welington castilloWell, I’m off. The early hour of these Bullets is commensurate with my early travels (indeed, I scheduled this post at 5am ET, having gotten up at 4am ET – some of you lunatics were probably still up). It’s going to be a long day, but a good one. I hope to see some of you at the ballpark today (right field bleachers, lower corner by the LED board, assuming I can find a seat), and then at the get-together after the game at Sheffield’s (corner of Sheffield and School, a few blocks South of Wrigley).

  • Catcher Welington Castillo was properly chastised – mostly by himself – after he failed to hustle after a passed ball in the 8th inning yesterday, which allowed a run to score. After the game, Castillo said he apologized to his teammates, and felt like he’d lost the game. It was a momentary lapse in focus, and he says it won’t happen again. Per the Tribune, Castillo added that he doesn’t believe that’s the kind of player he is.
  • Dale Sveum has said it before, but it’s worth reiterating that, despite some tinkering this week, Starlin Castro is his two-hole hitter. For now. “On our team right now, he’s a two-hole hitter,” Sveum said, per Cubs.com. “Obviously, he’s a hand-eye coordination guy who will put the ball in play and doesn’t walk much, so maybe he’s more apt to hit at the bottom or the order because he can hit into some double plays and things like that. For the team we have now, he’s the second hitter.” In other words, if Sveum had the kind of hitters he believes a quality lineup should have, Castro would be hitting lower in the order. Here’s hoping that, by the time Sveum does have those hitters, Castro will have, himself, bloomed into another one of them.
  • Matt Garza says he feels good after his first rehab start, and he’s already itching for start number two. “I was excited, pleased and can’t wait for another five days,” Garza said, per ESPN Chicago. “There were no aftereffects. Just more like normal soreness, which is awesome. Granted I didn’t complete my normal postgame routine but it went really good.” The plan is for Garza to pitch on Monday at AAA Iowa, then have at least one more rehab start before there’s a chance he’s activated.
  • Kyuji Fujikawa threw again yesterday in the pen, and Dale Sveum said it looked a lot better this time. Fujikawa might make his first rehab appearance at Iowa on Sunday.
  • Matt Garza on his stop-the-negativity tweets the other day.
  • Padres manager Bud Black professes his love for Wrigley Field as it is, including the small clubhouse and the foul smell of the tunnel to the dugout.
  • Next Wednesday’s game at Wrigley against the Cardinals is a “Pink Out” for breast cancer awareness. So, wear pink.
  • Julio Borbon tried to coax a hit-by-pitch yesterday, and, although the results were humorous, I was happy to see that he tried:

  • Jp3

    I believe the Gordon Wittenmyer piece to be a secret message poorly executed. He looks like he didn’t even try to cover up the secret message to the Russians with a story.

  • Jp3

    I see what happened Gordon….[img]http://i444.photobucket.com/albums/qq165/junah42/Lolcat/falls-asleep-on-keyboard.jpg[/img]

    • Rcleven

      Could be what very well happened. I know it happens to me while watching the Cub offense at least once four times a game.

  • BluBlud

    Hey Brett, don’t you mean Julio Borbon?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Ha. Oof. Thanks. Can I blame it on the 4am?

      • BluBlud

        Yeah, its all good.

  • Tim

    Gordon, that’s your best piece yet.

    • MichiganGoat

      but it was plagiarized from my 8 month old

      • Jason

        haha, nice one :)

  • Kyle

    *sigh* I really wonder where we’d be if we’d had Fujikawa and either Feldman or Villanueva in the pen the all season. Our injury luck hasn’t been especially bad, but it’d be nice one of those years to have one of those exceptionally lucky years that other teams get.

    • Rcleven

      Fujikawa will be back soon. With the Garza return I figure Loe is the odd man out and Feldman goes to the pen. The question is who gets bumped with the return of Fujikawa.
      Hang in there it will get better.

  • Boogens

    “…Castillo added that he doesn’t believe that’s the kind of player he is.”

    Too bad that Navorro can’t say the same with a straight face.

  • hansman1982

    What’s the big deal with the Wittenmeyer story? Isn’t this what he typically writes?

  • LouBrown

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Camp shown the door either. Tough call who has been worse, him or Loe.

  • Koyie Hill Sucks

    Camp should apologized for his performance this season…

  • Koyie Hill Sucks


    • TWC

      I forgive you.

  • JoeyCollins

    I seem to like Garza more and more all the time. I hope he stays with the Cubs but if not i wish him the best, and will probably follow him wherever he ends up.

    • BluBlud

      Thats called stalking. I tried that with Campana, but he filed a restraining order against me. I guess that forced me to except that he is just not all that good. 😉

      • MichiganGoat

        glad to see you having a sense of humor about your Campy Obsession

      • JoeyCollins

        I’m not above stalking someone, but if i was going to stare through the bushes it would have to be at Villanuevas stache. That thing deserves a stalker or two.

        • BluBlud

          I usually don’t like my men Hairy. I’m more a fan of the clean cut type. If it’s helping him win though, I’m all for him keeping it.

  • Karen P

    Having worked on the copy desk at MLive.com in Michigan, I can verify that Gordon got off lucky. One time I nearly sent a page to the printer with a headline that read “STUPID MAYOR SAYS STUPID B.S. IN EFFORT TO GET RE-ELECTED,” with a deck, “blah blah blah this is lame blah.”

    And I’m glad Garza is nearly back! Ish…

    • MichiganGoat

      Hey girl you in England yet?

    • MichiganGoat

      And was that headline for something recent here in GR?

    • Kyle

      Simple rule. Do not type stuff on the page that you wouldn’t want to see in print. If you wouldn’t want to see it in print, never ever ever type it in. I used to get so many eyerolls from my college editors when I’d enforce this, but it saves a lot of embarrassment and sometimes careers. Always use nonsense text as placeholder (I prefer XXXXX because it stands out more when you are tired and doing one last look-over on the page before sending it off). You may look dumb when you let a page go with an all-Xs headline or cutline, but it’s better than a lot of the incidents I’ve seen in my career.

      It’s the equivalent of the radio/TV rule that you assume every mic is live.

  • N8theGr8

    Cubs: Committed to “asdf adsfadfadfertewrgfdsgs tgdt fgh tyh fg fghjf gh”

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