The Brewers jumped on Jeff Samardzija early, though he wasn’t helped by a booted ball by Anthony Rizzo, followed immediately by a groundball to second base that would have been easily fielded, but for the runner on first going on a hit and run. Those two batters were followed by an 0-2 hanging slider bomb by Ryan Braun. A double (that should have been caught) and a triple later, and the Brewers were up 4-0 before the Cubs recorded an out. After that, Samardzija cruised a bit, but a late Carlos Gomez homer ended up being the difference.

The Cubs got a few runs back on homers by Luis Valbuena and David DeJesus, but they missed so many opportunities. They got the leadoff man on to start inning after inning and couldn’t do anything with it. Add another homer from Anthony Rizzo, and that was that for the Cubs.

Dale Sveum got the boot in the 6th inning when he came out to defend Samardzija, who had barked at the home plate umpire a little bit. The ump took off his mask to shout at Samardzija, and Sveum came out to (relatively calmly) ask the ump why he took his mask off (and mostly to protect his pitcher). He was booted almost immediately, and then he got upset.

In something that will be discussed/made fun of/head-scratched for years. You can pretty much ignore the actual box score on this one …

april 19 box

  • Rcleven


    • #1lahairfan

      He’s allowed to go back to first right?

      • #1lahairfan

        Wait the more I see this the less I understand it?

        • Rcleven

          Actually he was out on the second time he was tagged.

        • Fenway Frank

          Me too

      • ssckelley

        Actually yes, but he was entitled to 2nd base so he should have stayed put, Braun was out as soon as Segura touched 2nd. Once Segura left the bag he was eligible to be tagged out (which Valbuena did but the umpire missed it), then it becomes a run down play between 1st and 2nd and since there was nobody at first he easily made it to that bag.

      • Rcleven

        Jesse Rogers ‏@ESPNChiCubs 8m

        So umpire supervisor cleared it up. He can go back to first once other runner is called out . Could have stolen 2nd twice

        Jesse Rogers ‏@ESPNChiCubs 6m

        Segura could have been called out if he was “purposely confusing the defense or making a travesty of the game.” thats the wording. crazy

  • baldtaxguy

    Believe he was tagged off second as he was trotting back to 1st. Ump missed it since the tag happened while he was calling Roid Braun out. There should have been some sort of appeal made to another ump.

  • Jason

    So Braun was out for lapping the runner, and since Segura had his foor on second base when he was tagged twice by Valbuena, he wasn’t out, and essentially elected to run back to first base. He could have stayed on second and been safe there.

    What a weird play.

  • gratefulled

    That game sucked.

    • CubFan Paul

      yea, Barney and Samardzija had the walks

  • Jason P

    Once again, just couldn’t break through with runners in scoring position. We’re now 16-111 on the season with RISP (.144, not sure if it’s been updated since the end of this game) with 35 strikeouts (about 31%). Even in our good offensive days, it’s been because of power outbursts rather than timely hitting for the most part.

  • Dynastyin2016

    Is Rizzo going to become a ‘ three outcome hitter’ ?

  • john

    my favorite part of the whole play was the Brewers firstbase coach casually putting his hand up to stop segura as if it were a typical play and was the plan throughout

  • cb

    I didn’t catch the play. My mlbtv was acting the fool. I’m not sure reading the description and the box score, what happened.

    The runner cannot legally secure the base until the runner ahead of him has been put out or legally secured the next base.

    So Allen is on 1st, Brad is the batter. Allen tries to advance to third, but determines he cannot make it, runs back to 2nd, where Brad is now standing. Brad cannot legally hold second base and his standing on the base makes no difference. Allen legally holds second.

    He would only be called out for overlapping Allen, if he physically was further in the base paths than Allen.

    The rule regarding making a travesty, or confusing the defense is a very rare rule, that I do not think would be invoked here, as this is a fairly “normal” sounding play.

    What I’m confused about is, how could these have been stolen bases?

