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Reminder: If you haven’t already, there’s still plenty of time to join the one-day, free fantasy baseball contest, which will be based on Friday’s games. The contest has cash prizes, and signing up helps support Bleacher Nation – so, like, do it.

I just set my roster post-game this evening, and I decided I couldn’t go with Starlin Castro. You may have noticed that Castro is the only Cub available in this particular contest (it’s tiers of players, and you choose one player from each tier), so I’d originally picked him because, like, of course. But I just re-configured, and gave Castro the boot in favor of Giancarlo Stanton. That’s not because I’ve got a beef with Castro or think he won’t perform. I just figure everyone is going to pick him. And I also figure that Stanton is due for a breakout, and he’s facing Scott Feldman, so …

Now everyone will pick Stanton …

The full contest details are here. The gist is this: you go to Draftstreet, you sign up, you pick a roster of players from Friday’s games, and you watch your guys rack up points for you on Friday. The top scoring team wins $100, and the next 14 teams win cash, in declining order of awesomeness.

It’s truly a lot of fun, it’s free, and it’s easy. Sign up now.

  • DarthHater

    Traitor. 😉

  • Andrewmoore4isu

    The oppressive government in Iowa won’t allow me to play

  • King Jeff

    I picked Castro, just so I could possibly gloat about it later.

  • DarthHater

    Well, guys, believe it or not, I just finished writing the brief that has kept me here at the office round the clock for the last week. I’m now going home and to bed. May the Dark Side be with you.

    • Jp3


    • MichiganGoat

      Did you mail the brief via certified mail? Does your mom have a copy? Is it 22 pages with a DVD? If not you FAIL.

      • Blublud

        There is no way Darth could ever live up to the standards of the full Monty.

  • Jp3


  • Will


  • Dude

    Finally joined after all this time. A little upset that I can’t add Carlos Marmol to my team.

  • Sarah

    And another…


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