For the second straight game, the starting pitcher was absolutely fantastic. Travis Wood carried a perfect game into the fifth and pitched into the 8th inning before giving up a run on a bloop single that fell in only because Julio Borbon was played by the wind (he made a fantastic catch the play before, so it’s hard to be too angry). Anthony Rizzo also made a fantastic catch at the wall in foul territory, so I think there will be a highlight or two from this one.

Unfortunately that 8th inning saw the tying run score on a passed ball by Welington Castillo, who seemed to forget that the man on third might try and score. And then the lead run scored on a single off of James Russell … and then an insurance run score off a Chase Headley cue shot dribbler that no one had a chance on. It all happened with two outs, and it may have been the most frustrating inning this year (and there have been some doozies). The Padres did nothing to earn a run, and somehow they got four.

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  • Spencer

    That’s a very well done @ sign.

    • Brett

      Thanks. All by hand. I may have tried it twice before I got it right.

  • http://Bleachernation Rudy


    • wax_eagle

      I choose to read this in Barkley’s voice. I assume that’s intended.

  • http://Bleachernation Rudy

    Wood earned the chance to finish tht enning

  • cjdubbya

    Cubes man…SMH

  • Vic

    Stupid Cubes. Nothing right about those… angles?

    okay I got nothin’

  • Yohler

    Castillo is playing like a AA catcher behind the plate lately. Too many mistakes.

    • Jason P

      He’s also gotta start having more patient AB’s. I highly doubt he’ll hit .321 all year, and his line will look a lot worse when that comes down. 1 walk through 28 games ain’t gonna cut it.

  • Koyie Hill Sucks

    This one is on Sveum, Camp has been terrible this year and had no business being in a tight game

    • Mauricio Moreira

      Totally agree. And everyone was available in the bullpen, nonsense bringing Camp on that situation.

      • willis

        It’s worse than nonsense. It’s the reality that this dude is awful at managing. And for all the “cubs way” bullshit we hear and all the fielding work…blah blah. They sure suck at the little things.

        • Mauricio Moreira

          Yeah, shame that todays loss will be all about Castillo’s effortless play, people will easy forget the crap call by the skipper.

        • Koyie Hill Sucks

          and one of those things is dumb managerial mistakes… Sveum all year has decided to not let his pitchers try and pitch out of a jam, he has been burned all the time yet continues to do it. Even worse today he relies on Camp.

  • RC

    Why the hell is Camp still pitching. What a piece of crap. He does OK last year but not this year. Sveum makes poor choices…

  • Ed Wiese

    Its pretty sad when our pitcher has the only stolen base in the game!

  • Brandon Painter

    Im sick of seeing camp. He needs to go now.

  • Jason P

    Just awful… I don’t really know how to even complain. One thing I will say is that it wasn’t Sveum’s fault. Even in hindsight, I don’t know what he could have done differently.

    Obviously Borbon screwed us over in the 8th by calling off Barney on a ball he would have caught. But then again, he made a really nice play right before that.

    On a seperate note, I think it’s time to send Sappelt down. He wasn’t overly successful in the PCL last year, and he’s been just plain awful in the MLB this year. It’s starting to look like last September was the outlier. Maybe try Bogusevic or Sweeney in the role – they couldn’t possibly be much worse.

    • John

      The role is right-handed centerfielder. both sweeney and b-spellcheck are lefties. nd it is may 2.

      • Jason P

        That’s true, I didn’t really think about that. But as soon as an alternative pops up in the waiver wire, I think we’ve got to jump on it. It’s not like Sappelt has a proven track record of success.

        • @cubsfantroy

          Hairston can go with him. The lefty lineup is horrible on a consistent basis.

          • Jason P

            Hairston, unlike Sappelt, has a proven track record in the big leagues. I could see possibly not starting him every time we’re facing a lefty, but we could do a lot worse than him on our bench. You’ve gotta remember the guy hit 20 HR in like 350 AB’s last year.

