Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 2, Brewers 4 – April 21, 2013

Oh, Scott Feldman. Another defective fifth inning, and another wasted start.

Feldman got into, and mostly out of, some trouble in the fourth inning after cruising through three. And then in the fifth, he was on the verge of stranding a leadoff double, and about to get out of the inning on a bouncer right back to him. But he booted that ball, and then gave up a three-run homer to Ryan Braun.

That was the difference, and the Brewers swept the Cubs. The offense offered little more than an Anthony Rizzo homer – which came with Starlin Castro on base, as they all have this season.

april 21 box

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  1. matt

    Another solid game from Feldman, only 1 ER, but defense continues to plague the cubbies

    1. MichiganGoat

      I wouldn’t call it solid the line looks better because of his error. It’s become quite easy to move him to the bullpen once Garza returns.

      1. Westbound Willie

        Yea he would really solidify the bullpen.


        1. Drew7

          Yeah, that’s definitely what he meant.


          1. Cyranojoe


            Waiter, could we get a different troll? This one’s gotten stale.

            1. DarthHater

              What? You think you can come in here and ask for a different troll? Stop wasting everbody’s time. No troll for you!


            2. Whiteflag


        2. MichiganGoat

          Your inability to read


      2. Patrick G

        I thought if a pitcher commits his own error, they become earned runs? I don’t know why I’ve always thought this but I’m sure I could easily be wrong

    2. willis

      He hasn’t had a solid game all year or Spring. What are you talking about? And the error was on him. He can’t get out of his own way.

  2. matt

    Nvm, read the article, good ‘ol Volst… i mean Feldman

    1. Patrick G

      Thinking the same thing

  3. Zogie

    Im just going to wait for the BABIP to come around for the cubs with RISP 0-6 yet again.

  4. Rcleven

    If I had six million dollars I would pay Feldman not to start.
    Anybody else and we would still be watching free baseball.
    Get healthy Matt. Quickly.

  5. Jason P

    They absolutely suck. I mean, what else can you say? More errors and walks leading to runs for the other team, and more expanding the zone and overall terrible AB’s with RISP. Today it was 0-6. Same old, same old. When we’re up, the offense just kind of coasts along and hopes the lead holds up, and when we’re down, everyone expands their zone and tries to hit it out.

    4 runs on 3 hits for the Brewers.

  6. jim

    YES, they DO HAVE TALENT & HAVE had some
    very good outings by PITCHERS! AWESOME, TODAY!
    their FIELDING IS “ATROCIOUS” & the term “small” ball,
    OBVIOUSLY, is NOT in their vocabulary!
    The new scoreboard,etc,will NOT HELP THIS TEAM WIN!

    1. MichiganGoat

      My CAPS lock HAS GONE rogue it HAs A mInD of ITS oWn.

      1. Jp3

        Ha, I loled

    2. Vulcan

      I LOVE CAPS!

  7. Rebuilding

    Wait. On the post game the headline is “Time for a Starlin Castrp demotion?” WTF?! With all of the problems on this team and that’s what you’re talking about. I would say Castro is the last thing you need to worry about on this team. Good god

    1. MichiganGoat

      Got to get those page hits

    2. willis

      You can thank our fearless idiot for that one. He was babbling before the game about Rizzo and Castro and some crap about AAA. Dude has no idea what he’s doing nor how to speak. I’m not sure what his point was really, but he made mention of those two and AAA. I don’t think he really had a point other than to babble garbage. As usual.

      1. Jp3

        What??? Who said that garbage? Even to get page hits wtf.

        1. willis

          You’d have to ask Brett to clarify it because he’s more dialed into the Chicago media than I am big time. But there were ramblings this morning being tweeted about how Sveum made mention of Castro and Rizzo could be demoted for some reason or another. It surely caused a stir, but I don’t know exactly what his point was, if he even had one other than to call them out.

          1. Whiteflag

            From the article I read, it sounded like Sveum was saying if you aren’t performing you’re replacable. No one is invincible. I didn’t see where he specifically called out Rizzo and Castro, but he also didn’t exclude them. I’m fine with that. They need to be held accountable like everyone else, but they are far from the only problems on the team.

            1. caryatid62

              He didn’t. Sveum never mentioned anything about the two. Paul Sullivan made it about Castro and Rizzo in order to get page clicks. Who would have expected anything more from a hack like that.

