vogelbach amayaYesterday saw a number of events in the farm system that are best described as a little unusual. Not unusual in a bad way, but just unusual for this season so far. No doubt most of these oddities will even out as sample sizes in crease, but perhaps they all won’t.

So what sort of strangeness did we see? Iowa won on the road. Daytona won at home. Watkins walked four times in a single game. Tennessee’s bullpen help up. Vogelbach stole a base.

For real. Vogelbach stole a base. And it isn’t his first steal, either.

Scores From Yesterday

Iowa – Iowa got their road trip off to a great start with a solid 9-3 win.
Tennessee – This time the bullpen got it done. Tennessee came out on top in a pitching battle 2-1.
Daytona – The Cubs collected twelve hits on their way to a 5-3 home win.
Kane County – An eighth inning rally made it interesting, but Kane County still lost 6-4.

Performances of Note

  • [Iowa] Iowa walked ten times in this game, and Logan Watkins had four of them. In his last ten games he has a batting average of just .194, but an OBP of .457. Three of his six hits in that span went for extra bases.
  • [Iowa] Ryan Sweeney stayed hot with a 4 for 5 game that featured a home run and a triple.
  • [Tennessee] Ronald Torreyes came a home run short of the cycle as the Smokies lead off hitter. He even drew a walk while raising his OPS to .932.
  • [Tennessee] He wasn’t perfect, but Dallas Beeler was effective enough to toss seven shut out innings. Zach Rosscup gave up a run in the eighth, but Brian Schlitter nailed it down for his first save.
  • [Daytona] The bad news? Javier Baez struck out twice. The good news? He had two hits, including his fourth home run.
  • [Daytona] Zach Cates pitched five quality innings in his start for the Cubs, but it was the bullpen work of Yeiper Castillo (1 IP, 3K) and David Cales (2 IP, 4 K) that really stands out.
  • [Kane County] One positive note from the Cougars game: the team earned five walks against four strikeouts. This is not the first time we’ve that pattern out Kane County.

Other News

  • Mustache Watch: Daytona catcher Chad Noble is rocking a luxurious lip sweater in his profile picture on the Daytona website, and he is also off to the best start of his professional career. Coincidence? Maybe the Cubs should start requiring mustaches as part of their minor league development.
  • [Kane County] Daniel Vogelbach has two steals. No, he is not the next Tony Campana.
  • SamuraiJock

    Torreyes on the season – 6 walks against 1 strikeout. THAT is how you control the strikezone!

  • Die hard

    How’s Struck doing?

  • Bob Wininger

    Where is Brett Jackson? Not in lineup lately.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Been dealing with a jammed toe. Not sure why it’s keeping him out so much.

  • Die hard

    Maybe to be picked in NFL draft as that’s where he should go rather than baseball

  • Dustin S

    I’m thinking we’ll be seeing Sweeney soon. Not sure how they’ll juggle it, but he has to be next in line for a call-up. Overall a good day.

    Heading to Chicago Monday night for the Padres game. We’ll be in the bleachers, Hopefully it’s not 40 and rainy which seems to have been the norm lately.

    • http://401klogic.net Westbound Willie

      So you’ll be the guy in the bleachers? At least you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out. Bleacher tickets for that game are going for 6 bucks on the Internet. Hope you didn’t pay more than that.

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        You’re this-close, dude. Stop being a dick. I’m serious.

        • http://401klogic.net Westbound Willie

          This close? That’s funny. This close to what? Not reading your great articles about soriano and marmots trade value?

          Please don’t hurt me like that. I don’t think I could go on with my life.


          • http://www.bleachernation.com ichabod

            really westbound?

          • JR

            What’s the point to you getting on here? You obviously are a hater to the extreme. The Cubs have a long ways to go. Everyone get it… What’s your point? Good luck on being negative and an asshole during life. I am sure that will work well for you…

          • Jp3


            • Spriggs

              That’s what I was thinking.

          • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

            Thank you. I’m very glad to hear you say that.

          • hansman1982


          • Alex S

            Guys, Westbound Willie is clearly just Mike Quade. Now that he’s discovered the internet, of course.

      • Jp3


        • Cubbie Blues

          I prefer …


  • cubchymyst

    Knew its still earlier but Baez as had 91 PA and has struck out 27 times, with only 3 walks. To anyone how has seen him play are the K a lot of swing and misses or is he taking a lot of pitches?

    • Spriggs

      Haven’t seen him since spring training. But he rarely takes a 3rd strike. The K’s I’ve seen the last couple years have almost ALL been swinging.

    • ari gold

      Very concerned about Baez and his approach.

  • JR

    Torreyes is tearing it up. I love it! How is he defensively? I get the vibe that Voges is one of those dudes that is way quicker than he appears.

    • http://401klogic.net Westbound Willie

      You criticize my earlier post and you post this nonsense?

      “I get the vibes that voges is quicker than he looks”?


      Are you 12 years old?


      • JR

        Vogelbach looks like he would be one of the slowest humans ever. I think he may be a little quicker than the slowest humans ever. Still very slow though… Not sure why that is something a 12 yr old would say… But then I remember it comes from a dude who is looking to talk shit on anything he can, because you think it’s cool to be a douche. Way to go Willie…

        • Scotti

          Given his sprint time at Perfect Game and his stats in the minors (mostly his time since SB and even triples can be deceiving) my guess is that Vogelbach would be about 25th percentile in speed if he were in MLB today. That is to say, he would be faster than 24% of MLB position players. Given that there are a good deal of middle infielders and CF out there 25th percentile isn’t bad.

