The Cubs made sure to bust out the obligatory 9th inning teaser rally, but it came up short, and the Cubs lost another one-run game to the Reds.

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  • Jason P

    The Cubs currently have 5 qualified players with an OPS .772 or higher: Dejesus, Schierholtz, Rizzo, Valbuena, and Castillo.

    You know who can’t say this? The Reds, the Brewers, or the Cardinals. Those 3 teams are 2nd 3rd and 4th in runs scored in the NL. The Cubs are 13th.

    Even though it was a little better today, it’s almost comical how much this team struggles with men on base. We outhit the Reds 15-9 (!) today, and lost. Barney left 8 on base by himself, Soriano came up with the bases loaded twice and both times not only failed to get on base but also to hit a ball to medium-depth outfield. 3 RBI’s in 29 games for your cleanup man is absurdly bad.

    It’s not just Soriano, either. The entire team has a .553 OPS with men in scoring position, including just 13 extra base hits in 215 AB’s. Have we even had a 4 run inning this year?

    Bottom line – too many good individual stat lines on this team for us to be as nonfuntional on offense as we are.

    • Drew7

      They held the hit advantage 15-9, but when 13 of those 15 hits are singles, you’re gonna leave a bunch of guys on base.

      It’s crazy that your 1st and 4th paragraphs can both be true. They just can’t string together XBH’s, like, ever.

    • demz

      We really need to move Soriano out of the cleanup spot. He is a complete rally killer. He generally has poor AB with RSP and usually it happens with less than 2 outs. 3 RBI from cleanup a month into the season is just bad, ridiculously bad. Rizzo needs to move into the cleanup role and Soriano needs to hit lower in the order, he is pressing badly in cleanup.

      • Korean Goat

        I agree. sveum needs to consider a flexible lineup

  • mudge

    Team needs to put a banjo player in the dugout. Scruggs style.

    • Eternal Pessimist

      No…that is just what they would expect us to do!

    • spearman

      How about the banjo player from Deliverance?

  • Korean Goat

    first of all, pitchers don’t make choo to get on base. he is on-base machine now. i believe Bosio

  • arta

    Soriano, lol.

  • arta

    i’d like to see Soriano sit for 3-4 games.

  • Die hard

    Sveum should order them to focus on hitting to opposite field lefty or righty every time man on base which will help cut down on strikeouts and will move runners along — they are trying to pull the ball making easy outs— Sandberg practices such things with Phildelphia players and Sveum should do same on next off day and every off day til they start doing it

  • curt

    27 lob is that some kind of record , damn.

  • koyiehillsucks2

    I dont know why sveum keeps on insisting in having soriano hit 4th… imo move valbuena up

  • Stevie B

    I equate Soriano hitting with RISP to a weekend golfer hitting over a water hazard.


  • Josh

    Or a carpenter trying to wire a house. Yikes!