    • wkranz54

      He stole the base during the Braun AB

    • Kyle

      I would assume the “travesty” thing or whatever would refer to trying to goose up one’s stolen base totals artificially, and the “confuse the defense” thing would be to prevent really weird 2nd and 3rd double steals where you try to get the runner from third home by getting caught in a going-backwards rundown between 2nd and first.

      I had no idea that was the rule, but that’s awesome.

  • Dustin S

    Soriano seems to be warming up which is a good thing, especially when we have 1 OF too many.

    The homers are nice, but I’d just as soon see Rizzo hit some more singles and doubles. He’s kind of been in the rut of wanting to hit every ball out since spring training started. The Darwin Barney disease. As a hitter he’s probably better as a doubles machine and letting the home runs come.

    • Drew7

      So you’d rather he shorten-up and put the ball in play?

      • Jeff

        I’d rather see Dale Sveum wake up and move Schierholtz into the 3 hole and move Rizzo into the 5 hole. I think we are asking too much of Rizzo at such an early point in his career. Our problem is that we don’t have a true #3 hitter.

        • YourResidentJag

          That’s a good idea, actually.

    • Drew7

      I’ll take the .346 wOBA during a stretch with a .152 BABIP.

  • Pat

    So that’s the second game in a row that, correct or not, F7 has had issue with the home plate ump. Justified or not, he probably needs to dial that back a little bit.

  • Rcleven

    My question is who gave Borbon the green light one run down with two outs. Straight steels are very risky. At least you have to have De Jesus swinging. Just too risky of a call. The Cubs can not afford give games away. To me it was just a dumb call from the bench.

    • Jason P

      I disagree. The Cubs were having trouble stringing hits together, especially with RISP that entire game. There’s no way we were going to string *two* clutch hits in a row together to drive in the runner from first. Add in the fact that Borbon’s been a relatively effective base stealer throughout his career (40-53, 75%) and I can’t really question the move.

  • 5412

    Why does he pinch hit Hairston for Scherholtz?


  • jt

    I seemed to me that Rizzo was taking a lot of knee high strike 3’s.
    Last night he fouled (spoiled) quite a few of them during that 10 pitch AB.
    That AB ended in a pop out. A few days ago he had another high pitch plate appearance that ended with a single.
    I wonder of those 2 AB’s indicate a batter learning to control the K zone?
    This is the type of thing T. Williams used to teach.
    Not an easy task but the good hitters seem to be able to do it.

  • Saluki

    Anyone else think Borbon slid too soon. He had the jump and beat the throw but he seemed to come up short of the bag on the slide.

    • ssckelley

      Yes, he almost did not reach the bag. That was an ugly looking slide.

  • Will

    All I know is Ryan Braun was somehow charged with a caught stealing, and that cost me 1 point in fantasy league. Actually, he did technically steal 2nd, so he should have been credited with 2 points.

  • Die hard

    6 would’ve won this one too— why doesn’t mngmnt see this and do something about it now? 10 jumbotrons won’t fill the stands with a 100 loss team unless they give free beer which they won’t as that’s how they make their money — how about a beer boycott until team is .500 for 30 days? Get drunk at home before the game and hit them in the pocketbooks until the product on the field is worth paying for

    • MichiganGoat

      Best Idea Ever… because why would anyone one want to drink an Old Style at Wrigley… beer is bad m’kay.

  • Jp3

    Looks like we picked the wrong week to quit drinking…

  • Sherrie

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    • Jp3

      You must be talking to MG?

      • MichiganGoat

        Nah it’s either a compliment to Ace or one of these spam disguised as a compliment, but since there doesn’t appear to be a link I think it might just be the former.

        • Brett

          There was a link …

          • MichiganGoat

            Ah these are becoming quite frequent but this was wasn’t as riddled with errors of the others

  • Jp3

    You know you’ve made it Brett when people are trying to leach off your product.

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