Tonight’s loss to the Brewers wasn’t a particularly fun game to follow. Offensive woes, mental mistakes, physical errors, poor plate approach … on and on. You know the story.

The Cubs were always going to have a talent gap this year – you could eyeball the roster and understand that truth. Indeed, I would argue that it was by design, in service of the long-term vision. But what the Cubs didn’t have to have was an avalanche of poor fundamental play. The mistakes just keep piling up, and when you factor in the talent gap, you get a pretty clear picture of one of the worst teams in baseball.

At least Edwin Jackson’s stat sheet will say he had a good start.

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  • Die hard

    Why do Cubs need Hairstons salary? Trade him

    • Jp3

      Good idea, with him hitting about .100 I’m sure we could get a nice bag of wet farts…

    • X The Cubs Fan

      Honestly 2.5 mil a year for a Guy who hit 20 hrs last year isn’t bad.

      • Jp3

        It was a good deal to get him but it would be impossible to trade him right now struggling so bad.

    • http://Isa Voice of reason

      People on this site are funny! Trade Castro…. Trade rizzo…. Trade Hairston.

      Next week the same ones who want each traded will love them and want to keep them.

      The season is young! Relax. Bottom line is this team will lose around 100 games again, something I kept preaching all off season.

      You’re just going to have to be patient. They’re two years away from the kids making a difference overall with the big league team.

      It sucks, but at least we can watch the kids and see who develops and who doesn’t. That’s all we have to watch for right now because this is probably the worst cubs team ever

      • TakingWrigleyToSaoPaulo

        VoR, I made the Castro comment after watching almost every game for the past two seasons and a personal belief that his defense will be a hinderance at SS.

        I would rather see a very sound defensive team that struggles for runs than one that may have offensive upside but kicks the ball around every night and hands other teams wins.

        Just for the record, I do not condone a Rizzo trade in the slightest. He has a history of being a very good defender.

        • http://Isa Voice of reason

          He is 23 years old for goodness sake. Give him a chance to further develop.

          He shows flashes of great things. If he shows flashes then maybe those flashes will develop as he ages and become more and more frequent.

          What were you doing when you were 23? I certainly wasn’t ready to be the starting shortstop of a major league team. I don’t know many young men who are.

          We all have to be patient. This is a terrible team and it makes it frustrating, but Castro hasmthe potential to develop into something special.

          He is 23.

  • Nebraska Cubs

    Gonna be a long season boys

  • Kyle

    4 Ks in that many batters faced means I don’t feel that bad for Jackson. He wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t good either.

    I really want someone to ask Sveum what happened to the best defensive team in the Cactus League he was so proud of.

    • Boogens

      I was at the game last night and I had Kyle’s parallel tracks comments stuck in my head. The three errors directly led to the loss but there were a few other defensive problems that weren’t scored as errors that hurt, too. The Rizzo play at first and the Shierholtz play in right. Watching it in person just ripped the heart out of me. Although those plays didn’t directly cause more runs they underscored just how poor a defensive team we are and how we really don’t have the right players on our team. The pitchers had to work much harder to get out of those innings because of the non-errors. I just can’t see how Shierholtz couldn’t catch that one and kept thinking that it was perfectly reasonable to expect a decent major league fielder to catch that one. So all I was left with is that Shierholtz really isn’t a decent fielder and how Kyle’s dual fronts argument is spot on.
      Barney isn’t a strong ML hitter but at least he is a great fielder. So how come we’re trotting out guys like Shierholtz, Sappelt, Gonzales, etc. that can’t either hit or field consistently well? It doesn’t make sense. I’m not fixated on Shierholtz as a player and I recognize he’s hiting well so far. So far. He will level out. Anyway, my point is that the Cubs could have completed and been in that game last night if they would have just made fundamental good defensive plays. They didn’t and didn’t have enough offensive talents to catch up. It’s sickening to have to sit though that crap. Which leads to why our transitional players need to suck. They don’t. It’s as simple as that.
      Last observation, Navarro is simply the laziest ball player I’ve ever seen. Watching him and those 5 past balls/wild pitches last Sunday was bad and I was willing to write it off as a bad game. Seeing him in-person taking forever to drag his ass out to the plate between innings even when he wasn’t hitting or just walk slowly back to the dugout after his strikeout was pathetic. There was a play where a ball bounced in on him and rolled up the first base line (no one was on base) and he made absolutely no effort at all to move towards it. He just kept his sorry ass behind the plate. I’ve seem some bad Cubs catchers over the years (George Mitterwald, Barry Foote, even Hector Villanueva on occasion, etc.) but as bad as any of them may have been they at east those appeared to make some efforts. Navarro? He needs to go.

