Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 4, Reds 5 – April 22, 2013

Most. Cubs. Loss. Ever.

The Cubs hung around long enough for Luis Valbuena to play the hero in the top of the 13th with a two-run homer. And the Reds hung around long enough for the Cubs to be the Cubs and give it up in the bottom of the 13th, courtesy of Michael Bowden pitching his second inning.

Travis Wood turned in another fantastic start, though he ran into a spot of trouble in the 7th, and the pen couldn’t bail him out. Folks are giving Dale Sveum a hard time for pulling Wood in the 7th, but I’m not sure I can hop on board. Wood doesn’t have overpowering stuff, and he was winding through his third time through the Reds order. And the guy who gave up the tying run – James Russell – is, like, the one good guy in the bullpen. Saying, “welp, of course the bullpen blew it again” is the worst kind of hindsight. Wasn’t everyone begging for James Russell to make more late appearances just two days ago?

Carlos Marmol had himself a night, throwing two scoreless innings (including a 10 pitch ninth), and striking out Joey Votto with the winning run on 3rd in the 10th. Anthony Rizzo, on the other hand, made sure to make me look foolish by laying a total egg.

april 22 box

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111 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 4, Reds 5 – April 22, 2013”

  1. Matty Ice


    1. Andy

      180 game season?

      1. Andrew

        Sveums record as a manager

        1. Pat

          To be fair, he has had shit to work with. I’d put more emphasis on that being the record under Jed, who is supposed to put together a team capable of not sucking.

      2. JulioZuleta

        Including playoffs, duh…

  2. heybails91

    This hits me right in the feels.

  3. Spencer

    I mean, sure, this is a heart breaking loss because it went 13 innings. But I really don’t think the Cubs played poorly tonight. Bullpen pitched really well, actually. Offense sputtered, sure, but the Reds bullpen is amazing. And pulling Wood when he did was the right move. Let’s hope for the long outing for The Stache tomorrow, and let’s get to the rook early. On to the next.

    1. Rizzo44

      All i see is an L or a W.

  4. mudge

    Barney raised his average to .130.

  5. CBP

    Len ” 18 games in this season and this one hurts the most.” I would imagine next fall our bullpen will be completely different.

    1. Andrew

      I’ve heard that a lot from Kasper. Not that I disagree with him because it seems like the cubs find a worse way to lose games with every loss.

    2. justinjabs

      I disagree, I think the Getz victory robbed against the Rangers stung the most.

  6. Mush

    I hate this team!!!

    1. Spencer

      Time to find another one, then.

    2. True blue

      I hate that I love this team. What is wrong with me?

  7. Ryan

    How’s the 2014 MLB draft look, will theo and Jed still be apart of this organization by then?

    1. Spencer

      No, they just signed on for a couple years; had no intention of building the team back up the entire way.

    2. hardtop

      it’d be ironic if theo and jed were canned before the draft… considering…

      1. JulioZuleta

        You really have no understanding of what’s going on at all if you think that is even a remote possibility…

        1. hardtop

          i didnt say it was a possibility (although i suppose it is) i said it would be ironic if they were, which was probably not the right term. my point was that it wasn’t a possibility because they are attempting to build through the draft. i know they will get their shot at this years draft class.. and it looks like they’ll get to choose from the cream of the crop.

          1. hardtop

            no edit button:
            by this… (although i suppose it is)
            i simply meant anything is possible, but i know its not going to happen.
            i dont know how long the leash is for theo but i know its longer than two seasons.
            although if they go 5-157 Ricketts might cave to the pressure :)

            1. JulioZuleta

              Yeah. I’m not saying the pressure doesn’t start to mount, but there’s not a chance Theo gets fired before his 5 year deal is up.

  8. Andrew

    I like how Baker left in Lecure for like 48 pitches. Total Dusty move. He’ll probably pitch again in like 2 days then expect a DL appearance for him sometime soon thereafter.

  9. Jp3

    Yeah Rizzo had himself a day didn’t he? Looks like you picked the wrong day to quit drinking.

    1. Spencer

      OH NO our 23 year old first baseman who has less than 600 career plate appearances didn’t go 6-6 with four grand slams?!?!? HE SUCKS!

      1. Jp3

        He had 24 hour suck that’s for sure. It’s not a long term illness though

      2. cerambam

        I think your over reaching here. An 0-6 is an 0-6 and it hurts more when your the number 3 hitter and the number 4 hitter also goes 0-6. Also, i thinkJp3 was referring to the fact that Brett was just talking about how good rizzo has been (and i agree) in an earlier post today.

        1. Jp3

          You’re right that’s def what I was referring to. Right when Brett goes out on a limb for him, Rizzo takes a chainsaw to it.

