tennessee smokiesWednesday was an odd day in the Cubs farm system. Three of the four active teams were not very active. Or, to be more exact, all their activity was off the field. Only Tennessee played yesterday (and that game was interrupted by a rain delay); the rest of the farm teams were traveling.

Since there is only one game to talk about this morning, we’ll do a little traveling of our own. The “Other News” section today takes a very quick look outside the Cubs farm system and checks out one of the few truly exceptional tools currently in the minors.

Scores From Yesterday

Iowa – The Iowa Cubs had the day off on Wednesday as they hit the road for Omaha. Iowa has won just two road games this season; a couple wins in Nebraska would be a very good thing.
Tennessee – A rough night for the bullpen led to a 5-4 Smokies loss.
Daytona – The Daytona Cubs also had a (scheduled) day off on Wednesday. The High A franchise is heading home to open a seven game stand on Thursday night. The Cubs have played well on the road, but their home record contains a single win. They’re probably due.
Kane County – Kane County was traveling on Wednesday as well. The Cougars will be in Fort Wayne for three starting today.

Performances of Note

  • [Tennessee] Arismendy Alcantara singled, doubled, walked, and stole his twelfth base of the season. Matt Szczur reached twice on a single and a walk and stole his eighth.
  • [Tennessee] The loss went to Tony Zych, and he was charged with two runs in the ninth. However, the ninth was also Zych’s third inning of work. Thanks to a rain delay that ended the outing of A.J. Morris after just six pitches, Zych had to take on a larger workload than what he’s used to.

Other News

  • The Cubs have some very good power in their farm system. Few teams in all baseball can put together a trio of slugging prospects comparable to the Cubs, thanks to Jorge Soler, Javier Baez, and Daniel Vogelbach. Sometimes the word “elite” is tossed around when describing the power potential of those three young hitters, and that term may even be arguably applicable. If you want to see what a definitely, no doubt about it, elite slugger looks like, take a gander at the stats of Miguel Sano. Notice the huge slugging percentage? The seven home runs? Now take into account that he’s doing this in the Florida State League. Power hitting tools do not come much more elite than Sano’s. The Cubs trio are very strong, but none of them quite measure up that level. Not quite.
  • Die hard

    With new scoreboards making Wrigley more hitting friendly they will need all that power to keep up– those 3 could play LB for the Bears who will be looking for a LB today

    • Hansman1982

      So do we trade them those three for a manager or…

      • Jp3

        Hmmm,I TFM are both back at the same time….. Wait I’m here too…

        • Jp3

          TFM and die hard are back at the same time I meant…

  • DAN W

    Going to Fort Wayne tonight to watch Kane County. Castillo is pitching, excited…..

  • cubchymyst

    I like the walk rate that goes with Sano power numbers, over his minor league career he as walked around 10% of the time.

  • ssckelley

    I am trying to figure out why the Twins are moving Sano so slow through their minor league system. He spent 2 years in rookie ball and this is his 2nd year at the A level. I know his batting average was not the best last season but the rest of his hitting numbers looked good. The only thing I can see is he committed 42 errors playing 3rd base, is this what is holding him back?

    • JBarnes

      144 strikeouts last year in roughly 430 AB’s. Has trouble making contact at times but when he does its scary…also walks at a pretty good rate (not sure how much of that is intentional or unintentional pitch arounds tho).

      Also got to see this kid take BP in Peoria last year, absolutely unbelievable! It sounds cliche but the sound it makes when he hits the ball, wow…it will scare the shit out of you if your not paying attention.

      Still not as good as Baez’s first BP in Peoria tho…400ft to dead center and he hit one OVER the batters eye which sits a few feet beyond the wall plus about 40-50ft high. Then another off the top of the pole that keeps up the netting used for keeping balls out of the street…all anyone could do that was watching was laugh. I know that was a little off topic but the Sano story reminded me of that.

  • AB

    at this point you should changed the name of the minor league daily to the Arismandy Alcantra daily.

  • Hack Wilson

    I notice that Arismendy Alcantera is playing at 2B lately. Think he is being groomed for his future position? Or getting some playing time around the infield to be a super-sub?

    • Bilbo161

      From what I’ve read Alcantara has a big problem with the throws from SS. Not sure if its the range or accuracy of his arm. If its just the range maybe he can handle the D at second. Here’s hoping.

  • Jeremy

    Been thinking that due to Baez’s current lack of plate discipline ( though he is making strides based on reports and is still young) that Soler should be our #1 prospect. He’s far more advanced than Baez in the discipline department.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      What reports indicate that Baez is gaining plate discipline? The report of his one walk?

      This is a tired drum, but I guess that this is the 20 year long rock anthem requiring repeated beatings: it is very rare for batters to gain batting eyes. Baez is not “young” here: guys who don’t have pitch recognition at 20 rarely have it at 25.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

      Soler is our number one prospect. At least he is around these parts.