit stick to start the year. Small sample size, but hopefully all these guys that are crushing the ball, will continue to crush. Add in Soler when he returns, plus Vitters, Almora and expect improvemnets from Baez, Jackson and Vogelbach from their early season play, and the Cubs could be a consensus top 5 farm in baseball pretty quickly.

    1. JulioZuleta

      That 20% BB rate is crazy so far. Unfortunately, it’s going to be an uphill battle for Geiger to hit enough to play a corner position. Also, don’t forget Lake’s return.

  18. Bilbo161

    Does anyone know what kind of injury Saunders has?

  19. Morken

    In an attempt to distance himself from his idiotiic and insensitive usage of the comparative ‘Blow Up’ in a headline a few days after a terrorist bomb killed 3 people in the United States; critically injured dozens more; and disfigured countless Americans, Brett has forced frivolous posts on us – - we’re up to four, at this point – - in order to push the headline further down the page.

    The coward couldn’t man up.

    For future reference, Brett: Think before you fucking post, Moron!

    1. bbmoney

      so….about that door……

    2. Cubbie Blues

      That’s the way to fall on the grenade and show everyone who the true moran is. If you haven’t noticed Ace posts most of his articles in the morning to get in front of the game. Today’s posting has not been anywhere out of the ordinary. Nanoo nanoo.

      1. dash

        The true “moran”?

        1. Cubbie Blues

          Yes, that is what I wrote.

    3. Chef Brian

      Morken reminds me off the heckler from “Happy Gilmore”.

      1. Morken

        You do!

  20. someday...2015?

    Hey Morken, I got a question for you? What if your name was say, Gunner? Would you find your own name insensitive?

    1. hansman1982

      Pay no attention to Morken. He is just trolling.

      1. Morken

        Pay no attention to hansman. He’s just eating.

    2. Morken

      Brilliant retort!

      Brett’s phrase was conveyed days, days after a tragic terrorist bombing.

      Either Brett did it on purpose; for shock value. Or, he’s a completely insensitive ignoramus, who fails to grasp the importance of anything outside of baseball.

      If Brett worked for a large sports outlet, he would’ve probably been fired. At worst, he would have received a hail storm of criticism.

      Take a break from sucking Brett’s ass and use some objective logic..

      1. DarthHater

        I guess it would be incredibly insensitive to Texas to point out what a load of fertilizer that is.

  21. Patrick W.

    Nothing shows the sensitivity to the feelings of others like pointing a finger at a person and muttering “complete f*ing moron”

    I remember distinctly when all those athletes who made “It gets better” videos ended them all with “you stupid idiots”.

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