At a presentation last night, the Chicago Cubs revealed their first mock-ups of, among other things, the signage they propose to erect in the outfield at Wrigley Field, as well as the hotel being built on the McDonald’s property and the plaza being built on the triangle property just west of the ballpark.

There will be much more to say on the renovations later today, as Tom Ricketts is going to be making a presentation to the media. In the interim, here’s a quick look at the proposed outfield signage – a JumboTron, which doesn’t look too bad, and a see-through sign in right field – and the hotel/plaza area just west of the ballpark. The latter looks pretty much as it has been described.

The pictures were provided by the Cubs to Crain’s, the Chicago Tribune, CSNthe Sun-Times, and DNAinfo, and you can go to those links to see more pictures (and larger versions of the ones below). I’ll try to get some larger copies and a full set to share here as well.

The outfield:

proposed jumbotron and sign

The hotel (left) and plaza (center), with the new office building at the top center (the street running through is Clark):

hotel and triangle property

  • Nate Corbitt

    I think that looks really good and doesn’t take away from “the Wrigley experience” at all.

  • BWA

    As much as I wish the jumbotron wasn’t happening, at least it is tasteful.

    • Voice of Reason

      Get over your Wrigley Field lovey dovey stuff. In fact, if you love Wrigley Field then you better like the idea of the jumbotron. Look at it as a way to generate more revenue. Without it, the Cubs would have to leave Wrigley Field.

      I could care less what they do with the park or even if they stay there. I want to win a World Series before I die. If that means jumbotrons, moving to the suburbs, whatever… I don’t care. Just win baby!

      • arealpoy

        Trying to find the upvote button but this is not reddit.

    • hansman1982

      Ya, it almost looks like it has been there for a long time. It’s not as earth ending as people once predicted.

  • Nathan

    Hopefully that jumbotron will be getting pounded by Rizzo HRs soon!

    • Nate Corbitt

      As a lefty, I would imagine most of them will be hitting the “Wrigley Field” sign on the RF side.

      • Nathan

        Rizzo is a beast of a lefty with tons of power to right center. But you’re right, of course.

        • jay

          First the expanded bleachers—now the Jumbotron and more signage. Remember when homers used to end up on Waveland and Sheffield every other day? Now you’ve got to really club it to get it out on the street and pretty soon you’ll need good aim, too.

      • mcgrath

        read in the tribune that anywhere you see a wrigley field sign that represents where advertisements will go.

        And i love what it looks like plus the thoughts that they want it to be a ” historic restoration”. Modernizing the ballpark but making it look more historic at the same time.

  • CubFan Paul

    Doesn’t look like they blocked any rooftops.

    • MichiganGoat

      Yeah I’m not seeing any blockage either, maybe too look left or right but they still have a direct view into the field, I’m also impressed that we’re not see any massive advertising signs. The Jumbotron looks as classy as you can get and blends nicely (well as nice as a massive TV can look) into the field. Now its time to hear the overreaction from rooftops.

      • Jim

        I am wondering if the rooftop near the foul pole will be able to see what is going on down the right field line and the rooftop in left center will be able to see what is going on down the left field line. Not that I really care, but I could see something like that brought up. Overall, I like it.

        • MichiganGoat

          that is exactly what they will complain about

        • MichiganGoat

          and i would be okay if the Cubs decided to give the rooftops that have an obstructed view a 3-5% discount form their revenue sharing agreement just to shut them up

          People will still visit the rooftops for the party that the rooftop can provide

    • Beer Baron

      Interesting that in the image they Photoshopped out the rooftop seating on the Eamus Catuli building in right field. I wonder if this was just someone taking artistic liberties to make the signage in right look better in the image, or if they know the new sign in right will block those seats to the point of making them go away.

      • Brett

        Reportedly, it’s because the Cubs do not have an agreement with the owner of that building anymore (there was a bankruptcy process).

        • Cubbie Blues

          Interesting. I wonder if there is a way to block that building’s view and not effect the others. Or, maybe that is what they were aiming to do.

  • Ron Swanson

    Looks pretty good actually. Better than I expected.

  • Weber

    The only thing I don’t like is the lights on top of the new scoreboard, I guess I just never pictured it with lights on top, but they’re not really necessary are they?

    • Peter

      I read somewhere (Carrie Muskat’s blog, I think) that they’re supposed to illuminate the power alleys.

  • OlderStyle

    cool… bring on the modernized Wrigley.

  • Idaho Razorback

    Looks classy. Can’t wait until we have a major league playing in Wrigley.

  • Ivy Walls

    As an approaching old timer….FanTastic! The thing about Wrigley is it can never be a stadium and a jumbo tron can’t make it one, neither can a hotel or office building.

  • MJ

    According to these renderings, no signage is going to be blocking Murphy’s Bleachers. So, NOW is Beth Murphy and the others who aren’t impacted going to be doing much more saber rattling and willing to pour in their resources to sue?

  • @cubsfantroy

    I like it. It looks really good there.

  • Jim

    Will the hotel include a parking garage? That would seem to be the biggest need in Wrigleyville and would only make things worse with a hotel and no parking.

  • Crazyhorse

    Lokks Awesome.

  • JoeyCollins

    You dont get much classier than a clocktower.

  • Scott

    Very tasteful indeed…a modern nostalgic look, I like it. But…they can lose the vapor trail/cloud thing…can’t imagine how much that would cost to maintain! 8[ LOL

  • MichiganGoat

    I find the “Wrigley Field” sign impressive because I figured that would be a major advertiser sign.

    • WGNstatic

      I believe I read (perhaps in Sullivan’s piece) that the “Wrigley Field” sign is indeed simply a place holder and stylistic suggestion for what will be a paid ad space.

      I agree though, the “Wrigley Field” sign is pretty cool.

