Most. Cubs. Loss. Ever.

The Cubs hung around long enough for Luis Valbuena to play the hero in the top of the 13th with a two-run homer. And the Reds hung around long enough for the Cubs to be the Cubs and give it up in the bottom of the 13th, courtesy of Michael Bowden pitching his second inning.

Travis Wood turned in another fantastic start, though he ran into a spot of trouble in the 7th, and the pen couldn’t bail him out. Folks are giving Dale Sveum a hard time for pulling Wood in the 7th, but I’m not sure I can hop on board. Wood doesn’t have overpowering stuff, and he was winding through his third time through the Reds order. And the guy who gave up the tying run – James Russell – is, like, the one good guy in the bullpen. Saying, “welp, of course the bullpen blew it again” is the worst kind of hindsight. Wasn’t everyone begging for James Russell to make more late appearances just two days ago?

Carlos Marmol had himself a night, throwing two scoreless innings (including a 10 pitch ninth), and striking out Joey Votto with the winning run on 3rd in the 10th. Anthony Rizzo, on the other hand, made sure to make me look foolish by laying a total egg.

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  • The Dude


  • Levo

    I know that there is a plan for the future…..but can’t there be a plan to put a productive product on the field until that happens? All these “project” and bounce back possibilities aren’t working. Can’t we have both when it comes to having players in the majors and building the minors? We don’t have to win…but at least something competitive would be nice. It’s not even May and this is already depressing.

    • The Dude

      As bearish as I’m feeling right now, this team has been competitive. My disappointment stems from the lack of fundementals because this team’s only hope for competitive baseball was winning at the margins. Surprisingly, they’ve been more competitive than expected with shitty defense and situational hitting.

    • baseballet

      I couldn’t agree more Levo. The Cubs should be spending enough money to field a passable team while they continue the rebuilding. Hundreds of games of horrible baseball while waiting years for Soler/Baez/Almora is unacceptable.

      • Brett

        Just so long as you grouse when the Cubs make their second pick this June and spend more than any team but the Astros in international free agency.

        • Kevin

          So lets just play like shit all year in hopes of selecting one good player in the draft? Cub fans deserve better! The draft is no guarantee and throwing games on purpose is disrespectful. Keep your Kool-aid, I’ll never be that thirsty.

      • Kyle

        They spent a fair amount of money this offseason. Spending money isn’t the problem at this point, I don’t think.

  • John

    Izturis couldn’t hit a beach ball when he was playing for us. At least the cubs went 13 innings without having an error. Sappelt needs to be sent down and bring up Sweeney. I don’t care about a platoon. Trade Dejesus while he has value I’d like to see what Julio Borbon could do for us.

  • Reality Check


  • arta

    I’ve been rooting for Rizzo from day one, at the same time i wasn’t as sold on him as others. late last year, this ST, and so far this year he has not been good. hope i’m wrong.

    • Nate Corbitt

      Rizzo has actually been really good. But way to ignore the numbers.

  • auggie1955

    I didn’t expect this year’s team to post a winning record, however I did expect them to show some improvement over last season’s club. Boy, was I ever wrong!!! The Cubs are horrible. This definitely looks like a 100+ loss team. If the Cubs do lose 100, it will mark the first time in their miserable history that they’ve had back to back 100 loss seasons.

  • Marc.N

    Isn’t this month pretty much as rough and uninspiring as expected? By mid-May Garza is back and the rotation starts looking alot more competent. Hopefully that gives the roster the shot in the arm it needs.

    • Timothy Scarbrough

      The rotation has been pretty darn good.

    • Kyle

      Unless you are the Astros, 5-13 is always worse than expected.

  • I love marmol

    I am going to puke

  • Die hard

    666— the devil is in the details of how to avoid 100 losses

  • Edwin

    Still, it’s better to lose 100 than win 80 and not make the playoffs, amirite?

  • Justen

    I don’t have a problem with pulling Wood or blame the bullpen for the lose since they did a good job even keeping us in the game against a great Reds offense. What I do questions is leaving Bowden in there for the 13th inning. That was the perfect opportunity to bring in Hector Rondon and see what he can do in a high pressure situation. He has done very well coming in for garbage time so why not see what you have with him and bring him in for a try. That is my only complaint with how Sveum handled the game.

  • Morken

    Certain fans’ willingness to embrace such mediocrity, is dumbfounding. Nobody expected a championship this season. However, another 100-loss team is ridiculous.

    They wouldn’t put up with purposely throwing multiple seasons in St. Louis, New York(Yankees), Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles; why should we embrace it?

    Another problem with purposely losing, such as the Cubs have done for the last few seasons, is that your young players are vulnerable mentally. Such losing can take a toll; eating away at desire and motivation. Thus, raising the possibility of prohibiting development. These are human beings, not sabermetric statistics.

    To clarify: By “purposely losing”, I’m not referring to the players. The players are playing their butts of. I’m referring to Theo and Jed.

    Next season will be more of the same. Fun times!

  • paul

    just a loss wait till 2016

  • hansman1982

    I was watching Baseball Tonight last night (literally nothing else on), and they said the Cubs had a great 1-2 in Samardzija and Wood. I laughed out loud.

  • Levo

    The biggest problem with this team……..relievers. We would have won soo many more games with a few more decent relievers. It’s painful to know the team will not keep the lead. That and……..only scoring lately has been from homeruns. Another bad sign.

  • ssckelley

    Losing is never fun and it is bring out the worst in us as fans, especially after tough ones like last night. I understand the building process and how it is going to take time to build the organization from the ground up. But the frustrating part for me has been the type of players the FO has went after.

    When Theo signed here he supposedly had a calculated system to measure players, something similar to “money ball” and while the staff/coaches speak of playing good fundamental baseball what we see on the field and the player moves suggest otherwise. They preach patience at the plate but go after guys with low OBP with low walk numbers, they rank dead last in walks and rank 5th in strike outs. In the off season they went out and got Lillibridge (career .271 OBP), Hairston (.301), and Schierholtz (.321). The top prospect in the farm system (Baez) so far has 16 career walks in 422 plate appearances and there are plenty of other examples of this. Did I misunderstand the FO’s philosophy?

    Perhaps it is just me but it seems like every time the Cubs have a runner on 3rd with less than 2 outs the next batter strikes out. The offense has been horrible, why go after and pick up these good starting pitchers when they can’t drive in runs and have no bullpen?

    /end rant

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