The Stache was revelatory once again (can you be revelatory more than once?), holding down a very good Reds lineup deep into the game. He was so efficient that, when it came time to bring in a reliever to blow the game in the 9th, Villanueva was still well shy of 100 pitches, so he started the inning. Unfortunately Villanueva walked the leadoff man, and was yanked in favor of Carlos Marmol after a sacrifice bunt saw the tying run reach second base. Naturally, that run crossed the plate when Marmol gave up a single to Joey Votto.

I didn’t have a beef with Sveum going to the pen when he did, but I do take issue with bringing in Marmol. Yes, he’s been dominant against Votto, but he also threw almost 30 pitches last night. It felt like a mistake from the moment Dale lifted his arm, and the results bore it out.

Fortunately for Sveum, Darwin Barney and Dave Sappelt bailed the Cubs out in the 10th. The media will still be unkind and the interviews uncomfortable, but it would have been far worse if the Cubs had lost.

Cody Ransom leapt immediately into the hearts of Cubs fans with a solo homer on the first pitch he saw, which he later followed up with a double. He also made some great plays at third base (together with an error, but whateves), and has been named the unlikely irrational love successor to Tony Campana.

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  • chris frankum

    it’s time to eat the cost and release marmol. I get pissed every single time I see him come into the game. Sveum needs fired. He cannot properly motivate this team.

    • Cyranojoe

      As long as Kevin Gregg is on the roster, I cannot support releasing Marmol, for fear that Gregg would get instated as the closer.

      There are worse things than a Marmol walk-HBP-single-walk inning.

  • another JP

    As tough as the year has been, I can’t get all worked up about struggling for a win against a team the Cubs finished 36 games behind in 2012. If not for last night’s debacle we could be going for a sweep in the Reds park. Marmol wasn’t exactly facing a meatbag when Votto tied the game and Kevin Gregg located his pitches fairly well. And it’s hard not to be excited about the way Stache and TWood are pitching– if they are anywhere near this effective for the rest of the year this team should stay competitive and win plenty of games. The Cubs haven’t totally mailed it in against a real tough schedule and Sveum deserves some credit for that.

  • Die hard

    Good to see Sveum reads this blog allowing starter pitch 8…. Keep it coming even if pitch count at 125 and Cubs down by 5 as in long run will make starters stronger and more effective ….

    • DarthHater

      He pulled Villanueva at 99 pitches. Those pesky facts . . .

  • Johnathan

    Garzas been shut down for arm soreness. What a surprise.

  • ripitrizzo

    its not sveums fault. look at what he has to work with. id like to c anyone of you dipshits do better. im sure you have way more experince than him!! the biggest dilema you face on a daily basis is whether they said pickels or no pickels

    • Die hard

      Give me 30 games and I would have team playing .500 ball based on my experience as a high school player, little league mgr. fast pitch softball player and coach, and slept at a Holiday Inn more times than count in addition to watching over 100 games per year for over 60 yrs… It’s not rocket science… and Im no rocket scientist unlike some on this board who work for NASA or wish they did—- it’s just common sense which is lacking on the Cubs

      • MichiganGoat

        Who can make this happen? Seriously this needs to happen.

    • cub2014

      Brett p[ease help explain to me svuem’s decisions?
      1, why not let villanueva finish? after all the bullpen
      has been thru. besides villanueva hadnt lost
      his stuff.
      2. dejesus to pinch run for soriano to replace for
      defense. huh? Dejesus isnt any faster than
      Soriano, defense he is better.
      But why not Borbon? Supposed to be a top defender
      in CF speed to steal 3rd base. To give them a 2 run
      lead into the 9th. That leaves you Dejesus to hit for
      Sappelt in a few AB? That’s DUMB.

  • ripitrizzo

    do i agree with everything he does no. but am i going to ask for his head on a plate every time they lose no.

  • Korean Goat

    When WGN broadcasts it seems like the cubs win. anyway we WINNNNNNNNNN hahaha

  • The Dude Abides

    Garza’s start today is scratched due to sore arm, will be interested to hear more on this as it becomes available.

  • Crazyhorse

    Nice to see the Cubs win a game in extra innings ,surprized no mention of Sorianos two stolen bases and his 3 hit game Cody Ransom was a delight . Marmol makes the Amish crave . …… Pepto Bismol and Rizzo needs some Pepto Bismol a new batting glove and maybe a bat.

  • hansman1982

    ” It felt like a mistake from the moment Dale lifted his arm, and the results bore it out.”

    In all fairness to Marmol, the run scored on a ground ball that got past Barney.

    • Brett

      On a hard hit grounder that Barney couldn’t get by diving. Yes.

      • hansman1982

        Eh, Marmol can’t control the direction of the hit. Now, if it was a sharp line drive, ya, I’d be pissed but that one of those things where if the batter is a fraction of a percent of a second slower or faster with the bat, it’s a routine ground out to Barney or Castro.

        Although, Villanueva looked PISSED.

        • Cedlandrum

          It would have been a great play by Barney, but he should have knocked it down. It looked like he dove over the top. I only feel this way because of how good of a defender Barney is.

          • hansman1982

            I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt that way.

            The play would have been great for most 2B, but just another Barney play by him.

            • The Dude Abides

              How about Phillips who is a bit quicker with better range but not as sure handed on “routine” plays like Barney?

  • Jamie Weiss

    Is something wrong with Russell? He was warming up in the 8th, and I expected Dale to go to him against Votto/Bruce, either in the 9th or 10th when Votto came around again. Sure, Votto was 1 for 15 against Marmol, but most of those AB’s came when Carlos was a different pitcher, and hadn’t thrown 2 innings the night before.

    I’m sure it’s been mentioned a ton, but did Hector Rondon insult Sveum’s mom or something? I’d rather see him out there than Gregg any day. The Cubs might have a solid reliever there, but we would never know because Dale never uses him!

    • Spriggs

      I thought the same thing about Russell – Marmol – Rondon. I was certain Russell would come in to pitch to Votto (and Bruce if necessary). And I thought the same thing about Marmol — you cannot use his lifetime stats vs other hitters. He used to be good, but isn’t anymore, so the bulk of the stats are not useable. It’s hard to get upset with Dale though – no matter the option he chooses, chances are opposing talent wins out over anything he throws out there.

  • wkranz54

    Just throwing this out there. Marmol now leads the Cubs in Wins and we all know that stat really matters right?

  • HuskerCub

    If you want to place some blame how about a three hole hitter (who is allegedly killing it) going 0 for 11 so far in the series with 5 strikeouts. He is starting to remind me of Leon Durham.