  10. pondoro

    All I know is I’m absolutely sick of reading Jesse from ESPN knock on our Cubs then act like he’s followed the team for sometime now. That idiot needs to go.

    1. pondoro

      Cubs good game tonight you played hard and hung around with a talented team.

      1. Matty Ice

        Moral victories are for losers

        1. Mush

          I agree. I almost am close to jumping ship but I hate Sox. I am also pissed at these guys in here who offer excuses. Cubs have $107m payroll. Ricketts should be puking when he signs checks.

          1. pondoro

            Then find another team and choke down some sux

            1. Rcleven

              Sux aren’t any better. There 7 and 12.

    2. @cubsfantroy

      I don’t mind Jesse. He really does no worse than Cubs fans do.

  11. Frank

    I’m sorry, but I’m about to have a heart attack, a stroke and shit at the same time. It’s not May and I’m so f*cking pissed off. It looks like their doing their best to get the number one draft pick. Ricketts better get his head out of his ass and do something, because it’s hard to do renovations when you have an empty park.

    I take that back. When old man Wrigley owned the club, he made money no matter how bad the Cubs sucked. That’s the big problem. The Cubs could be in last place for the next ten years and they’ll still draw 3 million a year.

    1. JulioZuleta

      I would hope they would only do renovations on an empty park…it’d be dangerous otherwise.

    2. BT

      exactly. You have to go all the way back to 2012 to find a year where the Cubs didn’t draw 3 million.

  12. Jiadisernia

    I knew the cubs weren’t gonna be a competitive team this year and all I was really looking forward to was watching Rizzo show the rest of the league that he is for real. But now watching him is just as painful as watching the team as a whole

  13. True blue

    So do you start drinking to numb the pain?
    You wait all winter for Cubs baseball and 2-3 weeks into the season it is over. Maybe some Southern comfort?

  14. CBP

    Honestly I think the cubs need a lineup change. Barney isn’t getting anything good to hit at in the 8 hole. I think our order should be Castro, Barney, Dejesus, Soriano, Schierholtz, Rizzo, Castillo, Valbuena, pitcher

    1. mudge

      good lineup.

      1. JulioZuleta

        DeJesus Castro and Rizzo are set in stone as 1, 2, 3, and they should be.

        1. Kygavin

          No point giving a guy with a 300 OBP more AB’s. He might look like he isnt getting anything to hit because he cant hit. Even when he gets good pitches all he does is roll over them. He just flat out cant hit and should be as far down as possible

          1. JulioZuleta

            Who? Barney? He has what, 18 ABs this year?

            1. Kygavin

              Career OBP of 303 including 299 this year. He should be no where close to the top of any order

              1. JulioZuleta

                I didn’t say he should be, I just said the three at the top now need to stay there.

                1. Kygavin

                  oh no i completely agree with you. Those 3 shouldnt be moved (of course until DeJesus is traded)

  15. Rizzo44

    Man im glad i chose a great freaking player to be my name… 0-6 and 3 K’s?? Tommorow, Valbuena at 1st, Rizzo on the bench.. try it once in a while Sveum.. PLEASE Theo and Jed, fire him now!

    1. Jimmy James

      Overreact much?

      1. Rizzo44

        Yeah a bit, ya think? Im tired of this, and when we take the lead in a game, and you know this. But were all expecting the worse, 110mil payroll or close to that, still 5-12? This is really pathetic, and i puke every time i watch us…

        1. Jimmy James

          Lol….it’s painful to lose so many close games…..at least if they were getting blown out I wouldn’t be as invested in each game :)

    2. JulioZuleta

      Haha, let’s replace the 23 year old stud/team leader in HR and RBI with the 27 year old replacement level player based on 1 night’s stats…that’s what you’re saying, right?

  16. @cubsfantroy

    I was one of the “why did you pull Wood?” thinkers/complainers. Now, looking back, it was the right thing to do. As you said, Brett, he doesn’t have the overpowering stuff. Sucks they lost, but they hung around with the Reds for 13 innings, so that is a plus.

    Marmol shocked me.

  17. Vince

    As soon as he brought Camp in I was angry because I thought Wood deserved a chance to get out of the inning with one out and a man on first. You never know he could have got a double play. I also don’t like that they only saw a few batters and we kind of burned through the bullpen. I don’t think Sveum should be fired. They are going to go through rough times with a team like this and this won’t be the last time. We all knew they weren’t going to be that good so settle down and don’t overreact.

  18. corey costello
  19. Ryan Dugas

    Don’t blame Bowden, we have to blame Sappelt for playing no doubles defense and diving for a ball! Wtf wa he thinking demote him to Iowa. Lets try Ian Stewart back up here or let’s get crazy and bring up Vitters when he gets off the DL. I mean maybe thy can make him a super sub.