  • matty ice


    • Jp3

      What pick does that win us??? I’m thinking Gray next year when he burns everyone this year and goes back for his senior season. 😀

    • cub2014

      66-112 does that include the playoffs? lol

      • Matty Ice

        It’s Theo’s record as GM of the Cubs

        • Matty Ice

          Excuse me, President

          • cub2014

            Ok Matty, ya thats not very good. (understatement!)

    • Dude

      = -46

  • Bill


    I was thinking the same thing. Did he say the best defensive team or the best defensive infield in the Cactus league? Either way, he’s wrong and I guess he forgot that our pitchers have to field their position. We haven’t even seen Garza’s fielding exploits yet.

  • Dustin S

    Castro on pace for 40 errors no es bueno. I’m also not holding my breath on Stewart being a savior. I’m surprised there’s excitement for the return of a career .230 hitter. I’ll reiterate my prediction that either next year or 2015 Castro will be at third with Lake or Baez (hopefully one of the 2 pan out) at short. Unless you are running out an All-Star lineup, 35-40 errors a year at short just won’t cut it.

    • X The Cubs Fan

      I can almost promise he’ll have under 30 errors this year.

  • MichiganGoat

    Hey RISP was .250 tonight *** Always look on the bright side of life ***

    • Jp3

      That’s about .100 points better than usual eh

      • MichiganGoat

        It’s the little things the very very very little things that keep you sane… well that’s and quality Michigan IPA.

  • Jp3

    I had a few Ranger (New Belgium) IPA’s myself watching this Bad News Bears team tonight. Careful, we don’t want anyone on the site thinking all us cubs fans are alcholics. How else do we watch this team?

    • MichiganGoat

      Oh everyone here knows my Michigan Craft Beer obsession. Tonight was New Belgium’s Mad Hatter and Short’s Huma Lupa Licious.

      • Jp3

        I tried the NewBel beer snowboard after the rangers, I liked it but it was a little fruity coming off a handful of IPAs.. Good none the less, NewB rarely let’s me down, much like Vuctory brewing co and Unibroue.

        • MichiganGoat

          I’ve been quite disappoint with New Belgium for a while now and I was never really a fan to begin with- Drink Local is the way to go.

      • cub2014

        Goat I was up on Beaver Island for St Patty’s day enjoying
        my share of Guiness and believe me I love crafted beers
        so I was talked into trying a craft beer from Petoskey maybe
        worst beer ever. But there are a lot of great crafted beers
        from Michigan.

        • MichiganGoat

          Remember the brew or breweries name?

          • cub2014

            I think it was Minds Eye. It was Petoskey Brewery. We
            love Bells Oberon we go to the brewery a couple times
            a year. The Dark Horse Brewery in Marshall they
            have an amazing Scotch Ale and several others that
            are outstanding.

            • fromthemitten

              nice to see Dark Horse get a shout out I live about 20 minutes from there

        • MichiganGoat

          If you’re ever up there again GO TO SHORTS BREWING it’s there in Bellaire not to far from you.

          • cub2014

            Shorts Brewing OK we are heading up in June we will
            check it out.

  • Rcleven

    Sixteen games into the season and I have to say this is the first time I saw that the Cubs embarrassed themselves as a team on the field.
    Mr Sveum, it is time to circle the wagons show what kind of leader you are.

  • Stu

    Ricketts better hope that attendance doesn’t fall off a cliff. Hard to make those debt payments without beer sales.

  • Montana Hipster

    The Cubs did look better than the Bulls. For one night they were not the worst team in Chicago.

  • cubzfan23

    Absolutely horrible watching these guys play. I am ready to throw in the white flag until these guys are competitive again. I have been a cubfan for 30+ years and have never been so tired of watching a group play. Every game it is the same shit. When do you start holding the coaching staff accountable. I think I am done watching…

    HORRIBLE NO MATTER HOW YOU TRY TO SPIN IT. Including Jackson and his error which helped in this loss.

  • Trueblue

    Brett, as always thanks for the great site and information. I come here for all my Cubs news and scores now. I’m 43 years old and have been watching the Cubs with passion since I was 8. I would plan my day around the games to either watch them or listen to them on the radio. I’ve also been a season ticket holder for all 81 games for the last 7 years. I’ve lost all interest in them as far as watching them play since last year as well as this year. I’ve watch a lot of bad Cubs teams throughout this time but it different now. To actually go into a season to purposely be the worse team in baseball for two years in row has left me indifferent to the Cubs. Why should we care as fans when the owner and manager don’t care to try to put a winning team on the field? I’m sure I’ll come back as soon as they put a decent team on the field, I certainly help “The Plan” comes to fruition before I no longer care about them. I know I’m idiot for keeping my season tickets when I’ll probably go to 5 games all season. The good news is so many people keep giving up their season tickets so I keep getting better seats every year. So many of my friends that are really good Cubs fans feel the same way. I wonder what type of impact this will have on future generations of Cubs fans?

