You’ll forgive the tardiness of the EBS. I was enjoying a “night off” after the game, and by the time I was back to my hotel, it seemed saner to do this in the morning than in the wee hours.

Yesterday’s game was a lot of fun until the lamentable, ridiculous, and utterly predictable collapse in the 8th inning. Carlos Marmol did what Carlos Marmol does (the bad version), and Hector Rondon (?) couldn’t bail him out with the bases loaded and no one out. The Reds put up a four spot and erased the lead the Cubs had built on the strength of a particularly good day from this guy …

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  • Mike

    Could we package Marmol with whoever might want to take on Soriano?

    • DarthHater

      If the other team’s GM was an insane imbecile, then yes.

    • fester30

      Only if you want to reduce the return we’d get from Soriano alone.

      • DarthHater


  • jt

    Seems to be the right question at the right time
    I still like the DeJesus to KC for a young arm.

  • Zogie

    Russel needs to be the guy that gets everyone out of trouble. He has been solid all year and it always seems the cubs bullpen gives the game away after Russell has already pitched. Let him work the dreaded 8th inning.

  • Die hard

    Soriano standing and watching homer deserved a knock down next up or today

  • OCCubFan

    Cubs were extremely unlucky with a BABIP of .040.

    • Pat

      Not really. You would expect single game numbers to vary wildly.

      • OCCubFan

        Assuming a normal BABIP of 0.300, the probability of getting one or fewer hits out of 25 batted balls in play is 0.0016. That is, about 1 out of 600 tries. So, yes, single game BABIPs fluctuate, but this is the extreme tail of the distribution. That is what we call bad luck.

  • Jim

    You’re 2-2 for late inning heartbreakers this trip…

  • OCCubFan

    When the situation was bases-loaded and no outs in the 8th inning, the game was clearly on the line. This was the highest-leverage situation the Cubs were likely to face. Hence, they should have gone with their most effective pitcher. Of the choices left in the bullpen, that was clearly Gregg. Once again,a manager blindly saves his closer for the 9th inning and, as a result, loses.

    • MichiganGoat

      It’s a sad day when I can agree Gregg is one of our best bullpen options *** gulp *** if not the best option. BIZARRO CUBS

  • Chad

    Everyone says it should have been Russell, it should’ve been Gregg etc. etc. Well 1. Dale knows his staff better than any of us 2. They can only pitch a limited amount of time and then you still need to go to another guy 3. Everyone wants these guys every time, but eventually you get a Shawn Camp situation where he’s used his arm up 4. I don’t like Marmol and Rondon probably wasn’t ready for the situation but it’s not like he has much talent to work with in the bullpen and at some point in time you either have to let them pitch or replace them (but that is not Dale’s decision). Unfortunately we are stuck with a bad BP which includes Marmol.

    • Jp3

      I agree with all your statements Chad except for A) Dale knows his staff better than the rest of us. Unless you mean what type of women they like or what they want for Christmas. Sometimes I wonder if he’s trying to lose, maybe he does some of this subconsciously?

    • mudge

      I’ll say it again. Russell can throw 3 innings, win a game and take two days off. Win some fucking games with the staff you have.

  • Ivy Walls

    Results on the field ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS reflect the consummate decisions of those who decided who plays. Those who play made decisions on how they prepared themselves to play but they are merely resources to a team goal. The manager or coach then decides when what he/she has plays.

    But this team truly sucks. It is a mismatch of player styles, strengths and many weaknesses. They as a team make poor in-game decisions, they lack offensive consistency where their scoring is weighted to the home run, except they don’t hit enough home runs. Pitching at the starter has been above average but their relief is already spent and seriously needs new talent.

    It is a waste of time to devote much attention. Ricketts and Epstein, read this. I don’t see a reason to watch journeymen like Hairston etc, put in pension time. Make something happen. Make it interesting.

  • MichiganGoat

    I hear, understand, and share in all the bile and anger losing bring a fan base, but I do have a serious question:

    Would you rather the Cubs be like the Blue Jays, Angels & Dodgers and spend money and resources and keep struggling to be .500 and possibly not make the playoffs then face dealing with those contracts for 5-10 years OR have this mediocre team that isn’t suppose to be great but is building toward a sustainable future like the Cardinals, Giants & Rays have done so successfully?

    • Behind enemy lines (south side cub fan)

      There’s no reason those have to be our only two options; it’s one thing to spend money for its own sake, without any clear picture (ie spend millions on spotty power hitters and have no pitching), and its another to make smart pickups instead of sit on your hands and only grow the farm system.

      I’d rather we were like the Red Sox — looked to the future and improved for now. Or the braves, who did same.

      And to be frank, what we’re setting ourselves up to be *is* the blue jays, who grew a farm system and then used their assets when the time came. That approach is by no means a guarantee of success. (Caveat that a more conservative and smarter approach than they took is likely to lead to more success, but look at KC as a team that has taken that (until the shields trade) and is only now barely a playoff contender with its once “hot prospects” struggling to be relevant.)

  • Mike

    It’s time to cut marmol!!! Who cares if someone else picks him up and we get nothing for him! He isnt worth anything at all!! Maybe we could get lucky and a nl team would pick him up and then we could face him!!! It’s time to start just cutting loose the dead wait and try to make this whole tem better. I can’t even watch these clowns anymore,no matter how good they start out, I just sit and wait for the bad inning to happen. And it always does!!! Only may and I’m frustrated with this whole organization!!! Maybe it’s time I cut my ties as a cub fan.

  • Mike

    Weight not waiy

  • curt

    Weight not wait not waiy either lol

  • Mike

    Lol, I know. I gave up after the 2nd f up.