Tonight’s loss to the Brewers wasn’t a particularly fun game to follow. Offensive woes, mental mistakes, physical errors, poor plate approach … on and on. You know the story.

The Cubs were always going to have a talent gap this year – you could eyeball the roster and understand that truth. Indeed, I would argue that it was by design, in service of the long-term vision. But what the Cubs didn’t have to have was an avalanche of poor fundamental play. The mistakes just keep piling up, and when you factor in the talent gap, you get a pretty clear picture of one of the worst teams in baseball.

At least Edwin Jackson’s stat sheet will say he had a good start.

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  • TakingWrigleyToSaoPaulo

    I never thought I would say this but I am starting to lean toward trading Castro. I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt on improving his defense but it appears that may be a pipe dream. At SS hs hit tool gets offset by how many runs he gives up in errors and given the number of opportunities he gets, that’s a lot of runs.

    Maybe the play is trade him for a big bat outfielder or third baseman, like headley, and a top prospect pitcher and focus the team on defense and pitching a bit like San Fran.

  • Scott

    This is going to be a long Year!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Isa Voice of reason

    It’s nice to see most everyone understanding that this team will lose close to 100 games, something I was saying all offseason.

    That said, this team is going to lose because of errors, no clutch hitting, bad pitching, etc. It doesn’t matter what it is…. It’s all because the team is terrible and might be the worst in franchise history.

    What we need to focus on is the development of our kids. Find out things that rizzo, Castro, etc. Do that shows signs of growth.

    Most every position player on this team won’t be here in two years except most likely short, second, first and catch. Watch them and the young pitchers. Those players are our future not the other bums who are filling holes until an youngster is ready to take their place.

    • Jp3

      So we wouldn’t suck so bad if everyone on the team except for SS, 1B, 2B, and C didn’t suck so bad? Paging Theo… I’m pretty sure everyone that is an avid Cubs fan knew we were going to suck this year due to the lack of talent. You think we’re bad now, wait til Dejesus and sori are gone and we have an outfield of Borbon, Hairston and Schierholtz(sp).

      • http://Isa Voice of reason

        What in the he’ll are you saying?

        Why would you say that? That’s like saying the titanic wouldn’t have sunk if it didn’t have a hole in it. Well, no shit!

        We wouldn’t suck as bad if we had other position players who were good. Well, no shit!

        • Jp3

          “That said, this team is going to lose because of errors, no clutch hitting, bad pitching, etc.”. I was mocking your general point such as this quote. No shit on losing when your team doesn’t do the things you listed. No team ever wins when they don’t do those things. Thank you Captain Obvious.

          • http://Isa Voice of reason

            Ummmm jp3 perhaps you should leave my points alone since you are not capable of understanding them.

            I’ll explain, however, but just once.

            I said this team is going to lose because of errors, no clutch hitting, bad pitching, etc. I said that because that are the different reasons people use on thismsite as to why they lose. While those are all valid points, the ultimate reason is all those things occur because they are terrible.

            I shouldn’t have to break down my comment alike this it’s the last time I will. If you can’t comprehend them then just skip them from now on.

            • Jp3

              Thants really nice you would do that for me even this one time. I will say that ultimately you and I agree that this team sucks because their player personnel is terrible. I’m probably just overly sarcastic this morning after watching the shit show that was the cubs last night.

              • http://Isa Voice of reason

                I hear ya… I watch the games, too.

                It’s just a bad team and bad teams will find a way to lose every night.

                The minor league system is starting to develop. Right now that’s what we have to look forward to…. The future!

                I have never seen a cub team this bad. But, the front office knew they were going to be this bad.

                I give them and the owners credit for sticking to the plan of developing the young kids instead of adding free agents every year. That plan was rtried every year for about 20 years by the cubs and it didn’t bring one world series!

                • Jp3

                  You know what I agree with you about 99%. My other 1% is being held off because they want us to believe they’re trying to win and would sign the right FA’s had they been available but that’s not really happening anymore. Everyone is locking up their own young stars these days. I would just rather them tell me “hey we’re scrapped for cash so we aren’t signing anyone yet”. We’re going to have to develop our young guys because there won’t be any 20’something year old studs coming onto the FA market anymore. We are going to have to take a risk occasionally on someone like a Michael Bourn.

                  • Jp3

                    Not only Bourn, he was just the 1st example that comes to mind. All I’m saying is don’t charge me $85 for a seat $7 for a Bud Lt at wrigley and give me the “well we’re broke” song and dance It infuriates me not to mention insults everyone’s intelligence.

  • Jamie Weiss

    On Edwin Jackson’s epitaph, it will read…

    Here lies Edwin Jackson, journeyman Major Leaguer, who always pitched just well enough to lose”.

    I’ve always felt this way about him, and so far this year he hasn’t disappointed me. Last night really wasn’t on him, but good pitchers tend to bail out their defenses once in a while.

    I’m thinking more along the lines of the game when they gave him a 5-1 lead against SF, and he imploded.

    I know some people are in love with a guys whip, opponent’ BA, ERA+ and all those other stats, but there isn’t a stat that measures a pitchers mental toughness and ability to bear down and git shit done. Some guys have it, other guys don’t. Jackson doesn’t.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Those are in the Grimms Brothers Book of Fairy Tale Stats.

  • chris frankum

    It’s getting worse and it has been for awhile. I don’t know why people still think Castro is an MLB quality SS. From a baseball intelligence standpoint, he is a buffoon. He appears to have the mental capability of a little leaguer. We need to trade him while there is interest or move him to 3B where he belongs.

  • Mat B.

    Last season, I expressed my frustration with the team’s defense. I mentioned that teams that play good defense up the middle are known to win. That statement was scoffed at and I believe one of the responses went something like this (it is shown that teams with high OBP and slugging percentage are the teams that win.) It is true that you need to score runs to win, but it doesn’t matter how many runs you score if you continuously give runs to the opposition. This crap has to stop.