  20. @cubsfantroy

    I think the important thing to take from this game.

    Reds – 3 errors

    Cubs – 0 errors

  21. CBP

    Last thing before I go to sleep upset again…Anything on Castro shoulder. He struggled with pain all game it seemed. I do not want him injured therefore send him to the DL

  22. jim

    AND to think there are some
    CUBS FANS out there that
    actually BELIEVE THE CUBS

    1. BT

      All really great points, but some of those words weren’t in caps, jim. You haven’t completely turned me around yet. Next time, more caps. Plus a few more “LOL”s. Because we are all 8 year old girls, and think those are awesome.

      1. JulioZuleta

        One more exclamation point and he would have gotten me to change my mind and abandon the rebuilding plan…

    2. @cubsfantroy

      Go home, Jim, you’re drunk.

    3. Kygavin

      i dont think anyone thinks the Cubs are gonna be “COMPETIVE”……

      1. Luke

        I do.

        Just not this year.

        1. Kygavin

          he misspelled competitive…. what i was getting at…. must not have made that clear

          1. Luke

            It’s 1 AM on the East Coast. Spelling tends to slip on me at this hour.

    4. wkranz54

      You have really hurt my feelings Jim, excuse me….YOU HAVE really HURT my FEELINGS jim.

  23. Tobias

    I love how some fans rip on Marmol when he pitches horrible, but when he pitches well then bupkiss.

    1. @cubsfantroy

      I don’t think you will ever hear any Cub fan say they want to keep him though. He has set the bar low, so it isn’t hard to be impressed when he pitches a couple of good innings.

      1. Tobias

        My point was that fans love to rip on Marmol, but when he pitches well he doesn’t get any credit.

  24. JulioZuleta

    This was actually a well played game. Really nothing to complain about. Sure Rizzo and Soriano struggled, but you never get on a hitter for 1 bad game. They played pretty great defense, had great pitching except the last inning, and had some good ABs. They battled for 13 innings with one of the best teams in baseball on the road. They got out-talented in the end…and there’s no reason to overreact to that. Of all the losses to freak out over, this isn’t the one.

    Man, I hate when my Sox fan friends say Cubs fans don’t know a thing about baseball. Maybe I’m just not used to seeing the night crew commenters, but that stereotype is proving pretty true right now…

    1. Spencer


      1. @cubsfantroy


    2. BT

      and it’s only April.

  25. Rev. Bud Green

    This sucks I DVR the game and the last ting I see is the HR. come here and see they blow it! I live in IN and wait all winter for this shit? i knew the Cubs would be bad this year but loseing like this is hard to watch.

  26. Jason

    Everyone’s saying wait till 2015, but I just don’t see it. Best case scenario, Soler and Baez make it to the majors mid-late 2014, and there’s a good chance at least one never makes it. The entire Kane County teams 2015 at best. Unless we’re surprised by a Lake/Jackson/Vitters and one of them turns into a regular, 2015 seems like a best case scenario with a very young team.

    And then there’s the fact that not one of our top pitching prospects have shown anything resembling a dominant stat line in the minors. And possibly our best one can’t even get into the damn country.

    1. Jason

      Never mind, I forgot about Vizcaino if he can ever come off the DL

      1. BT

        And probably either Appel or Gray

  27. wkranz54

    Some things to be excited about…
    1) We got our 11th QS of the season (in 18 games not bad)
    2) We tried really really hard

    1. BT

      Point #1 is probably more important than 90 percent of the stuff people are bitching about. If the starting pitching stays good, we should be more competitive eventually this year, or we should be able to turn some of that pitching into long term assets.

      1. hardtop

        i just feel bad for t.wood. putting it out there game after game and not getting run support, or getting run support, only to have the bullpen give up more runs in a third of an inning than he did in 7. has to wear on a guy.

  28. Kyle

    That’s probably the beginning of the end for Sappelt as a Cub, at least for awhile. That’s a shame, I really have high hopes for him as a 4th outfielder.

    1. JulioZuleta

      I had some kind of hopes for him, but he has been utterly useless.

  29. JulioZuleta

    One of my big takeaways from this game: Kevin Gregg looks a bit like Dwight Shrute.

  30. The Dude

    Didnt get to see the game but I had higher hopes for this team. I expected improved overall game(s) from Casro and Rizzo. I also expected improved fundementals from the team. With that said, my biggest fear is this team giving up on themselves because it could set the franchise back a few years. If this core fails to improve I believe its in the best interest to kick that rock down the road a few years and get max value from Castro and Shark at the deadline.