              1. Jp3

                Haha, I won’t do him the favor of going to his page. Thanks for the info.

        2. DarthHater

          Read Bruce Miles’ tweets from earlier today. He was asked whether Sveum ever mentioned Castro or Rizzo in connection with possible demotions. The answer was no. Sveum’s comments were general in nature. It was reporters who specifically brought up Castro and Rizzo in questions.

  8. Voice of reason

    Camp is 38 years old and Bowden and Russell are 27 years old each.

    It would be a tiny silver lining if they were each 22 years old!

    We have no young arms ready to come up and we have no position players ready to contribute either.

    This year doesn’t matter. The silver lining will come when we start seeing some young kids come up and contribute.

    1. willis

      I hope you’re willing to wait awhile. No one is near ready.

      1. Westbound Willie

        And if in two three years nobody coming upp has any talent then I have a piece of advice for the minor league nimrods….wait longer……..

        1. RY34

          If we has to watch this shit for two or three more years there won’t be many cub fans left.

          1. Westbound Willie

            It’s going to be a 10 year wait at least. A handful of teams have tried epsteins approach and all have failed.

            Plus the fact that the cba has completely changed everything and took away the advantages that Epstein had in Boston you can almost predict complete disaster lurking on Clark & Addison.

            1. Whiteflag

              How’s the spend like money grows on trees approach working for the Dodgers or the Angels? There are advantages and disadvantages to every approach. The Cubs will spend money when they have a core in place. Not saying Epstein\Hoyer have all the answers, but I’m not willing to condemn them yet. It’s was made clear from day one this wouldn’t be a quick fix.

              1. Kyle

                The Cubs weren’t exactly tight-fisted last offseason. They spent a ton of money.

                1. Whiteflag

                  No on the same level as the Dodgers. I didn’t really mean tight-fisted, but they didn’t spend like some wanted them to.

            2. BT

              That’s right Willie, it’s going to take 10 years at least. Because that makes sense on every level.

              1. Jp3

                You forgot 😜


  9. Jay

    What Willis said. If Sveum’s trying to motivate his players, he needs to make threats that are actually believable.

    1. Bric

      Sorry bro, but I believe it’s “What you talking ’bout, Wills?”

      1. DarthHater


    2. Whiteflag

      He didn’t specifically name Rizzo or Castro. Just said anyone not performing with be held accountable. See Mooney’s article ( ignore the new headline) or bruce miles tweets.

  10. Rebuilding

    I’m thinking that out off all of our “flippable assets” Russell might end up fetching the best return. He has been lights out the last few years. Why he’s not the closer (other than the fact we don’t have another lefty in the pen) is beyond me

  11. jim

    Have we improved anywhere over last year? I’m finding it hard to find one area. We have some new names and time under our belts but it all feels and looks like last year.

  12. jim

    Its like we have regressed.

    1. willis

      I think the play on the field and the plate discipline have very much digressed. Once Garza gets back the rotation will be very strong, so I like that.

      Bullpen…meh not great but probably about the same. Managing is where it was. I feel like they are getting more hits, but obviously there has been a big problem with RISP.

      1. Die hard

        Look for Garza to go to Rangers… I believe Borbon was first part of deal

        1. Whiteflag

          Wasn’t he acquired from the Rangers?

          1. Die hard


            1. Whiteflag

              Not sure how that makes sense. Why put on waivers him on waivers were any AL team has priority over him. ( or am I miss understanding the waiver process)

              1. DarthHater

                No, this was discussed here a lot yesterday. At this time of year, waiver priority isn’t determined by league – it’s strictly by last year’s record. So the Cubs were second in line to have a shot at claiming Borbon.

                1. Whiteflag

                  Oh okay, thanks for clarifying. I find it hard to believe that was part of the idea in trading Garza.

                  1. DarthHater


                    1. Cyranojoe

                      Holy. Hell.

                      That is perfect. LOL.

                2. Die hard

                  Which is why it makes perfect sense to let Cubs have Borbon as step one in Garza deal

                  1. Whiteflag

                    It’s not very practical. Kudos for thinking outside the box, I guess.

                    1. DarthHater


                    2. Jp3

                      Jesus Darth, you do have a gif/pic/cartoon for everything!!!😝 Beer and Unicorns!!!!