  • RY34

    God this team fucking blows! Damn double a team, how is that they keep inventing ways to lose and making the same mistakes my eight year old peewee softball team makes. So pathetic.42-120 looks realistic for this shitbag team. Won’t be long before we have the worst record in baseball. Even after giving up 20. + runs tonight the Astros are better than us.

  • Featherstone

    Does Castro really have 4 errors this season already? He’s on pace for 40 errors, thats how it works right?

    • cubzfan23

      yes… sounds very close. Funny thing is if Castro had Barney’s defense or Barney had Castro’s batting ability we might just have something.

      I saw earlier before the start of the game Cubs had 5 regulars who were batting .300 and somehow they still suck at RISP

  • cubzfan23

    The worst thing might not even be the defense. The offense is absolutely horrible, batting like .140-.150 ish with RISP. I so want to not watch another game, but I can’t stop watching cause I for some reason care. I think this falls on my parents who allowed me to fall for this team like it was my first love.

    • another JP

      You’ve mentioned the two main reasons for the bad record thus far. Actually the defense might be the worst thing- last year Fangraphs had the Cubs overall defense at #4 and we’re currently 29th. And the weighted OBA for all the starters (except Barney) is actually quite good- obviously not hitting with RISP is gonna hurt. Cubs in top 10 team pitching WAR, so that’s not the culprit. Another problem- absolutely no bench support. Navarro has contributed most and that’s not saying much right now.

  • cub2014

    Can someone explain Svuem’s decisions? 1-1 game
    pitcher up runner on 1st 1 out and he has pitcher swinging.
    Bunt him over let leadoff hitter knock him in. Instead pitcher
    has to sprint to 1st reaches on FC then has to sprint to 2nd
    gives up 2 hits next inning. Duh!

  • fromthemitten

    welp at least all the errors are keeping the starters ERAs down so they look more attractive on the trade market

  • fromthemitten

    the way they played defense I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple players were celebrating 4/20 between innings

  • Frank

    I’ve been a Cubs fan for 64 years and every New Years resolution is always the same…But a gun, stick it mouth.. I’m sooo tired of this shit. I starting to think someone should stick Theo’s nuts in a vise and convince him that he can build the minors and this team at the same time. I can’t see why it has to one or the other.

    • Cubz99

      I agree with the dual tracks. The attempt to compete at the major league level is pathetic at this point. Everybody knew the team was going to suck this year and yet there were no major changes made. If the goal was to get a high draft pick, I think they are going to accomplish it. But with a major market team there is no excuse for putting such a crappy product on the field.

  • YourResidentJag

    The real problem is that 75% of the problems in the inning where things got away from Cubs were caused by players that Theo sees as the future. Sorry, but that’s not good.

  • Adarecub

    The dual trax believers are deluded. Given how poor the free agent market is becoming year on year, the possibility of building a top class farm system while overpaying mediocre free agents is tiny. I also don’t believe in trading the farm for guys. The garza deal is a prime example of that. Lost archer and lee for an injury prone pitcher. Cubs are better spending their money on the wrigley refurb, Dominican facility and the minor league coaching team at the moment

  • Chad78

    Eat at moes! You can get pogs! I sold my soul to mill house 5$

  • Chad78

    Barney Gumble just burp in my face when wgn gave the cubs box score! I know it’s funny but I sold my soul to millhouse but I already sold my soul to Dave seuvm so it’s not funny! It feelsmlikemi don’t have a soul!

  • Chad78

    Whow! Moes million dollar birthday fries! My dignity is gone!

  • Chad78

    Run boy run!!!…..potato bugs!

  • Chad78

    Oh the humanity! I need a flaming moe! I need a soul Ralph!

  • Chad78

    Alf pogs, you traded my favorite player for alf pogs! Dammit Dave!

  • Chad78

    I love bleacher nation! Sorry Brett and you too I check it every morning when I wake up.

    • Jp3

      Somebody had an interesting night…

  • Matty

    I wonder if Rizzo is holding first base for Vogelbach? Rizzo is becoming Adam Dunn Jr, bad fielding and all.

    • Westbound Willie

      Rizzo is an ok player. I never understood people saying he ew as a good 1st baseman. I believe he had a bunch of errors at Iowa last year. As far as a hitter he has a nice swing and looks pretty good to me.

      I’ve never seen vogelbach play so I’ll reserve my opinion on him but considering that most minor leaguer are bustouts and he has multiple things working against him I doubt this kid ever pushes anybody off a position ever.