Sometimes you just get blown out.

Everything Edwin Jackson threw tonight got the shit slapped out of it, and it just went on from there. The Cubs actually hit the ball hard tonight, too, but fewer of their balls found the grass (several of them found the seats, though).

What can you say, really?

april 30 box

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  • Rice Cube

    Seven! And go Hawks.

  • MichiganGoat

    Worst birthday game EVER – at least I had good beer.

    • MightyBear

      Happy Birthday Goat. Wish the Cubs would have won for you. How about a nice series victory for your birthday huh? We’ll win the next two.

  • Cerambam

    4 home runs and 5 double. First really big offensive day and first really poorly pitched day. Funny how that works

  • hansman1982

    Wow, that is quite the quartet of ERA’s.

  • The Dude

    Well said. Tomorrow’s another day.

  • mudge

    Dude forced the walk on Barney with real authority.

  • Oswego Chris

    How flipping old is Mark Kotsay?…seems like he has been playing for 20 years…

  • Timothy Scarbrough

    Did the Cubs just score more than 6 and lose? How could this happen?

  • Gopher Cub

    Is it an appropriate time to be skeptical of the Edwin Jackson signing yet? He looks horrible so far. I know small sample size, but come on!

    • Rebuilding

      Jackson is the most consistently, inconsistent pitcher in baseball. I love advanced metrics, but Jackson is the exception that proves the rule – you score 3, he’ll give up 4 almost every time. There is a reason no other organization wanted to give him a long term and he’s bounced around

      • @cubsfantroy

        ” you score 3, he’ll give up 4 almost every time”

        Do you have the numbers to prove that?

        • hansman1982

          Bah, his commenting belly-fire proves it to be true.

      • Sandberg

        Matt Clement was like that. Score 1, he gives up 2. Score 4 he gives up 5. So frustrating. I have no idea if it’s true about Jackson, but some pitchers just find a way to lose.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          So how did Clement get credited with wins in half of his games?

    • Noah

      The only thing I’m worried about is that the velocity is down through 6 starts. His fastball velocity is down 2 mph from 2011, and that’s always a concern. Aside from that, though, it looks like he’s getting BABIPed, especially with runners on base. Jackson has a .333 BABIP and a 51.7% left on base rate, both numbers that are prone to fairly extreme fluctuations through small sample sizes. So, while his ERA is 6.27, his FIP is 3.47 and xFIP is 3.67, which is right around where I would have projected Edwin Jackson heading into the season.

      For an example of the bad luck, apparently Carlos Quentin did not have an opposite field hit all of this season heading into the game last night. But with Chase Headley on second in the fifth he hit a line drive that just landed inside the right field line. Those sort of things will even out for Jackson as the season goes on.

  • Kenster

    Does Rondon only have 2 pitches? On Mlb Gameday it said he threw about 10 straight fastballs including the whole Hundley HR At bat. Throwing fastballs at 90-91 ech pitch isn’t going to keep the batters guessing

  • ichabod

    e jackson is not great

  • Jp3

    In other GOOD news, Vogelbach hit his 4th HR in his last 7 games… McLovin is killing it big time. He and Rock Shoulders should go Halvsies on the cab to Daytona. Or bus or plane

    • JulioZuleta

      Yeahhh…this McLovin’ business is not going to catch on.

      • Jp3

        C’mon man it is a great nickname. I realize its a stretch being the name I’m borrowing from is actually Vogel but it still works.

        • @murdiddlyurdler

          while I like you trying to pepper it in randomly and hoping it catches on, it isn’t working out.

          • Jp3

            Meh, this is the 2nd time I’ve tried and apparently I’m the only person on the planet that liked the movie Superbad so I’ll leave it alone. Both Vogelbach and Vogel’s Mclovin can both stand seperately as awesome names, I’ll leave alone.

            • @murdiddlyurdler

              love the movie, but it’s early for nicknames. if he flames out it’ll just be used ironically forever.