            • John

              Given their recent activity, I’m sure Theo and Jed will be watching for alternatives. I do think that we should give Sappelt more than 37 at bats before we decide to dump him. I don’t think he’s ever going to be more than a fourth outfielder, but until we find someone else it will be useful to find out what we have.

    • Koyie Hill Sucks

      “One thing I will say is that it wasn’t Sveum’s fault. Even in hindsight, I don’t know what he could have done differently.”

      I guess you missed Camp’s wild pitch…

      Camp had no business being in a close game, terrible decision by Sveum to bring him in.

      • Jason P

        It wasn’t a wild pitch, it was a passed ball that was 100% Castillo’s fault. The walk was bad, but it wasn’t what caused the 4-run inning. That was the result of horrible all around team play – the misplayed fly ball, said passed ball, some poor pitching by Russell which only isn’t being mentioned on this board because he’s been otherwise spectacular this year, and plain bad luck. Camp’s walk was only a tiny part of that inning.

        Plus, the last time Camp allowed an earned run before today was April 16th – 9 appearances ago. In that stretch his WHIP was under 1.

        • Koyie Hill Sucks

          The passed ball at best was 50% fault, Camp nearly threw another wild pitch the next pitch. Camp has been horrendous lately, anyone who has watched cubs game can see that, before he pitched in the blow out two days ago, he had allowed 2 hits his previous two apperances, I don’t think that is the guy you want out there in a 2 run game…

          • Rcleven

            Two wrongs don’t make a right. Ya Camp was wild but Castillo’s D has been weak since he came up last year. See my post from yesterday. He has a lazy habit of reaching with his glove instead of moving his body and squaring up.
            This is now the second time it has caused a run in a week.

            • Koyie Hill Sucks

              Except Camp should of never been in the game in the first place, he walked the batter on 5 pitches!

              Wrong decision by Sveum to put him in, terrible throw by Sveum and shitty play by Castillo…

              • Dale’s Ear

                Yeah it’s all Sveum’s fault he should have brought in the Cubs shutdown go-to late inning reliever instead… Ya know the guy in the pen who’s been super consistent and gets them out of jams whenever they need him with no drama… His name seems to slip my mind right now, it’s almost as if he doesn’t even exist….

                • Koyie Hill Sucks

                  Any option would be better than the reliever who arguably has been the worst BP pitcher this year with Marmol.

                  Russell also blew it but would of been the best option there.

                  Imo, let Wood try and get out of that jam…

                  • Dale’s Ear

                    Yeah and I’m sure if Sveum would have left Wood in and he got shelled you would be here talking about how good of a decision it was to leave him in.

                    • Rebuilding

                      No, most of us are saying this before the blowups happen. Bringing in Camp today was losing the game. i said it before, after and during.This is the 4th game Sveum has removed a starter under 105 pitches that was dominant before a bad defensive play. We have lost all 4 games. Wood was the best choice there

                    • BT

                      You clearly have a different definition of “dominant” that most people. The previous 5 batters Wood faced had 2 singles, a walk, a flyout and a foul out (that I think Borbon made a nice play on, but I can’t be sure because I was at work, not watching the game).

                      There’s an argument to be made that Wood could have stayed in, but to pretend he was mowing them down is a bit disingenuous.

          • Jason P

            7 hits and no earned runs in his last 9 appearances. You cant argue with the facts. He didnt have a good outing by any means, but he was the right man to put in and he only played a small part In the meltdown.

            Who else do you want him to put in? Russell? I could see the argument, but he sucked today too. The outcome of the inning wouldn’t have changed. Camp was incredibly reliable last year, and he seemed like he was turning a corner after his rough start this year.

        • Cyranojoe

          Holy cow, is that true about Camp having a sub-1 WHIP lately? It seems all I see of him the past month has been wildness and inaccuracy. So much for the eyeball test.

          • TWC

            “It seems all I see of him the past month has been wildness and inaccuracy.”

            Cubs fans’ brains tend to stick with their initial impressions of players rather than, you know, all the facts.

