The Cubs scored early, and Starlin Castro gave the Cubs a 3-2 lead on a two-run double with no one out in the third. Anthony Rizzo followed with a walk. But immediately thereafter, the Cubs left Castro and Rizzo stranded. Two on, none out, and no runs scored. That’ll usually bite you later. And it did.

After that, Ricky Nolasco started mowing the Cubs down. They teased in the 8th when – who else – Castro and Rizzo got on, but each of Alfonso Soriano and Scott Hairston flied out to left (against a lefty).

All in all, you don’t hate taking three of four in Miami, but here’s the thing about the loss …

april 28 box

  • waittilthisyear

    rizzo has some serious pop. his double in the first was nothing more than a flick of the wrist of his front foot. kameron lowe enjoys giving up home runs

  • Jason P

    We’re just not seeing quality AB’s throughout the game. There’s no reason we can’t score 5 runs on the Marlins in at least 1 of the 4 games. Observations from the game:

    -Soriano threw to the wrong base and cost us a run. Ugh
    -HR King with a sinker that doesn’t sink Kameron Loe gets hit hard every appearence
    -Hector Rondon continues to be woefully underused
    -Nice to see Castro get that knock early on
    -Valbuena went 0-4 but hit it hard twice. Nice to see.
    -Did we seriously let the 1 legitimate MLB hitter the Marlins have beat us? I guess you can’t pitch around him every time, but he got a ton of good pitches to hit

    • cjdubbya

      As a charter member of the twitter #RondonFanClub I wholeheartedly agree with your third point. Hey, it’s a Rule 5 guy you may not need to completely hide.

  • SirCub

    Yea, when I saw Stanton’s line coming into the series, I pretty much accepted the fact that he was going to catch fire against us. It’s Cubs Reverse Voodoo Magic.

    • Mark S

      This was exactly why I picked Stanton up before the series vs the Cubs on my fantasy team.

      • Chad

        That’s a crazy league in which Stanton would still be available.

  • Bazfan1234

    Soriano had a really bad series at the plate. It looks like he is trying to pull everything which is causing him to roll over and hit weak ground balls.

    The top three in the order had a great series.

  • mudge

    Actually you can pitch around him every time in a lineup like this. I’d have walked him intentionally his last two at-bats. Play to win.

    • Rcleven

      Intentional walk really was not necessary. Just don’t throw him strikes as we saw in the first three games. If he wants to go after non strikes God bless him. The only time he should have been put on was the third RBI with Pierre on second and first base open.
      The only time he should have hit was the mistake by Wood and the first homer(questionable) today.

  • http://deleted bubbleshargrave

    sveum lost this one by going with lowe still after gave up the tying run.

  • Kubphan82

    The Marlins have a win against the Reds and Nationals this season, I suppose it’s understandable that they’d have one against the Cubs, in a four game series. After all we’re clearly not the Reds/Nationals.

    I agree with the majority tho: Why pitch to Stanton? Unless you’re trying to drive his stock up for when you trade for him, yeah you might give up more prospects but at least the fans won’t call him busted or washed up…

  • ETS

    I understand bret’s point but Villanueva has thrown “intelligently” so far this season. He just didn’t have his command today.

  • Cub Style

    Every time we lose, I just think of Carlos Rodon.

    • Brett

      Never going to pass the Marlins and Astros in losses.

      (He’s struggling this year, too, I believe.)

  • bloctoad

    Hairston is being outhit but the starting pitching.

    • Bric

      I know. I thought we were done with the Hairston family when we got rid of the Sosa question be swapping him for Jerry and then quietly moving Jerry along. But that family always seems to come back…

  • Carew

    Soriano needs a smaller bat. Not joking

  • Die hard

    I can understand going for the sweep but maybe next time Sveum should rest the regulars after taking 3 in a row especially since they haven’t been scoring much anyway?

    • Rcleven

      Who should we have rested?
      All run production has come from 1-2-3( the regulars ) in the order take them out of the lineup and the score in today’s game is 6-1.

      • Die hard

        Whoever is on the bench give them some playing time which will pay off in long run

      • arta


  • jim


  • mudge

    So… do ya knock Quentin on his ass?

    • Brett

      I actually think it’s tempting. Not drilling him. But high and tight.

  • RY34

    hate to beat a dead horse, but woefully freakin stupid to pitch to Stanton at all in these games. Does Dale even know that he is the one hitter that can do damage in this lineup?? Soriano continues his consistent awfulness in the first 45 games of the year. just horrible at bats all series. Typical shit, if castro and rizzo dont do it, we get shutdown as usual.

  • Tsb

    Villanueva gets the loss even though he did give up the winning run. Silly rule…

  • jacob w

    Missed it today How did Villanueva look?

