The Cubs’ penchant for close games continued, as did their penchant for beating the Marlins.

Travis Wood gave up a couple solo homers in the first two innings (including a 470+ foot shot to Giancarlo Stanton, his first of the year), but that was it. The offense strung enough together to win the game, with a big assist from …

april 27 box

  • The Other Matt

    If we limit Marmol to 1/3 inning per appearance, maybe it’ll minimize the damage.

  • Dustin S

    Castro’s play was huge and another nice game by Wood even if it was the Marlins. Gregg goes to show you that a pitcher can be a serviceable closer in this league just by throwing strikes. A very average 3.5 ERA pitcher that doesn’t walk people could probably save 40+ games on a .500 team no problem.

    • Big Joe

      ^^^ SO true.

  • Brian

    I like it!!! Feels good to win for a change. We now have a better record then the Blue Jays (err.. Old Miami Marlins)…

  • koyiehillsucks2

    A win is a win but the offense really sucks… Any shitty pitcher seems to do well against the cubs pathetic hitting…

  • Cub Style

    Of course Kevin Gregg is good when we suck.

  • Tommy

    Valbuena continues to improve. Who was just on here not that long ago saying he doesn’t even belong in the major leagues? Guy is rocking the 2nd best OBP on the team, I believe and had another multi-hit game tonight. I am officially a fan. Not saying he’s an all-star, but the kid can play.

    • Capitol Cubbie

      “Second best OBP on the [Cubs]”

      And someone comes in second on America’s Worst Cooks

      • hogie

        That OPS is good for 5th among national league starting third baseman. The guy is doing very well. Who knows if he can keep it up, but most teams would love to have Valbuena manning the hot corner.

  • Blank

    Where was this Kevin Gregg 4 years ago?

    Dat bullpen doe.

  • Bric

    It’s about time a real closer took Marmol’s “job” away from him and put him back in the position that got him all the attention in the first place- set up man. I don’t know if Gregg is the answer to closer. But what I do know is Marmol started going down hill ever since he was given the closer’s job (along with a much larger salary) because he cried about it long enough to a semi retired coach who was past the point of looking to the future and tired of arguing about what’s good for young pitchers.

    Marmol doesn’t have the mentality of a closer and never did but is a very competent set up man. All the BS about his “saves” in meaningless games speak for itself and he really doesn’t factor in to the Cubs’ future. But at least we can build some trade value back to what it should be.

  • fromthemitten

    Gregg’s looking good. I still think Rondon will be the closer by season’s end.

  • Rcleven

    I don’t care if it’s the Miami Fish, Winning is a lot more fun.

  • Kyle

    Five more to go. This is happening.

  • Rynomite

    We have a better run differential than the Dodgers at the moment and the starting pitching has been fantastic. I still believe!

  • jim

    JUST WAIT until the CUBS
    THIS SERIES means absolutely

    • Zach

      Aren’t you just a pesimist? Just be happy the Cubs can actually beat a team and string a couple wins together. Hey, a win is a win!!

    • Patrick W.

      Is that some kind of Asian poetry construct?

      • Anonnifan

        They call it a Shout-Ku. This is the “Drunken” variation I think.

    • preacherman86

      Isn’t the start of a good season being able to beat bad teams? Not saying we will have a successful year all around, but if you can play .500 against the top half of the league, and .750 against the bottom half, your going to get to the post season more than not. Just saying.

  • Mike Taylor (no relation)

    I think it’s time to flip Castillo and Soriano in this lineup.

    • Thompsonville, Il_Cubs

      No way I would flip soriano and Castillo, those catchers legs will creep up on Castillo when the weather heats and his legs get sore. Bottom line, fonsi should stay in the cleanup if or until he is dealt

  • JSAO

    But surely we are allowed to bask in the in the Miami twilight……as there is only one more game down here to go before a new day dawns

  • Thompsonville, Il_Cubs

    Nice win, gotta take them when can get them. Hopefully we can keep winning, maybe valbuena will get the bulk of the reps at 2nd if he keeps producing when Stewart comes back.

    • Andrew

      It’s so hard to supplant Barney though, that guy’s defense seems to save at least a baserunner every game. Valbuena has been an awesome surprise this year. Him, Schierholtz and dejesus are absolutely killing it. If the right handed side of any of those platoons ends up working out, I like the position the cubs get.

  • Alex S

    I was very pleased to see Dwight Schrute nail down his third save for the Cubs today.

    • Jp3

      You mean Peter Griffin?

  • Die hard

    You can trace better pitching to Darwin Bellyfire settling down infield. You don’t realize his value until he’s not there

  • fester30

    I wish to renew my request for the Cubs to play all of their remaining games against the Marlins.