      • Brett

        Yeah, that’s the advertising sign.

  • Cub Fan Dan

    Thanks Brett. As much as my wife dislikes a jumbotron, but loves Mark Derosa in your version, I was waiting to see a Cubs rendering. It seems to be as tasteful as you can get with a huge jumbotron in Wrigley.

    I take it the signs in right field & on top of the jumbotron will not say “Wrigley Field”, but “Bank of America” or “Toyota” or something like: “Bleacher Nation Stadium at Wrigley Field”

    • whiteflag

      Bleacher Nation would look amazing out there in left.

      • Brett

        Fundraiser! Only $19.999 million to go!

      • whiteflag


        • whiteflag

          Changed my mind on location.

        • Cubbie Blues

          How many blog-a-thons will it take to make this happen?

          • TWC

            Ace will never sleep again.

        • Brett


          That’s awesome! I must share this.

        • The Dude

          I was reading to verify what I thought about the “Wrigley Field” signs being placeholders, and came across the “Bleacher Nation” version. Two words: Awe! Some!

  • cubchymyst

    This rendering is definitely the best so far, the added LED boards and Jumbotron look really good. Hopefully this project can get started soon.

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  • Adam

    Is it just me or does the third baseman look like he’s walking off the field.

    • TWC

      That’s Ian Stewart. He’s not ready to play that day, either.

    • hansman1982

      The first baseman and the base runner are practically hugging.

  • guy

    Ugh. That JumboTron is still WAY too big. Waaaaay too big. It looks completely unnatural out there and randomly placed. I’d be much happier with a shorter but longer JumboTron. Also, let’s not pretend the advertising on it is going to be tasteful ads for Cubs Charities. It’s going to be hideously garish ads for F-150s and Bud Light.

    I guess I can’t really comment on the right field ad signage considering they’ve only got a placeholder in there, but I doubt it will be great. Even the “Wrigley Field” they’ve got up there just looks distracting, and, again, out of place.

    Leave it to the Cubs to somehow figure out how to turn a legitimately retro ballpark into a 100-year old faux-retro ballpark.

    • Mrcub1958

      Funny. I had the opposite reaction. Wondering if they’re leaving some important revenue on the table. Of course, I’m in the group wanting a WS before I die and clearly the aesthetics of Wrigley are intact. Same concerns voiced in 88 with lights.

      • guy

        It’s amazing how people who want to blow up/move out of/uglify Wrigley act as though people who want it to remain more-or-less the same don’t want to win a World Series. It’s also amazing that those same people think that the Cubs can’t win a WS without doing one of those things, or that a WS victory is largely contingent on it.

        Which is ridiculous. Wrigley has been a cash cow for every Cubs team for decades. The Cubs play in the third largest market and have a national fan base. So clearly, it’s not like a lack of money is what’s standing between them and a championship. Even if it were, plenty of teams that don’t spend a fortune (cough Rays cough) do extremely well.

    • aaronb

      I’d be cool with a jumbotron compromise.

      Take down the old manual scoreboard and replace it with a Jumbotron of that size. It doesn’t change any sightlines…It adds revenues.


  • hansman1982

    Also, and this may explain our suck this year, the Tribune article I saw on this had Kenney (whatever the hell his name is) listed as the President of Baseball Operations.

  • DarthHater

    I understand that people would insist that the stadium continue to be called Wrigley Field, but I really don’t think Ricketts should stick the Wrigley name on his hotel (or anything else, for that matter) unless the Wrigley Corp. is willing to pay for naming rights. They’ve already gotten enough free advertising from the Cubs.

    • whiteflag

      I agree.

    • Cubbie Blues

      I agree to a certain extent, but does anybody actually think about the gum when they hear Wrigley Field anymore?

      • whiteflag

        True. But i think they could make money off the naming rights.

        • Cubbie Blues

          Sure, they could, but didn’t Soldier Field try to do that when they renovated? It didn’t go over to well.

          • whiteflag

            I’m not referring to the field. I just mean the hotel and other buildings.

      • hansman1982

        Theres a gum?

  • Swoophorse

    I really like the look. If this is what the final plans look like I think it’s time the rooftop owners stop sitting on their brains and let it go. I hope that the money derived from the ads go to players and player development.

    Just thinking Brett. Do you like I think the jumbotron will affect the wind blowing in causing left center to be a homerun paradise everyday?

    • Brett

      Affect the wind, yes. Affect it to the point of completely neutering any wind in from left center … I’m not sure. I’d need a meteorologist’s input.

      • Cubbie Blues

        Or, a fluid dynamics simulation.

  • Vin23

    Maybe I’m missing something, so are all the seats staying the same? I thought it was a complete renovation.

    • corey costello

      Yes, basically.

  • MightyBear

    I wonder how that Jumbo tron will affect the wind blowing in from left field? Gotta slow it down some. That Jumbo tron is right in the power alley. Pitchers probably aren’t too pleased but they will get more money so they’re probably cool with it.

  • corey costello

    You know, I think the cubs should take down the scoreboard, put it in the new triangle building, and replace it with the LED jumbotron, but make the screen look like an old fashioned wooden scoreboard. It could switch in-between replays or liveloooks and the normal scoreboard.

    I actually like that idea.

  • MightyBear

    Geeez, I didn’t see the Swoophorse post. A bit redundant there.

    • Cubbie Blues

      I would live to have a 3D model of Wrigley so I could run a simulation on it. I think te results could be very interesting.

  • Stan

    Want to see a game, buy a ticket. During the 70’s the rooftop was for people living in the apts wanting to enjoy a gam, now it an organization drinking beer and eating.

    Tell you what get rid of the rooftop bleachers and make it for the people and then open discussion of viewing from the rooftop..