            • Cyranojoe

              In fairness, all the other sports teams’ fans aren’t a thing like that. ;^)

              And in my defense, I’ll say I LOVED Camp last year, and was only about to say after today’s game that I was leaning toward the bandwagon that’s been raging about dumping his 37-year-old ass, after what I thought had been a string of ineffective performances. I’m always happy to have the facts shet mah mouth. :)

              • TWC

                Ha, well, I wasn’t really talking about *you*, specifically, Cy… (something something if the shoe fits something).

  • spearman

    At least Gregg got the day off!

  • RY

    Cluster Phuck is all you can say about this one!

  • BTC

    “Well that’s a loss that really sucks.” – That quote really sums up the Cubs year so far.

    • Brett

      “Well that’s a season that really sucks.”

      Cubs, 2009-13.

      But 2014 is gonna be better!

      • BTC

        I sure hope so. There’s always next year…and the year after that.

  • Believe in 2015

    Ugly, ugly, ugly

  • Bob Johnson

    Not sure why Wood has to come out after a messed up fly ball especially for Shawn Camp.

    • Jason


    • Rcleven

      Wood was at 96 pitches. Sveum has not let most of the starters go more than 90.
      Save Woods arm for later in the season. This kid is the future.

      • Cyranojoe

        True enough. I think a big reason he’s the coach is that he isn’t going to sacrifice future arms/bats for temporary wins right now. Gonna be interesting to see his contract situation in 2014-15, though…

  • CeeDeeVee5811

    Let’s see what Sveum says/does about Castillo’s lack of hustle…..and lets see what excuse he has for bringing in Camp.

  • notcubbiewubbie

    gee i wonder if wellington castillo lerned that great hustle going after the passed ball from that great clubhouse guy and good with the young guys #4 hitter with 2 rbis??

  • Kenster

    I still take that Braves ninth inning against the Uptons or Camp blowing the Giants game with 2 outs in the 9th over this one

  • Chad

    I love how everyone blames Sveum. He knows his players way better than us. Also we have the advantage of hindsight. I agree, I didn’t like seeing Camp, but to say Sveum is a terrible manager because of calls like this, well that seems very near sighted. I know the bullpen has let us down, but maybe he knows Wood doesn’t handle the bad luck going against him well and he may have folded, I don’t know and neither do you. I’m sure there was a reason for it. Everyone just needs to take a step back from the ledge.

    • Koyie Hill Sucks

      He cleary knows his players better, that is why he never let’s the starters pitch out of a late inning job instead he brings in the bullpen to blow, especially Camp who arguably has been the worst pitcher out of the bullpen with Marmol.

      • jdblades

        Marmol has been very good lately and if I’m not mistaken, hasn’t given up a run in over ten plus inning. Also, Camp walked one batter, if you want to blame anybody, blame Borbon for calling off Barney on the pop up and Castilla for not hustling after the passed ball. And Sveum put in Camp because Woods was dominate all game and was starting to struggle with his command. I don’t know who else he could have brought in, Russell?? Maybe, but it was a right handed batter. Gregg?? He has been pitching the ninth inning. Marmol?? No pressure situations yet unless no other options. Camp is used to the setup role and has been pitching better lately. Shit happens, hopefully Fuji comes back and gives the bullpen a lift and get a regular 7,8,and,9th inning roles for guys.

  • Die hard

    If this team could avg 4 runs would be .500 — need to find some more power or more speed to play every day– may have to replace Darwin Bellyfire

    • Koyie Hill Sucks

      Darwin Bellyfire is the least of the worries, Rizzo hovering around the Mendoza Line and a cleanup hitter with 1HR and 2 RBI’s is a bigger concern, especially Soriano, but don’t worry he will start hitting HR’s when the cubs are 20 games under .500 …

      • Drew7

        “Rizzo hovering around the Mendoza line…”

        You managed to pick the *only* statistic that shows he’s struggling. Every other metric, be it advanced or otherwise, shows he’s been above-average.

