Tonight, Scott Feldman showed everyone the guy that some of us have been dreaming on for some time. The stuff, which has always looked good, was actually harnessed, and Felman was virtually unhittable. Feldman didn’t even give up a run until a solo homer by Jedd Gyorko in the 8th inning, just the Padres’ second hit of the night. He gave up a another one to Chase Headley in the 9th, but that was it. And he was still striking dudes out in the 9th. Just a ridiculous performance.

And the Cubs greeted an old friend warmly.

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  • TWC

    That was a remarkably satisfying game to watch.

    • Oswego Chris

      Best performance by a Feldman since ‘The Lost Boys’

      • MichiganGoat

        Zing… You mean Dream a Little Dream didn’t live up to expectations?

        • Internet Random

          I actually really liked that movie.

      • FFP

        It’s been said elsewhere, I know, but I am reminded just now that you’ve been missed here, Coach.

      • Stinky Pete

        I called MLBONXM with your comment, but They dropped the call and I had to go in to work.

  • mudge

    5 walks.

    • Alex S

      And two of them were Barney, oddly enough.

  • college_of_coaches

    Cashner was pretty bitter last year about being traded. Today’s game won’t help.

    • Rcleven

      Who cares. He is just another opponent. Wish the young man a great career. No big match up. No who won the trade. Hope its a win win for both teams.

  • Zogie

    Another great all-around game for the Cubbies. Every player contributed to this cubs victory. Feldman pitched one heck of a game going 9 innings with 12 Ks. He even had a RBI Double. The Cubs had 9 hits and 5 walks with only 3 K’s. A complete team effort tonight and it was great to watch. I won’t single out a player tonight because everyone did well and the box score tells the story well.

  • willis

    Great performance by Feldman. Some timely hitting and worked Cashner to hell and back tonight. Awesome come back from the whoppin’ from last night.

  • Josh

    I missed this game for a darn chemistry exam I have tomorrow. Looks like I missed a good one

    • cubs4life

      yeah i just wish there were more of these games on wgn when im actually off work so i can watch one.

    • cubchymyst

      I missed this one because I was proctoring a chemistry exam. So just remember the professors miss out as well.

      • hansman1982

        Well if you chemistry teachers weren’t so self absorbed. I mean, who needs chemistry anyway…amirite?!?!?!?!

        • Cubbie Blues

          Chemistry Cat would disagree.

          • Ian Afterbirth

            If the Cubs do end up having a mascot I vote for Chemistry Cat.

            • Internet Random

              I vote for Quade.

      • Internet Random

        “I missed this one because I was proctoring a chemistry exam.”

        Mmmm… proctology.

  • ramin

    I like the lineup changes, moving Castro and rizzo down in the order to be able to drive in more runs.

    • Seth

      I agree, but when Soriano gets back into the lineup, where does he fit into the lineup?

      • ramin

        I think Nate should hit third and place soriano behind Castro, Nate gets on base and should set up plenty of opportunities for for rizzo Castro and soriano to drive in runs

        • N8theGr8

          I approve this message.

      • Marc

        Soriano back to leadoff? Hahahaha

        • ramin

          You know what, thats not absurd at all, his best career numbers were in the leadoff spot.

          • npnovak

            yeahhhh I’m gonna go ahead and say that’s a horrible idea. you want your leadoff hitter to have a high OBP, take a lot of pitches, and have decent speed. soriano, while still a good player, does none of things.

      • arta

        give him more rest!

  • CeeDeeVee5811

    What a game by Feldman. What surprised me more than anything though, was that Sveum let him finish the game.

  • Dynastyin2017

    So tomorrow do we go:
    -DeJesus, Valbuena, Soriano, Rizzo, Castro, Schierholtz, castillo and Barney?

  • preacherman86

    I would like to see a lineup with valbuena 2 and Castro 3 and rizzo 4, patience and clutch at 2, best hitter at 3 and RBI guy at 4. Can anyone explain a box score where Feldman throws a complete game and his stat line era is different than that of the overall pitching era from pitchers thrown in the game?