              2. caryatid62

                It doesn’t make sense. Waiver claims have nothing to do with trades, and there’s absolutely no way the Cubs and Rangers could have worked out a deal that involved a guarantee that Borbon would pass through waivers in the AL and end up with the Cubs. Whether or not Garza goes to Texas (or anywhere else) has absolutely nothing to do with Julio Borbon.

                1. caryatid62

                  My mistake:

                  “For Optional Assignment Waivers, Outright Waivers, and Release Waivers, if a player is claimed by only one club, that club is awarded the claim. If more than one club makes a claim, the club with the lowest winning percentage (regardless of league) on the day the player clears waivers is awarded the claim. If two clubs with the same winning percentage make a claim, the club in the player’s own league is awarded the claim. If two clubs from the same league make a claim and they are tied in the standings, the club with the lowest winning percentage from the previous season is awarded the claim. If the clubs are still tied, standings from two years back (or three years back, four years back, etc) are used to break the tie.”

                  Regardless, it’s still not likely to be part of a larger deal.

        2. gocatsgo2003

          He was acquired via waiver claim… That makes zero logical sense. Though I’m not surprised.

  13. Die hard

    Can’t anyone on this team play this game ?!… need more than 4 for this team to avoid 100 losses given the way starters are handled, lack of defense fundamentals, and no speed to create runs– Quade was fired for this— no production from 3B, OF, 2B and SS production is illusory as does not generate consistent rallies

    1. DarthHater

      Quade was fired because Theo wanted to rebuild with youngsters and Quade didn’t want to play youngsters. They just weren’t a good match for each other and Theo wanted to bring in his own guy.

      1. Die hard

        Agree he got his guy

      2. Jay

        Quade would have done whatever he was told. He was A) an incompetent boob who got the gig when Sandberg should have (although it would have been suicide for him to take it) and B) someone who dramatically changed his relationship with the very players who went to bat for him once he got his two-year deal. That said, Connie Mack would look bad managing this team. BUT, Theo hasn’t lied to us….if you’ve paid any attention to him he’s basically made it clear that he’ll sacrifice whatever he needs to over the next few years in terms of competitiveness in favor of building a strong base long-term. For those of you old enough to remember, Dallas Green did the exact same thing, took the exact same heat, and then put together the 1984 team.

  14. Mrp

    So, lets talk James Russell. He is clearly way too good to play on this team right now. Anyone else think his trade value is approaching Sean Marshall territory? Might even get more out of him considering he is still under contract until 2016.

  15. paul

    wait for 2015

    1. caryatid62

      If everything works out perfectly. If not, it’s 2016 or 2017.

      1. Matty Ice

        If everything works out perfectly. If not, it’s 2019 or 2020.

  16. Chad

    Castro boggles my mind. He has a ton of talent but can’t do the simple tasks. Lead off double, just move the guy over, hit the ball to the right side. Simple, but no strikes out and his defense can be great, but is so inconsistent. His approach at the plate is 180 degrees opposite of the “cub’s way”. I mean I just don’t get it. In all honesty if somehow, someway Baez or Alcantra or someone else can play shortstop I would trade Castro.

    1. Chad

      Also, I’m not on a trade all the players position as that is sad, but to me Castro is not a long term solution for the Cubs. I think he offers a lot in trade return though.

    2. Jay

      No, you move him to 3B when Baez arrives.

      1. Chad

        He’d be better of at 2B. I don’t think his bat plays real well at 3B. Also, that still doesn’t solve his plate discipline issues and not understanding situations. He’s still an issue there for me.

        1. Jay

          Dude, he’s 23 maybe…..with 25 homer power eventually and a .300 average. His bat will play anywhere. He’s got the gun to play at 3B and most of his error aren’t throwing.

          1. Chad

            If if if if. I will believe it when I see it. Since he has been with the cubs his defense has not improved, still very unfocused and makes stupid mistakes. He has no plate discipline and does not do well with situational hitting. I think he is a very selfish hitter. Now, it can all change but the past has not indicated that will be the case. I agree he has the arm, that’s not the issue. I think Castro is a good player, but I don’t think he’s the kind of cornerstone piece the cubs need to build around. Just my opinion of course.

            1. DocPeterWimsey

              ? Castro’s fielding stats improved a bit last year: in particular, he was much better about getting to balls up the middle.