    • DarthHater

      “may have to replace Darwin Bellyfire”


    • Joepoe321

      I don’t think the cubs need more power…sure it would be nice but they are In the top 5 in homers and almost all of their runs are off homers it’s just not enough contact hits with runners on base…whenever we have runners on they either hit a HR or get out without advancing the runner…the little hits really matter in close games ..

  • Zachary

    Castillo can hit for a catcher but he needs to get better as a catcher. He calls a good game gas a strong arm but he is terrible at framing pitches and seem to get some weak pass balls.

  • jim

    The “BEST” PART is yet to come!
    WHEN the CUBS start playing

    • Cyranojoe

      The “BEST” part will be when you either stop posting on this site or start actually contributing anything intelligent and/or useful to the discussion.

      Rage on, troll, rage on.

      • TWC

        I like it much better when he uses :slightly: fewer all-caps words. It makes the cadence of the comment much more entertaining in my head. It can be Shatner-like, really.

        • DarthHater

          I especially like the quotation marks around “LOSSES.” No idea what they “MEAN,” but MOST of us ALREADY KNEW that.

    • DarthHater


      • Yohler


      • seamhead

        That photo goes all the way to the old Tribune message boards, 10-12 years ago, which I guess were the original blogs. I think Kyle may have been part of that group.

        If you think some of the discussions here get out of hand, the battles there were epic.

  • fromthemitten

    box scores! smh!

  • Rcleven

    Don’t look now but Marmol now has a sub 4.00 ERA.
    16 pitches 11 strikes today.
    Might have some value yet.

  • justinjabs

    So meta.

  • Kyle

    $%^@#%$@% this loss hurts. I didn’t think this team was capable of hurting me at this point in the season, but ick.

    One of the most fascinating sources of baseball’s variance is sequencing. Order matters a lot. walk, single, homer is a lot better than homer, single, walk. Nine singles in a row and nothing for the other eight innings is probably enough runs to win. One single in each of nine innings gives you probably nothing.

    The Cubs have been having brutal sequencing luck all season. 12 baserunners should yield more runs than nine, especially when the 12 include the game’s only home run. But the Cubs floundered with RISP, and the Reds mixed in a couple of walks with an absurd inning of bloops, swinging bunts and well-placed ground balls.


    • MichiganGoat

      I blame Sveum 😉

    • jt

      a blop hit off the reaching bat of Castro on a low outside pitch is not the same as one off the bat of Rizzo on pitch down the middle. One is from design and the other is from mistake.
      Schierholz may have trusted Barney on the 8th inning pop to right. Borbon, the new guy, didn’t and made the mistake. The team is not yet settled. Not all roles have been defined within the parameters of ability. Until that is so, there will be critical mistakes and this team will not be good.
      The elements that are good are becoming apparent. That makes the elements that are bad so damn frustrating. But that that is so is such a good thing. That means the good are the more and the bad the fewer. That means they should be getting closer.

  • Rcleven

    “But the Cubs floundered with RISP, and the Reds mixed in a couple of walks with an absurd inning of bloops, swinging bunts and well-placed ground balls.”

    Are you posting on the next series?
    This post will fit the games next Fri,Sat and Sunday.

    • Kyle

      Yeah probably. Stupid team has me in a daze. That loss punched me in the face.

  • Die hard

    Like I said before game — this team is built to lose by not being able to score more than 4 game…. No speed and limited power

    • MichiganGoat

      Hey we’re getting better it use be 6 runs by June maybe we’ll be at 2 runs.

      • Die hard

        Pitching has come thru but not to last without run support

  • Moses73

    Newcomer but long time reader. Brett what gives you hope that the cubs are gonna be better in 2014? The minors are full of unknowns. Cubs fans seem to be placing all their eggs in the basket of Almora, Baez and soler. They say for every ten can’t miss studs, one makes it to the bigs. What gives you hope. Been a fan since I got cable in 1982 and started watching games on wgn. I have never been more disinterested in the cubs now than I’ve ever been. I just don’t see what magic wand theo is gonna wave and make this better. You keep talking about flip able players. Seriously who we gonna flip them for? Other teams marginal players. I just don’t see it and every day I get more and more fed up