              • Jp3

                Yeah I thought about that, it’s all wasted time if he turns into Ryan Harvey… He has liked damn good the last few games though. I love to see a power hit have more HRs than Ks in his last 10 games

                • Jp3


      • Jp3

        C’mon man, anyone who has the originality to have JulioZuleta as their pen name can come up with a great name for our power hitting 1st base prospect. I’m all ears, I know you’re sitting on something golden😃

        • JulioZuleta

          Hopefully something will come to me one day. One of the great life lessons that I’ve learned is that when you try to make a nickname, they end up sounding forced. They need to just occur naturally…

          • Jp3

            Yeah, like I said above, I must be the only clown alive that liked the movie Superbad. I’ll leave it alone, there will be something one day though. Vogelbach is too long a last name for a slugging 1st baseman, Gallaraga was the Big Cat, we’ll see what his morphs into. I’m really hoping this is a problem in the future, that will at least mean that he has made it right😊

            • Kramden

              Hate nicknames. To me they’re pretty stupid unless someone’s name is too burdensome to type or spell correctly.

              For either of those reasons, “Vogs” will do as does the pitcher referred to as “Shark”.

              • Jp3

                A nickname doesn’t have to be overly original to be good, your example is what I was getting at. I like the name “Shark” but that didn’t take a team of Nobel Prize winners to come up with.

  • koyiehillsucks2

    Castro hit the ball well on all his at bats if i remembember correctly he had 2 warning track outs

  • Frank

    Thankfully, I watched the Blackhawks game.

  • Alex S

    If Valbuena finishes with his average around .260, hits between 17-22 home runs, and continues walking at his current rate, is 3B still considered an offensive black hole for the Cubs?

    • RoughRiider


      • Cubbie Blues

        If he continues the way he’s playing right now, I would definitely take a wRC+ 124.

      • Alex S


        Great evidence and support for your argument.

        I mean 20 home runs, 54 walks, and a .260 average is nothing to scoff at when it comes to third basemen in the MLB. It puts him above Todd Frazier’s level of production last year. I’d consider that pretty solid.

        Of course this is contingent on Valbuena continuing to get regular playing time and continuing at his current pace, which are not even remotely close to sure things.

  • jacob w

    In other news randy wells retired. Sad face :(

  • John

    I hope the Cubs draft Kris Bryant!

    CF Almora
    SS Castro
    LF Baez
    1B Rizzo
    3B Bryant ( If drafted )
    RF Soler
    C Castillo
    2B Barney

    • BluBlud

      If this was the lineup, then you may want to move Baez to 3B and Bryant to LF. That would be the more likely scenario.

  • whiteflag

    The new plans for Wrigley look nice. I like the jumbotron.

  • Beardface

    Love the Cubs but glad they weren’t on TV here last night. Glad I got to watch an awesome OT win by the Blackhawks.

  • RY34

    The only thing i can say is that Edwin sure sucks! Worst free agent pickup in the league so far this year!

    • Die hard

      Part of overall plan so Cubs can move him in trade to anyone willing to give up A ball player- in other words —senseless as to why he’s run out there knowing he’s past prime

  • Voice of Reason

    I said it when he was signed and I’m sticking to my statement. Edwin Jackson was a bad sign. He was not needed. This team will lose 95+ games with him or without him.

    This team needed to rid itself of all the big salaries and start integrating the minor leaguers into big league positions. Then you sign high priced veterans to fill positions where you don’t have young talent.

    Will they need to sign starting pitching down the road? YES
    Will there be another very average starter like Edwin Jackson available at that time? YES

    • CubFan Paul

      in 2012 Paul Maholm had a April era of 6.2

      He was later flipped with a 4th OF for Arodys Vizcaino

      Overreaction much? YES.

      This year hopefully a package of DeJesus & Villanueva will bring us another blocked Top 100 prospect

      • Voice of Reason

        In 2012 Paul Maholm was making $4.7 million. This year he is making $6.5 AND IT’S THE LAST YEAR OF HIS DEAL.

        It’s easy to trade players like Maholm with contracts like that!

        In 2013 Edwin Jackson is making $13 million. And, he will make $13 million a year every year through 2016.

        The Cubs will not be able to move this guy for a blocked top 100 prospect, an unblocked top 500 prospect or a bag of balls.