    • ssckelley

      Not bad except for the hanger he threw Stanton.

      • Rcleven

        Not bad except for the 3 hangers he threw Stanton.

        Fixed that for you.

  • The Dude Abides

    Only 138 games to go, three against Houston, three against Miami and seven against San Diego that only leaves 125 games against the rest of the league that have decided to field competitive teams.

  • Jason Powers

    My wishful thinking:

    Well, Rizzo is in top 5 in RBIs and HRs in the NL. Now, that means nothing – in a vacuum – but at 23-24, he is showing signs of similar production to his minor league record. (Reflecting that the MLB is obviously harder, but he is gradually getting it – not without regression at times, but ebbs and flows.)

    Sure the BA is off; and OBP too, at this point, but give him time. As Brett has statistically shown the BABIP has been to his detriment.

    If he racks up the rate of walks (10%) for 600 PA, you get 60. He’d have to hit around .280 for 450 AB to get to .270 for the season. Acceptable with power numbers. Just needs to make contact a bit better, finish around 130 Ks, and that will help achieve these goals:
    .270/.343/.485 line, I’d take it.

    By 26, with maturity, he could consistently pop 30 HRs and get on base around .350 with .500 SLG. 2015 – All Star Rizzo. For comparison, Grace finished at .825 for a career. Best season: .911.

  • Jamie Weiss

    On letting his guys pitch to Stanton, I’m sure Sveum would say something like this:

    “I have faith in all my pitchers to get any major league hitter out. If we walked him every time, what would that say to our pitching, we don’t believe in you?”

    Now, this is completely ridiculous, because we all know that winning is what matters, no matter how you accomplish the goal.

    I’m convinced Rondon insulted Sveum’s mom.

  • Spencer

    PHing Hairston for Schierholtz was uber dumb. Sveum’s boner for platoon’s is unreal.

    • David

      LOL, no

    • Jp3

      Yes his bullheadedness for this platoon is amazing… I realize historically Scott has probably hit lefthanders better but damn, enough already. Don’t over think it

  • David

    LOL, no.

  • Evan

    It’s amazing what I’ve seen from the Cubs managers over the years, making the most BS moves. The Hairston family has never provided much in Chicago, so why bring them back? Tony Campana was a much more suited player for the Cubs than Hairston.
    Next, we need to start filling in some strong relief pitchers and actually get us a closer who doesn’t give up five runs and cost us the game. We always have the Free Agency, and we can trade Hairston for something.
    Finally, we should work on getting a more fundamental defense. If we aren’t gonna score runs, we should make sure that our opponents can’t score either. For the last few years we’ve lacked a lineup that can score runs, and then also gives up too many. Either gain some power, speed, and contact ability or get more Darwin Barney’s on the field.


    In two series this trip the Cubs let the other teams monster beat them multiple times. The alternative was pitching to Weeks or the weak Marlins bat du jour hitting behind Stanton. Showing confidence in your pitchers to execute is all well and good, but not with scrap heap arms and guys who are not part of your future. With the talent level leaving such a small margin for error, you can’t take chances and not make prudent decisions in the clutch when it comes to who you are going to pitch to or around.

    • Kubphan82

      He’s pitched very well this year, he could be part of our future, or part of a playoff team’s roster. If a playoff team is going to trade for Villanueva he needs to be able to get that other teams best player out now and in the playoffs.

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  • willis

    So, it seems most are realizing Sveum is way over his head. You can put his fingerprints on almost every loss this season with the idiotic pitching decisions, not to mention his obsession with handedness.

    For someone who wants the team to play to win, Sveum makes me ill.

    • mjhurdle

      Could i bother you to break down each of the Cubs 15 loses to show how Sveum lost each one?
      Not taking a shot, just honestly curious as how how you believe Sveum is responsible for most of the loses..

      • willis

        When I have a little more time than a Monday morning at the end of the month, then yeah, I can make a case for boneheaded moves he has made along the way. I’ll take out the Reds series, because honestly I think in that series the team competed well and he made some by the book good decisions, but it’s just things like pitching to Braun when you have a sub .200 guy behind him, or leaving Feldman in a couple different times (once in person) when it was clear he was done and the team was still in the game or leading, or yesterday going with and hanging with Lowe when the game was on the line still, when he has a crop of other pitchers in that pen who have been tossing well….

        He either makes a ton of questionable to bad decisions, or he has another agenda. Which I don’t know what that is. But he leaves many of us head scratching with his bad decisions. He’s learning like anyone else, but it’s just so frustrating to watch him help snatch losing out of victory during the season.

        I give him credit when it comes to your team being in pretty much every game thus far, when the odds are very much against you. No doubt. But he just continues to make questionable moves, which are repeated again and again.