guillermo moscoso a'sApparently 20,000 people have applied to be one of four selected to make a one-way journey to Mars. I’d say odds are good that among those 20,000+ adventurous souls there is at least one baseball fan. And that means there is a chance that a Martian settler will one day be fiddling with a radio dial trying to pick up a baseball game, just like I used to do when driving home late at night.

And that’s kind of cool. But what I really want to know is whether or not there will be room in the cargo for a ball, bat, and glove. So far as I know, golf is the only sport to be played anywhere other than Earth. America’s pastime deserves to be on that list, and with any luck this privately funded Martian reality show settlement attempt will put baseball in the stars where it belongs.

Scores From Yesterday

Iowa – Iowa got some quality pitching in this 7-2 win.
Tennessee – Tennessee had the day off on Tuesday as they traveled to Mississippi.
Daytona – Daytona piled on five runs in the seventh inning and then held on for an 11-4 win.
Kane County – Kane County staged a furious rally by scoring three times in each of the last three innings, and it resulted in a 13-9 win.

Performances of Note

  • [Iowa] Guillermo Moscoso debuted for the Cubs and struck out six over five innings, picking up his first win of the season. A fifth inning solo home run was his only real mistake in this game.
  • [Iowa] And then the bullpen combination of Yoanner Negrin, Casey Coleman, and Rafael Dolis was once again effective in putting the game away. Dolis fanned two in a perfect ninth.
  • [Iowa] Brian Bogusevic had a huge game. The outfielder finished 3 for 4 with two doubles and a triple. He is closing in on 100 plate appearance with a line of .420/.500/.568. Even in the PCL that is pretty impressive.
  • [Daytona] Doubles were wild for Daytona last night. Zeke DeVoss, Javier Baez, Jorge Soler, John Andreoli, and Ben Carhart all smacked a two bagger in the win.
  • [Daytona] Zach Cates threw six innings of no hit baseball, striking out seven in the process.
  • [Kane County] We have a bit of a home run derby taking place in Kane County. Daniel Vogelbach homered in his third straight game giving him five for the season. Rock Shoulders also has five. Quick, someone send those guys a copy of 61*.
  • [Kane County] Not that Shoulders had a bad game himself. All he did was double twice, draw a walk, and cross the plate three times.

Other News

  • Guillermo Moscoso is probably not a name you recognize. The right hander started 21 games for Oakland in 2011, finishing that season with an ERA+ of 118. He was then traded to Colorado prior to the 2012 season, waived by the Rockies in November, claimed by the Royals, waived, claimed by the Blue Jays, waived, and then claimed by the Cubs. He did not pitch well in Colorado last year, but his road numbers (ERA 2.70 in 23 innings) weren’t bad at all.
  • BluBlud

    Dan Vogelbach is smoking in his last 10 games.

    He is 13-38(.342 ave), 4 HRs, 2 SB, 3 BB and probably the most impressive stat of all them, and definitely for a power hitter, he has only struck out 3 times over that stretch.

    Oh, Danny Boy is also starting to drive the ball. at this rate, no way he doesn’t top the next top 100 list.

    • BluBlud

      No way he “make” the next top 100 list.

      • BluBlud

        damn I need that edit button. let me try this agan.

        No way he doesn’t “make” the next top 100 list.

    • On the Farm

      He won’t make the top 100 list, his value as a 1B/DH will prevent him, unless he is literally the best 1B prospect in Baseball.

      • Kyle

        There’s more than one list. Usually, about 200 guys will make *someone’s* top 100 list.

        Vogelbach has already made it. He was No. 98 on John Sickels’ Minor League Ball list, one of the more respected minor league pundits:

        • On the Farm

          I was just speaking to the fact that a majority of top 100 lists do seem to have very few 1B on the lists. For instance the top 100 MLB list has 5 Cs, 10 SS, 3 2B, and 6 3B. Only one 1B made the list. (I didn’t include OFers since that is like three positions smashed into one category.)

          • Kyle

            MLB’s list is the worst list of all the lists. I mean, it’s really truly awful.

