Remember BN’er Oswego Chris?

If you’re newer around here you might not, but Chris was that guy who was always posting thoughtful, long, interesting pieces over at the Message Board and in the comments, many of which found their way onto the front page here at BN. If you’ve been around for a while, though, you may have noticed that Chris essentially disappeared last Summer.

Everything’s OK with him, mind you. Better than OK, actually.

The reason Chris disappeared is because he decided to take those writing skillz and put them to better use. He wrote a freaking book. A 293-page beauty of the sort that people like me always say they’re going to write, but never actually have the stomach to sit down and complete. Chris had a brilliant idea, he set about doing the work, and today he can sit proudly as a published author.

I feel very fortunate to have been included, in a very minor role, in the process, which allows me to bask vicariously in his badass accomplishment. Chris also invited me to write the foreword for his book, so now I can say I’m a published foreword author! (And BN receives a portion of the proceeds of the book sales, so I dig that part, too.)

The book, which I am proudly holding in my hands:

beyond bartman

The title gives you the essence of what Chris’s book is about, but obviously that’s just a taste. In short, the book dives into why the Bartman/curse/goat/whatever explanations for the Chicago Cubs’ more-than-a-century of championship-less baseball are bullcrap. In meticulous detail, Chris goes through 104 individual reasons why the Cubs haven’t won it all since 1908. So, what the book ends up reading like is a different kind of history of the Cubs organization.

Broken down by category, the “reasons” look at things like near misses, bad drafts, front office woes, players that got away, financial issues, and so much more. I remember when Chris first told me about his idea for the book, and, after suppressing the urge to steal it (I kid), I couldn’t get over what a great idea it was. The Chicago Cubs organization has a rich history, and this book explores it – all through the lens of explaining, in practical and real terms, how they could have gone so long without winning it all.

I very much enjoyed the book, as well as playing a small part in the process of putting it together. Chris has accomplished something very special, and I wanted to make sure you all had a chance to give the book a look. (It’s something of a proud moment for BN.)

You can purchase the book on Amazon in hard copy or e-book form, and you should give Chris a hand for getting this book done. I know how much work goes into something like this, and how easy it is to give up. Imagine dedicating every free moment you have for the next year to a project that is near and dear to you. That’s what Chris did. He rocks.

And, no, Chris did not send the goat head to Wrigley Field as a publicity stunt.

  • Rynomite

    Book purchased!

    • Oswego chris

      Thank you Ryno

  • ncsujuri

    It will make a great Father’s Day gift, i’ve already passed the idea to my wife :)

  • MichiganGoat

    Us goats approve – great job Chris

  • MightyBear

    I was wondering what happened to Oswego Chris. Man that is awesome. I hope it becomes a bestseller. I will definitely be buying.

  • Rich H

    Congrats Chris. Anyone who tells you all the hard work and research don’t make you a writer has never tried to be one. I just want you to know that even if you sell one copy of the baring of the soul that is being an author then you have succeeded my friend. Here is to you and an effort of love that can never be taken away from you.

    Now if we can only get Brett to Pub books other than the ones he writes the Foreword for.

  • DocPeterWimsey

    Cool! I am getting an e-copy: will you do an online signing session?

  • mudge

    Congrats, Chris! Those who read and enjoy can help a lot by posting reviews on Amazon.

  • baldtaxguy

    Well done, and great idea. I’ll be buying a copy.

    • Oswego chris

      Thank you bald tax guy

  • DarthHater

    Not to poop on your parade, Chris. But hasn’t it now been 105 years and isn’t your book already one reason short and hence out of date? 😉

    • Brett

      This year is the 105th year.

    • Jp3

      It just means that each year we failing winning a WS he can publish a new version just adding one reason and year. It looks he’s safely going to have at least 2 more volumes. Year 105 and no WS can be contributed to No Payroll=No Talent

      • Jp3

        Contributed= Attributed

      • DarthHater

        Good thinking. The Cubs marketing department could use a mind like yours. 😉

        • Jp3

          Year 106, “Reason 106- Six being the key number here, Die Hard said averaging 6 runs a game would make us unstoppable, yet we still refuse….just because”

          We’ve got 2 additional years for you at no charge📝😊

      • DarthHater

        However, for year 105, I would recommend: “Another year of futility attributable to failure to hire Kyle as GM.” 😛

        • Kyle

          Just listening to me on a few key issues would have sufficed.

  • Ron

    Just bought mine for a Kindle. Looking forward to reading it!

    • Oswego chris

      Thank you Ron

  • Ashley

    Way to go Chris. Adding this to my summer reading list! Looks like a great book. Every Cubs fan should have to read this book.

  • Andrew

    Thanks for sharing Brett. Just purchased off Amazon… can’t wait to read. I’m sure Chris did a great job!

    • Oswego chris

      Thank you Andrew

  • Chad

    Look forward to reading it! Nice job

  • Lokanna

    Purchased one for myself, and plan to get another for my father. Thanks, and congratulations!!

    • Oswego chris

      Thank you Lokanna

  • JoeyCollins

    Just bought mine and ill pass the word to all of my friends and family back home.

    • oswego chris

      Thank you Joey Collins!

  • caleb

    Awesome Chris–can’t wait to read it!

    And no spoilers, but I hope one of the reasons is that THE CUBS ARE WAITING FOR ME TO BE READY.

    My life includes no plans post-WorldSeries win. Nothing. I assume that world will be on fire.

  • LEO R.

    Sounds like a good read. Will it be available at Barnes and Noble? I would love to get it on my Nook.

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  • Dougy D

    My order has been placed.

  • KBwsb

    Fantastic news. Congrats to Chris. Good on ya, too, Brett…your site has become a springboard for advanced Cubbie thought.
    I hope that Chris spends a good amount of time on PK Wrigley’s long and hideous reign of terror; various other writers have hinted that he may have even been purposely trying to field a mediocre team (for a myriad of reasons).

    I gotta buy this book.

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