              As for “selfish” hitter, that is as meaningless as “productive outs.” The strategy espoused by Epstein’s people is simple: drive the ball. That’s good for all situations. Don’t. Make. Outs.

              Baseball is like trench warfare: it’s the big things, not the little ones, that win. The Cubs have not done well on some big things: in particular, they don’t get men on base very well: their OBP with the bases empty is a putrid 0.292. Without mega slugging and/or mega luck with guys on base, that’s a recipe for making the Cubs pitchers’ jobs very, very tough.

              1. Bric

                Doc, Die Hard, RR, and a few others are old enough to remember Dunston. Does he remind anyone else of Castro without the tremendous speed?

                1. DarthHater

                  Dunston’s ceiling as a hitter was about where Castro was as a rookie.

                2. Die hard

                  Castro lacks Dunstons belly fire …. First time I saw Dunston play was in A ball— got 2 doubles and threw 2 balls over first basemans head into the stands… But he showed a fire to be the best that I have yet to see in Castro

                  1. Bric

                    Yep, my earliest memories of the Cubs was Stone and Harry going on and on about Dunston’s canon of an arm. Of course all the fans sitting in the first ten rows behind the baseline were taking their life in their hands anytime there was a hot grounder up the middle but he definitely made the game entertaining.

                  2. MichiganGoat

                    LOL “BELLY FIRE” that is one of the best die-hard-metrics I’ve ever heard. How does one measure and compared a players Belly Fire Metric? I now have a replacement for scrappy. Thank you.

                    Curious, which players are on your All Time Belly Fire Team? Where does Zambrano rank on the belly fire scale? Milton Bradley? Sammy Sosa?

                    1. DarthHater


                3. Voice of reason

                  Castro has had a much better start to his career than dunston. Dunston was much more erratic both in the field and at the plate compared to Castro at this stage of their careers.

                  Castro has a better chance to hit for average.
                  You knew duns ton would never hit for average because he swung at everything.

                  I think it’s a push defensively. Neither will make you forget about Ozzie smith!

                4. Westbound Willie

                  Dunston was an all out type player with tremendous speed. Castro seems like a better hitter by my memory but duns ton would never have his back to the pitcher while he was throwing to the plate or look behind himself while he raced towards home.

                  Dustin was more like able and had a higher baseball iq than Castro. Dustin had the Shawn-o-meter as well. Castro would never have something like that as most fans are indifferent towards Castro

                  1. DarthHater

                    Also, “Castrometer” sounds like something nasty. :-P

                  2. MichiganGoat

                    Have things gotten so bad that we are waxing hypothetical about if we’d rather have Dunston over Castro? Belly Fire & “Meters” aside doesn’t anyone remember how frustrated everyone was with Dunstons play? I guess the belly fire is always better after 20 years. smh, facepalm, head in sand – BN tis a silly place.

                    1. DarthHater


                  3. Dynastyin2016

                    Dunston couldn’t hold a candle, offensively, to Castro. One huge problem Castro has is our perception of him. Castro is going to be a VERY good supporting player, with all-star type years, but we see him as our best player. If Star Castro is a teams best player, you don’t win.

                    1. Marc N.

                      This is perfectly true, but if most guys are your team’s only ML level star you don’t usually win.

                      Castro will be much more appreciated once the team around him starts sucking. Then we’ll get to hear about how overrated he is all the time.

                    2. Marc N.

                      Wow. They should probably sucking for that to happen.

                5. DarthHater

                  Look at it this way. Dunston was an all star twice in 18 seasons. Castro has already been in all star twice in three seasons – and in the other season, he was rookie of the year.

                  1. Drew7

                    Dunston also amassed 7.1 WAR in those 18 seasons. Castro passed that mark early last year – in his *2nd* full season.

                    But Dunston had *fire*…

                    1. hansman1982

                      When you factor BELLYf, you take WAR * 1.9 ^ (perceived belly fire + sCRAP + Knowledge of Winning).

                      Dunston’s: 974
                      Castro it’s 12
                      Sveum it’s -999
                      Theriot, it’s 999 (What, you thought Theroit WOULDN’T max out a stat measuring the intagibles?)
                      GM NOT named Theo: 998.9999

    3. Die hard

      He doesn’t have a ton of talent– Cubs want us to believe that but he’s only above avg singles hitter with below avg defense— proof of pudding is that his big contract doesn’t have much of a no trade clause

      1. Jp3

        Whaaaa??? He is a stud offensively, if he were going to move to another position I’d say 2B. He shouldn’t make any throwing errors from there and his bat plays better from 2nd than everyone but a few people in the majors.