    • Kygavin

      Having Valbuena hit 2nd is a terrible idea. He is hitting 243 this year and even that is above his career average. Castro should hit 2nd (where you want your best hitter to bat) and Rizzo should hit 3rd or 4th. (Insider article by Keith Law discussing this very thing from earlier in the week.)

      My lineup would be: Dejesus Castro Rizzo Soriano RF platoon Castillo 3B platoon Barney

      • Jason P

        Except average isn’t what matters from a 2 hitter- OBP does. Castro has looked completely out of place in the 2 hole, taking pitches right down the middle and fouling off the ones he did get at. He looked much more comfortable in the 5th spot today.

        That said, I don’t really like Valbuena 2nd either. But that’s because I like his power lower in the lineup. My ideal lineup would probably be: Dejesus Schierholtz Rizzo Soriano Castro Castillo Valbuena Barney. So basically just Schierholtz and Castro flipped.

        • CubsFaninMS

          That’s my ideal lineup as well. I just wish we could fit Borbon in there somewhere. I think he’s better than people realize. If we trade Dejesus, I think we have a good leadoff hitter for the rest of the season. Maybe.

      • preacherman86

        Sir, valbuena gets on base currently .40 more than Castro. Y not have a .340 obp with pop hitting second, also this a guy who passes the eye test of hitting with guys on base. Plus Castro hitting with guys on base who be advantageous for his ability to hit and just put the ball in play

  • Rev. Bud Green

    I think Jackson missed his release point on that shaving cream pie.

  • ramin

    Ans just to think that if the bullpen held their own we could’ve been at .500 or above. Now the question is, say if we are close by the trading deadline, what will happen?

  • jim

    YOU CUBS FANS Need to see Reality!
    YES, They have won a few games lately,
    BUT, THESE were against 2 HIGH SCHOOL
    TEAMS ALL YEAR. The good teams will
    feast on the CUBS!

    • AB

      Jim are you six years old???

      That’s about the level of thought, effort, and clarity you seem to put into your posts.

      • ETS

        I like the way he capitalizes all the letters in certain words. It really helps put emphasis in his writing and looks super awesome.

        • Internet Random

          iT DOES Look PRETTY Sweet.

          • Seth

            Thanks for the quick belly laugh Random.

        • mysterious4th

          I thought maybe his caps lock was bipolar. *shrugs*

        • N8theGr8

          He must be drawing on a tablet, with one of those big crayons. So he won’t break it. Or eat it.

      • Jim

        To be clear, thats not me. I like his name though

    • Rcleven

      Jim: No one here expects the Cubs to challenge for the playoffs. What I do expect is signs of improvement in a team that finished second from the bottom. Beating the worse teams in baseball is improvement. I will be very happy to become the best of the worst this year because that shows improvement. Next season if they become that mid tier team that will be improvement. And so on. I AM A CUB FAN. I love baseball. I have hope. Something you seem to have lost.

    • CubsFaninMS

      Don’t forget your anxiety medicine, Jim.


  • Kenster

    Maybe the Cubs should purposely sign injured veterans at every position, that have the possibility of starting, so when they are ready to come off the DL, the other players who are actually playing all play like they are about to lose there job and perform great!! Jkjk, but very interesting that Valbuena and Feldman have been playing better and better as time comes closer for Stewart and Garza to come back.

    Maybe more players should play like they’re about to lose their job

    • CubsFaninMS

      I believe we can officially say we have a pending logjam with starting pitching.

      • MichiganGoat

        That’s a great problem to have

        • FFP

          Two Theo style responses to starting pitching “logjams”
          1. “These problems tend to sort themselves out.” not so much a code for anything, but a respect for the Fates or Somone’s Wrath. Words matter.
          2. “You need ‘X number’ of starting pitchers every season” ‘X number’ usually is 8 but I think I’ve heard him say as many as 10 (perhaps when he is feeling down).