            You’re always going to have way more SS’s than anything else, because teams are going to keep top prospects there as long as they possibly can, but otherwise the other positions will just ebb and flow.

            This offseason, Baseball America’s list only had two 1b. But the year before, it had four. In 2011, it had seven. This offseason was just a fluky in-between year for 1b prospects, where many of the best had graduated and their replacements weren’t quite on the top 100 lists yet.

  • Myles

    Yoanner Negrin is going to be in Chicago sooner rather than later. He looks pretty legitimate.

    • On the Farm

      Bump Camp, he is victim to the heavy work load from last season. There is a lot of history behind people who are having problems like Camp is facing this season.

    • cubzfan

      I dunno. He’s 29. Never had a good K rate. I don’t see him getting to the bigs this year.

      • Myles

        He’s older than the normal “prospect” because he spent the first 7 or so years of his career in a Mexican League. He’s really good; I’ve been watching I-Cubs games on and he’s got legit stuff.

  • Idaho Razorback

    I’ve given up on Brett Jackson. I would trade him for a couple of batting practice baseballs, a cracked fungo bat, and a broken pitching screen. I would throw in John Vitters too, just to make sure we get the three more valuable assets for these two flameouts.

    • Spriggs


    • Voice of Reason

      There values are so low that you might as well keep them and hope they turn it around!
      Trading them right now might not even get you a couple of batting practice baseballs, a cracked fungo bat, and a broken pitching screen.

    • On the Farm

      Vitters is still a bit young to give up on yet, Especially since he is still young (23) and his trend in the minors have always been solid production at the level he starts at, promotion, struggle. But then the next year he kind of figures it out. I think he still has some decent potential if we give him this year to show it.

      As for Jackson, you know what you are going to get out of him, he will strike out, but he does draw a decent number of walks. He also has 20 HR potential so its not crazy to think he could bat 7 in the lineup and be productive there. Just what I think

      • Justin

        The problem with Vitters is that he can’t play 3rd in the majors. And if he’s a corner outfielder his value blows. Hopefully he can turn into a decent role player, I guess.

        I love Brett Jackson and wanted to see him make it so bad. But, the chances of him making an impact in the Bigs as a starter are looking pretty slim. It’s so frustrating, but the strikeouts are just insane at this point. The front office is going to have some very tough decisions with these guys. There spots in AAA are going to be needed soon..

        • itzscott

          I had high hopes for both Jackson & Vitters until they were called up last season and I saw first hand what the Cub scouts obviously didn’t and what what the Cub instructors never taught either of these prospects.

          It was at that point I felt that any holdover scouts from those drafts and all instructors in the Cub system desperately needed to be fired immediately.

          The only positive I can possibly say about either Jackson or Vitters is that sometimes it takes longer for others before it all clicks in and the Cubs have another couple of years before fan patience completely runs out on the rebuilding plan.

          • On the Farm

            Jackson still has hope, Drew Stubbs strikes out a ton, but he still has good value because he has some pop and can play CF. I think Jackson can be a Stubby like player

            • terencemann

              I suppose Jackson is still using his “new” swing? I wonder how long it will be before they abandon it. I think KLaw said he thought the new swing was more consistent but too long and would rob Jackson of some bat speed getting into the hitting zone.

  • Marc

    whatever happened to the pitcher that the cubs signed out of Cuba last year and really struggled (the name i cant spell or frankly remember) thanks.

    • Justin

      Geredo Concepcion? Last I heard still trying to get over Mono. Everyone says that’s why he sucked. I am not buying it..

      • Jp3

        Yeah he was terrible last year. Last I saw a couple weeks ago he was in extended spring training in Arizona…

        • Marc

          Geredo Concepcion yes that’s him! i was expecting him to be good.. false hope i remember his “mono” i don’t buy it ether

          • willis

            Same mono that derailed Hayden Simpson?

            • On the Farm

              Please don’t remind me about Simpson……

      • hansman1982

        He wasn’t as good as advertised to beging with, the mono didn’t help anything.

  • Marc

    Geredo Concepcion yes that’s him! i was expecting him to be good.. false hope i remember his “mono” i don’t buy it ether