        1. Bric

          I’m not jumping on the fire Sveum and Thedstein band wagon just yet but I still wonder why Castro and Barney weren’t swapped in ST. Brett, help me out?

          1. Jp3

            I think they should’ve switched the 2 as well. I know the idea is they want Castro to develop at SS but at what cost, how many losses? I love his hitting potential, why does he not fit at 2B?

          2. Whiteflag

            More value in a shortstop that hits. Castro still has time to develop his defense. It’s not the difficult plays he struggles with. Which makes it even more frustrating.

            1. John (the other one)

              also, because Castro is a better shortstop defensively than Barney.

          3. Spencer

            Well. Um. Barney won a Gold Glove playing second base last year. So it probably has something to do with that.

      2. AB

        After the statements you made about the Cubs “breaking Campana’s spirit”, all of your comments pretty much like seem like jokes.

    4. Can't think of a cool name

      Yep, Cubs are loosing because of Castro. I wish he hadn’t of walked those batters today. I wish he had been on base when Rizzo came up,

      Castro is the least of the worries,

    5. AB

      What a stupid statement.

      The odds Castro hits 25 HR is MUCH MUCH higher than the odds Baez or Alcantra ever become regular contributing major league baseball players.

  17. Jason Powers

    Started this on another post, but Summarizing the Cubs lifetime woes:

    1) Close but no cigar. After 2003, 2007, 2008 seasons, Cubs fans knew how close a championship could be. We forget Boston got close plenty more times – actually appearing in World Series – and only by a stolen base (anti-sabermetric) did they turn the miracle around.

    2) Minors have never produced. How many came up through the Cubs minor leagues to become the franchise face? The Cubs recent successful teams all had trades or acquisitions to bolster their rosters: Aramis Ramirez (Pittsburgh – undrafted!), Derrek Lee – San Diego (1st round), Moise Alou (Pirates), Mark DeRosa (Atlanta), Alfonso (NYY), Kosuke (Japan), Matt Clement (Florida), Harden (A’s), Dempster (Marlins) and Ted Lilly (Expos). Of the ones like Big Z, Theriot, Soto, Wood, Prior, only Big Z participated in all 3 successful playoff seasons.

    Now, we see how instrumental a minor league system is: look at Texas, or Tampa Bay for teams that got things going via building from within – but it took years, in both cases, to get the pieces together. 2010 Tampa – Longoria, Upton, Zobrist, Crawford, Shields, Price all came from within – but they had plenty of FA brought in too. Rome was not built in a day.

    3) Front office. I see the cut payroll, make revenue deals, with the hope that in 2014-15, these moves will position them somehow better. But I suspect the 2013 & 2014 drafts will be the bellwether. Need to hit big on a true #1-2 SP, and hopefully, some real hitters – a CF that can do it all and a catcher that will last for a while in a Cubs uniform. Development is the key. I can’t speak to the farm system teachers, but they absolutely must produce something by 2015.

    4) Patience. Cubs fans have worn thin. I am 40. Saw the best team the Cubs had daily in (1984) and that was nearly all traded for (Phillies West), FA, or signed via rule 5 (Jody Davis). Cubs hit the jackpot on their drafting (Maddux, Moyer, Palmeiro, Tapani, Grace) in 1984 and 1985 only to lose the bulk of them – Maddux & Rafael were the big ones. (Yeah, I heard about the Sandberg/Palmeiro affair) My mother and grandparents were big Cubs fans. They are all gone, too soon. But I persevere on, hoping they can rub some magic onto their bats, gloves, and balls, and finally get that WS Win. Patience is a virtue Ben Franklin had trouble with. I wonder, would he have it, if he’d been a Cub fan??? ;)

    1. Jay

      Sandberg’s wife banged Dave Martinez too. That girl got around.

      1. Jason Powers

        Yep. As if the Cubs woes, couldn’t get worse. Larry Himes/Boras/Maddux affair was another disaster.

    2. DocPeterWimsey

      “and only by a stolen base (anti-sabermetric) did they turn the miracle around.”

