For the second straight game, the starting pitcher was absolutely fantastic. Travis Wood carried a perfect game into the fifth and pitched into the 8th inning before giving up a run on a bloop single that fell in only because Julio Borbon was played by the wind (he made a fantastic catch the play before, so it’s hard to be too angry). Anthony Rizzo also made a fantastic catch at the wall in foul territory, so I think there will be a highlight or two from this one.

Unfortunately that 8th inning saw the tying run score on a passed ball by Welington Castillo, who seemed to forget that the man on third might try and score. And then the lead run scored on a single off of James Russell … and then an insurance run score off a Chase Headley cue shot dribbler that no one had a chance on. It all happened with two outs, and it may have been the most frustrating inning this year (and there have been some doozies). The Padres did nothing to earn a run, and somehow they got four.

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  • Big-O

    Has anyone else notices this trend? Wood pitches a good 7 to 8 innings only to get pulled for camp who proceeds to piss away the game. Its literally been camp to blow Wood’s effort every time. Does he owe him money or perhaps he made a pass at his lady? I would refuse to give up the ball if I looked over and saw him in the bullpen. He should be 4-0 and the club 14-14

    • TWC

      Prior to today, Wood had had five starts. The Cubs were 3-2 in those games. In the two losses, Wood took the loss in one (leaving the game down 1-0), and Michael Bowden blew the game and took the loss in the 13th in the other.

      The situation you bemoan has, literally, never happened.

      So, no, I imagine that no one else has noticed that trend.

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      • Ian Afterbirth

        I noticed it.

      • Spencer

        I noticed that it happened yesterday. Can a one time event be a trend?

        • TWC


          • DarthHater

            Has anyone else noticed this trend? Something happens that somebody doesn’t like and that somebody infers from this occurrence that the whole world is screwed up and most of the people in it are idiots and then posts a comment that is completely contrary to any actual facts.

            • TWC

              I noticed it.

              • DarthHater

                I thought maybe you had.

            • MichiganGoat

              No, I have no idea what you are talking about, you just not a real fan and member of a cult. Geez

              • DarthHater

                Has anyone else noticed the trend of annoying talking goats?

                • GoatHater

                  Its not possible…..

  • CubsFaninMS

    Well, I know I’m not one of the regular posters on here but I do keep track of all the articles. I’m from Pearl MS and thought I’d give a few good bulletpoints from each Tennessee Smokies game this weekend played against the Mississippi Braves. Tonight…

    – Dallas Beeler had a fantastic night of one-hit baseball through 6 and 2/3, lowering his ERA down to 2.60
    – The little guys, Christian Villanueva, Rubi Silva, and Ronald Torreyes, impressed with the bat by combining for 7 hits and a walk. Torreyes is totally locked in and made solid contact at every at-bat. One of his outs was smoked to center field and could’ve easily turned into a 2-run double. Torreyes is now batting .333, Silva .318, Villanueva well… room for improvement. The season is young.
    – Szczur did not impress tonight with the bat, going 1 for 6. Even superstars have off nights, though. He did remind me quite a bit of Brett Jackson in the outfield, although he played left and not center. He looks totally fearless out there and puts himself in a great position to catch the ball. Hopefully his bat will come through better than Jackson’s has thus far.
    – Although not one of our prospects, Rafael Lopez tattooed a ball over the right field fence. It was by no means a “Stanton” shot but it was very well hit.
    – Zach Rosscup improved his already good ERA to 1.80 with a scoreless 1 and 1/3 innings. He did allow a couple of runners in the 8th but got out of the jam.

    • Rebuilding

      Look at Villanueva’s starts

  • mudge

    I’ve never posted here before, but… oh, never mind.

  • ISU Birds

    So can I start talking about Sandberg being the manager of the future again??

  • Cubbie Blues

    For it to be teh Cubes, shouldn’t they have only scored 3? Since they got 4 I would say they Quade’d.

    • Brett

      Took me a minute.

      • Cubbie Blues

        Sorry, I can be quite dry sometimes.

        • TWC

          There’s a salve for that.

          • Cubbie Blues