        CubFan Paul clueless? YES

        • CubFan Paul

          Mr.”Voice of Reason” I never said EJax was tradeable now (this year or anytime soon).

          EJax was signed to a 4yr deal for a reason

          • Brett

            And, even if he were, his deal was front-loaded with a signing bonus. He makes just $11 million per year from 2014 to 2016.

        • Justin

          Chill “Voice of Reason” There is a ton of crap to be angry with the Cubs these days. I just don’t see EJax’s contract as being one. Has he sucked so far? For sure.. But if he goes thru a dominant stretch before the trade deadline his contract is completely tradeable. Just look at the other insane pitching money out there these days. It’s just going to get more crazy too.

    • Justin

      Out of all things to bitch and moan about EJax isn’t one of them. He is a proven/durable dude that is a back of the rotation arm on a good team. Maholm is a good example. He was terrible last year early, but got better as the yr went on. Jackson will come around…

  • Voice of Reason

    Borbon needs to be in center field every day. Let’s see if we have something with that kid. Odds are against it, but he could be our future lead off man/center fielder. We know it’s not going to be Dejesus!

    In fact, they need to move Dejesus now that they have Borbon. Dejesus is so average it’s not even funny and he will not be with this club the next time they are competitive. So, trade him now, to a contending team who needs a fourth outfielder. We’ll take a minor leaguer in return who might develop into a big league player the next time the Cubs are ready to compete.

    • Rcleven

      “Dejesus is so average it’s not even funny and he will not be with this club the next time they are competitive. So, trade him now, to a contending team who needs a fourth outfielder”

      85% of this team won’t be around when the Cubs are competitive.
      Getting rid of DeJesus this early is just down right crazy right now. DD, Castro, and Rizzo have given the majority of the production so far.
      Looking at this team there are so many players that are below average it makes DD look like an All Star.

      • Voice of Reason

        Sure, let’s hold on to Dejesus so he can get hurt (see Matt Garza)!!
        And, Dejesus value isn’t going to get any higher since he is so average.
        Trading him now is the right move! Along with eliminating the chances of him getting hurt like Garza it also gives the team that trades for him more time to have his services.

        • Noah

          You have to look at supply and demand, though. The demand for DeJesus’ services will likely be higher in a couple of months when more teams lose an outfielder due to injury or ineffectiveness of other players.

          Aside from the injury risk (which is less for position players than pitchers and especially less random for position players), the Cubs probably actually could get more for DeJesus in July than right now because they’d have better odds of having multiple teams competing for his services. Unless some team out there actually thinks he’s going to post a .388 wOBA all season.

          • Jp3

            Don’t forget about Dejesus’ wife, she increases his demand from a team by at least 2

            • Cubbie Blues

              This is due to the extra belly-fire produced in his teammates.

              • Jp3

                Pretty much any time she walks in to a room, antacids are needed by the truck load due to elevated belly-fire levels.

  • Kevin

    I have to say not too impressed with Jackson so far, but what are you going to do. He will get it together, and he has always been this type of pitcher, really bad then wonderful. Anyway I just wanted to say how level headed the people on this board are. Every comment I have seen has fair analysis and interesting points, and it is refreshing to see fans who actually can think about baseball, post fair and intriguing thoughts, and not completely knock each other down with comments. After visiting ESPN Chicago for so many years, and witnessing the dribble that ridiculous people post on boards and comments, it is just very nice to see these posts on bleacher nation. Also Brett you do a great job, along with your team, and ever since I found this website, this is pretty much the only website I really like coming to for Cubs insight. Hopefully we can turn the series around and win the next two, and then come out of the gates strong in May like we did last year, until all hell broke loose. As always Go Cubs!

  • Kyle

    I didn’t see the game because hockey, but it sure looks like Jackson was his normal inconsistent self but got wickedly BABIPed.

    We had more BBs, more HRs, fewer Ks, and yet somehow scored six fewer runs. Because Cubs.

  • Simon

    Snuck down and sat front row behind home plate where the pink hat guy sits!
    Sat next to Gary Cole hah
    Yeeaaaahh I’m gonna need the cubs to win more