      That is complete bs. One, it was a HR that won that game, after all. Two, the guy who stole the base was kept on the bench to be a pinch-runner, rather than made a lead-off guy. Three, that was fun for a night, but nobody really thought that the Sox could come back after that.

      1. Jason Powers

        if that stolen base goes for naught, then what? Boston goes on crying about their curse like the Cubs. It was pivotal – ok. What was pivotal in the 2003 NLCS for the Cubs? Bartman? Gonzalez?Or whatever you have chosen to obsess over?

        Complete BS would entail something fictional – not at all tied to the situation.

        Nice to meet you too. I suppose you go anywhere and on any board to make trouble.

    3. Bric

      And not to nitpick but Lilly was drafted by the Dodgers.

      1. Jason Powers

        Point taken. But you get the logic…I suppose.

    4. Dynastyin2016

      2). The minors never produced? Really?
      Didn’t the minors net us Ramirez, Harden, Lofton, D. Lee and Clement?
      That’s pretty good production, right there.
      Heck, it even got Kevin Gregg and Juan Pierre!

  18. Diamond Don

    It is very frustrating being a Cub fan these days. 8 unearned runs against Brewers. I am not giving up on the Cubs as I believe in the Theo plan. But can they at least play some fundamental baseball? They don’t know how to drive in runners in scoring position. Making fielding errors by lack of concentration. If it is just a talent issue, I say then bring up all the prospects and play them as I’d rather lose 100 games and give the kids the experience than lose 100 games with the current roster many of which will not be with the team when they do get better and start to win games.

  19. Diesel

    Rizzo has a solo homerun this year too

  20. Die hard

    Can the Astros be talked into coming back so have someone to cushion hard landing?

  21. waffle

    it’s the baseball 101 stuff that irritates me

    - walking the leadoff batter
    - Failing to move runners
    - failing to knock in guys who are in scoring position
    - not just booting the ball, but doing so at REALLY bad moments
    - giving teams extra at bats
    - seemingly ALWAYS swinging at the pitchers’ pitches. The cubs are like 1990 AI on a 32-bit video game “ok, I set him up outside, now bust him inside…YES”
    - Always seeming to have 1 bad inning that is always of their own making

    I know I am forgetting things, but it is as if every other team is playing BASEBALL and we are confused by the whole thing.

    1. Die hard

      That’s Theo ball instead of Billy ball

      1. BT

        Right, because Theo’s one and a half years with the Cubs completely negates how the Red Sox played while he was GM for 8 years. That wasn’t “Theo ball”.

        1. Kyle

          The game passes by executives as surely as it does players. He was one of the early adopters to exploit a couple of key market inefficiencies in the early and mid 2000s. Those market inefficiencies are no longer there, and he’s shown little signs of finding new ones with the Cubs.

          1. Whiteflag

            Interesting. I can’t disagree with you, but I also can’t agree. I’m not sure he’s been at he helm enough time to determine if he has or hasn’t found inefficiencies. I’d also venture to guess he had a few hit and miss issues with market inefficiencies as Boston’s GM. I’m not sure Epstein will be the savor of the Cubs organization; however, I can’t think of a GM/Pres. I would have chosen over him. Any Ideas?

            Positive S/N: The scouting department has tripled in size with top talent, the front office in general has expanded, and Wrigley will be renovated. Eventually, we have to start seeing results from these moves. Right?

            1. YourResidentJag

              Andrew Friedman, anyone?

  22. Bric

    I think the scariest part of this miserable first 20 games is all the moving the FO and Sveum have been doing. Adding Gregg, Borbon, etc. going through 3 different closers, shuffling the line up… Shouldn’t this shit have gotten straightened out in the 50+ spring training games that didn’t count before making moves during the games that do?

    Two schools of thought- Either they vastly overestimated the abilities of the 40 man roster or they thought “Let’s just start the way we are and we’ll mix and mingle as we go…”

    Unfortunately neither possibility is very encouraging for 2013 and 14. And beyond.

    1. Die hard

      As if they don’t have a clue and are making it up as they go along– agree its a scary way to run a billion dollar Jumbotron organization— good thing Ricketts family didn’t run investment business that way…

      1. Westbound Willie

        Ricketts/td ameritrade don’t run any money. They collect revenue sharing from the underlying funds that investors buy in their accounts. That’s the reason they can offer trades at 10 bucks or whatever. They don’t make money on those trades but on the revenue sharing from the funds.