  • mybrettjacksonhat

    Chatted with one of Scott Feldman’s relatives today. Our kids go to the same school. Told him a lot was riding on the game tonight. Just heard from him a few minutes ago and he is pretty relieved and excited by tonight’s performance. Other family members were out watching the game at a bar and were nervous about his start to the season and really hoping things would go well tonight for numerous reasons. When I talked to my friend during the preseason, he told me that Scott was really excited to go to the Cubs because of the opportunity and because of the fans and history. Conveyed that he wants to do well here for many reasons, not just his own gain.

    As I’ve mentioned the few times I’ve posted here, this site is one of the best for content and comments. I’m a good baseball fan and observer but don’t have the time and expertise that many on here do to comment. But, I figured I’d share this tidbit as there is a side to all of this that I often miss as a fan and analyst and my conversations with Scott Feldman’s relative sort of reveal.

    • Seth

      Thanks for the share. I enjoy reading things like this. And don’t feel like you don’t have the expertise to comment. People much worse make comments.

      • Seth

        I should rephrase that last sentence. *People make much worse comments.”

        • pete

          Actually, the syntax of your original version seemed better – sound like yoda you did.

    • mudge

      The human thing, why we all got hooked in the first place. Thanks.

    • Brett

      Appreciate these thoughts, MBJH.

    • hansman1982

      Thanks for sharing! It is always great to have reminders that these athletes are real people and have real families and concerns. Anytime people want to gripe about XYZ with a player, should read this comment, doubly so when you want to gripe about off-the-field issues creeping into their performance.

  • Internet Random


    I’m starting a band called Bizarro Jerry and the Feldmans.

    • EB

      We need to trade for Jason Vargas and start an all bizarro rotation

  • I love marmol

    Feldman Dom-i-ciled

  • MikeW

    YOU guys need TO UNDERSTAND that the CUBS STINK
    do NOT ENJOY the wiNs ok?

  • ripitrizzo82

    im 30yrs old and just witnessed a first. its snowing, lightening and thundering at the same time. ONLY IN IOWA!! i know its way off subject but felt the need to share. it was almost 80 degrees out yesterday

    • Kyle

      That’s called thundersnow and it’s awesome.

      • hansman1982

        Until you have to shovel thundersnow, or if it is May.

  • ripitrizzo82

    its somethin alright. thundersnow sounds like the title of a B movie. THUNDERSNOW featuring tvs jaleel white co-staring mario van peables

  • Ed Wiese

    Soriano HATES days off. Congrats on Scott Feldman with the complete game. Nice to know we saved the bullpen for a whole game. Did we have anyone even getting loose at all? Also Scott Feldman helped his cause at the plate tonight with an RBI Double. Not bad for a guy who hasnt hit much due to being in the AL

    • Seth

      Gregg and Russell were throwing in the ninth.

  • ripitrizzo82

    it is pretty crazy to see

  • CBP

    Cashner is going to be a solid 3/4 in the future but that is it. He still gets in a lot of high pitch at bats. I still think we got a highway robbery getting Rizzo for him. I loved seeing Castro in the 5 hole. He can be aggressive and this last week he has looked solid knock on wood.

    • willis

      I agree, and I was a huge Cashner fan. But getting Rizzo for him was pretty much a fleece job. Cashner will be solid as long as he is healthy, but he will never be dominant as a starter, maybe as a closer, but not a starter. To me that’s worth netting a 1B that can man that post for the next 10 or so years.

  • Rynomite

    Cubs staff now leads the NL in batting average against. Crazy. Yes, the good play is coming against the Marlins and Padres, but it’s enough to breed some hope.

  • Die hard

    Rich Hill retired 2 batters in relief for Cleveland yesterday — enough to interest Cubs in offering Marmol?… He was the second coming of Ken Holtzman until he wasn’t.. But has good stuff

  • Joepoe123

    LOL any1 else notice Rizzo has stolen 4 bases this year already!……. who needs campana