          Again, given his sprint time (which was actually taken when he was considerably heavier), he is faster than some corner OF, some 3B and a good number of C and 1B. If he were to continue to lose fat (say 20-30 pounds) and maybe add some muscle (say 10-15), he would be quicker than he is now but, as is, he is nowhere near as slow as folk here believe.

          However, he hasn’t lost any serious weight since before the draft. He may well be better conditioned but he was 255 or so then and is listed at 250 now.

      • mudge

        So when do you get West, Willie?

    • Spriggs

      The consensus seems to be that he’s an average fielder.
      Voges is not quick. He’s more like a train. Once he gets running hard, you just hope he can stop.

      • Spriggs

        I was talking about Torreyes as the average fielder.

    • AA Correspondent

      I have been most pleased with what I have seen defensively from Torreyes. His offense has been a nice surprise….he has been shooting lasers all over the yard and can run like a deer.

      He is small and lanky in stature, and that has me a little concerned about his long term future….but I certainly cannot complain about the results thus far.

      Torreyes is THE GOODS!

  • Joepoe321

    That awkward moment when kameron loe and Carlos marmol lead the team in wins…

  • http://www.bleachernation.com ichabod

    i bought a trombone yesterday

  • arta

    Vogelbach, good base running!

  • http://www.viewfromthebleachers.com Norm

    Of the 34 Cubs prospects with at least 30 plate app’s (prospects, so not including old guys like Ryan Sweeney), only 4 prospects have BB% under 7% (through 4/24).
    17 of them have walk rates over 10%

    • Frank

      As discussed in the past, Sweeney should not be lumped in with Michah Hoffpauir. Jake Fox, Bryan LaHair and the like. He has a history of big league success, including 3 very good years between 2008-2010, and even last year he posted a 0.6 WAR in very limited duty. That’s not the type of success that can be achieved by simply sitting on fastballs as AAAA sluggers past have.

      He’s only 28 years old, and unlike LaFoxPauir, he was having big league success in his early 20’s, and they were in their late 20’s in their 3rd crack at PCL pitching.

      I’d love to see him get a shot, the porblem being that there’s nowhere to put him.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Um, schwing?

  • terencemann

    When is Vitters expected to return? I guess there’s no rush until Stewart is re-activated?

  • mjhurdle

    I may be in the minority, but if Vogelbach is scrappy enough, I have no problem anointing him the next Tony Campana.
    The thing that will push it over the top will be his OBP (Overall Belly-Fire Percentage), and the newly created stat that I think is undervalued: MISS (Moxy In Stressful Situations).
    If Vogelbach can bring both those numbers up, then let the irrational man-crushes begin.

    • Ron

      This needs to make it to BN lexicon on the message board.

      • JulioZuleta

        Does that still exist? I remember like 2 years ago someone talked about making a glossary of terms used in the comments that newcomers might not understand…

        • JulioZuleta

          I don’t frequent the message board like I used to.

        • hansman1982

          I think it got created and then forgotten about.

          • TWC

            Effin’ MichiganGoat…

          • JulioZuleta

            Hah makes sense. It was a good thought and we had a pretty amusing list going I think.

  • Frank

    Was Dan Vogelbach just compared to Tony Campana?

    My theory on why Vogelbach’s been hitting so many singles and taking so many walks is that pitchers are afraid to give him and fastballs, or anything that he can crush. As a result, he’s taking the bad pitches for walks and hitting the good ones that he does get for singles.

  • cincycubfan

    Luke, when is the earliest, barring an injury, you can see Watkins brought up? I would rather see him up with the Cubs than Stewart. At least until Stewart can show he actually deserves it.

  • hansman1982

    “Mustache Watch: Daytona catcher Chad Noble is rocking a luxurious lip sweater in his profile picture on the Daytona website, and he is also off to the best start of his professional career. Coincidence? Maybe the Cubs should start requiring mustaches as part of their minor league development. ”


  • Caleb

    “Maybe the Cubs should start requiring mustaches as part of their minor league development.”

    haha–the secret to success of “The Cubs Way”

  • Greg

    I was at the game in Omaha last night and I saw the HR to RF by Sweeney. MONSTER SHOT!!! Top of the 1st, 2 on, 1 out. Hit the ball so hard and so high that neither the CF or RF moved to go get it. They just stood there, turned and watched it go. They literally didn’t move a step. There’s a grass berm beyond the RF wall, and a few fans were out there. They stood, ran to the top of the berm to catch the ball, and they too turned and watched it go 30-40 feet over their heads. The ball landed in the field way out of the park. Had to be at least 475′.

    Although Watkins is walking a lot, I wasn’t as impressed with him as I thought I’d be. He’s going to have to hit over .300 in Iowa to get a call to replace Barney.

    Ian Stewart didn’t look good at the plate. His hit was an opposite field punch shot between SS & 3B. He didn’t hit anything hard, and generally looked a bit over matched at the plate. He did look pretty good defensively though.

    Barret Loux looked REALLY good. Tall power pitcher with the ability to keep the ball down. Pretty much 90+ all night. The HR he gave up was definitely wind aided, as we had about 25+ mph wind straight out to LF last night. Loux pitched into some bad luck in the 5th, and also looked like he was tiring a bit when Caridad came in to replace him. Caridad also looked very good.

    Saw Iowa play Omaha late last season. Omaha looked very good, and our Iowa Cubs were clearly over matched last year. This year very different story. Iowa looks much improved. Omaha not so much.