        It’s a simple concept and that’s how all these discount houses make their monies.

    2. Jason Powers

      I think they prayed the BP was a strength, then well, not so much as it turned out. And really, even if they played decent – just below .500 – would anyone be any happier? No. Sure it is nice to compete well and make progress in leaps. But there is little to do but arrange this as a major rebuild that (gulp) might take another 2-3 years to move to contending for a while.

      They have so many holes – might as well see what is possible if you make moves that are not going to hurt, but may help…down the pipe. Draft well, develop 4-5 talents for 2015.

  23. Jon

    I believe Theo has a five year contract and therefore I’m give him 5 years to get us into the play-offs. If the Marlins can’t enter the league in 1993 and be at least a Wild Card berth by 1997 there is no reason a team like the Cubs can not do the same.

    1. Jon

      I really should have checked that statement for grammatical errors.

      1. Bric

        This is when I ask you “How high are you?” And you reply “No dude, it’s Hi, how are you?…”

  24. Dustin S

    By far the most frustrating thing for me is that they make these 5 to 6+ ERA starters from the other teams look like Justin Verlander. It makes them hard to watch. The Cubs can get 2nd and 3rd nobody out and you don’t get excited because somehow they still won’t score. And if they give up 3 or more runs the game is usually over. Goozfraba….

  25. DarthHater
  26. ruby2626

    Personally I can not believe how unathletic Feldman is. 3 errors on the season already plus at least one possibly 2 plays where guys are safe at first because he can’t get over there to cover the base. I’m a 55 year old 16″ pitcher, I guarantee I make every one of those 3 errors he has had, plus I’ll do it barehanded. That boot today was so embarrassing, my 10 year old makes that play 9 times out of 10. I really think this team can make a run at 105 losses. .140 on the season with men in scoring position, don’t think I’ve ever heard of that stat over an almost 20 game period. To add to the crap look at our top 5 minor league prospects, who is doing well????, nice that 4 of them are at least in the country. You would say Soler other than that “bat incident”, pin head.

  27. BubblesHargrave

    I love the Cubs, as I’ve said I am probably one of the few people who can claim that I was once a Cardinals fan. All of my friends ridicule me continually for making the switch, but I’ve stuck with them. That being said, coming from being a fan of a well run organization such as St. Louis, I can’t believe what I see from the management of this organization. I can see it in some of the fans as well as the guy who runs this site. So much failure and dissapointment has given Cubs fans a warped sense of reality. I continually use Marmol as an example. No other team would’ve continued to give that guy a job as a closer after all his hideous failings no matter what his contract status. Yet, they continue to try to find ways to nurse him back into that role. Brett has tried to justify it, and some of you who comment regularly have. And I’m sitting here witnessing all his shaky and blown 9ths just astounded at the stupidity. That’s just one example of the way losing for as long as the Cubs have has screwed with the judgement of the team and organization. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the team, the losing atmosphere is infectious and contageous. Another example is the fact that they continue to ignore the fact that Wrigley Field definitely plays a role in the losing. Instead of being addicted to some nostalgia of a losing shrine, can’t the Cubs see that this place is conducive to losing? I don’t know how the Cubs can turn around the mentality, because it is a mental state that leads to their suckiness. It really has little to do with the team on the field. But I think it starts with moving out of Wrigley and people being willing to be the bad guy and say things like I just said.

  28. Randy

    Sometimes I just have to read all these blurbs just to see if anyone actually knows anything about baseball other than Brett. I am pretty sure there are baseball people making more money in a year than most of you will ever eanr in your life. For those of you who want to complain about writers, give it a shot for a living. Be with this club from March until October and tell me you wouldnt have some thoughts to write. There job is not just the facts, in most cases. Most of you on here dont know shit about baseball and your comments show this everyday,

    1. YourResidentJag

      Damn, you’re taking away my role on this website. ;)

    2. DarthHater

      Dear Mr. Randy:

      Thank you for your recent job application with Bleacher Nation. Unfortunately, we currently have no openings for the job of butthurt troll. Please feel free to apply again in the future.

      1. YourResidentJag

        BTW, DarthHater, you know nothing about baseball. Why? Because Randy said so..Uhuh! ;)

        1. DarthHater

          QED :-P

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