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In a crafty series of roster moves, the Cubs have managed not to expose Dave Sappelt to waivers, while simultaneously added Ryan Sweeney to the 40-man roster, even though Kyuji Fujikawa isn’t yet ready to return.


To explain: The Cubs planned to call up outfielder Ryan Sweeney today, ostensibly to replace Dave Sappelt on the 25-man roster. The problem? Sweeney also needed a 40-man spot, and the 40-man was full. So, the Cubs could DFA and waive Sappelt in the hopes he would clear, so they could keep him. Or they could DFA someone like Kameron Loe, while simultaneously optioning Sappelt to Iowa (rather than derostering him). The problem there is that the Cubs still need another reliever. Well, it just so happens that rehabbing righty Kyuji Fujikawa is just about ready to return. Perfect fit, eh?

Well, almost. Fujikawa still needs at least one more minor league appearance. So how do the Cubs make the other moves happen today? Easy. Call up Rafael Dolis for a few days (he’s freely optionable right now), and send him back down when Fujikawa is ready. Then you DFA Loe, option Sappelt, and call up Sweeney.

Nicely done.

The Cubs now have ten days to waive, trade or release Loe. They may look to waive him and stash him at AAA in case of emergency.

  • Chad

    I say just flat out release him. I’m all for depth at AAA, but I would rather see someone like Dolis, Coleman, Rusin, or Raley be that depth than hold onto Loe.

  • Rich G

    Maybe I’m just drinking the Theo/Jed Kool-Aid, but this seems to me to be the sort of thing the Cubs would’ve bungled in the past.

  • Jim

    Loe has been horrible, good riddance! What is the worst Dolis can do? Blow a lead in the late innings? ehhh, that is just a normal game.

    • Kyle

      We were full up on righties who have no stuff and get hit all over the park. Now we get to add some balance with a righty who has some stuff but walks too many and leaves too many pitches out over the plate. Marmol was getting lonely in that role.

      • Cyranojoe


      • jt


  • baseballet

    Consider the deck chairs arranged.

    • Cyranojoe

      Consider the deck chairs re-arranged.


  • http://www.bleachernation.com ichabod

    what kind of emergency would require the aid of kameron loe?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Needed cooking dish on the top shelf.

    • Jp3

      A home run derby contestant’s bp pitcher catches mono

      • Stinky Pete

        I would say this is a pretty late response to Hayden Simpson’s illness…

        • Jp3

          Loe has been fantastic at giving up dingers this season so I just thought it seemed obvious. Mono was just a convienent illness😃

        • Scotti

          But right on time for Gerardo Concepcion’s…

  • Die hard

    All that and no popcorn?

  • Jason P

    Good start, now when do we get rid of Marmol?

  • Paul

    Why was Shawn Camp not DFA’d? Watching him pitch has been brutal this year

  • Barroof

    Great !!! Now can they figure out how not to lose 100 games ?

  • Rcleven

    Corey Wade released.
    Tim Torres sent to AA.

    • gratefulled

      Torres was playing for the I-Cubs today.

  • Fastball

    Now if they can shitcan Marmol and Camp we can get on with ccontinuing to suck so bad we life more than last season. I tried to watch the whole game yesterday but chose to replace a screen door at my cottage. That’s how bad this team plans baseball. Now Rosenbloom officially is on Theo like a cheap date . I watched Saturday and accurately predicted each happening during that game. The wife and neighbors were laughing at my sarcastic 100% accuracy . This team is a joke rope to bottom.

  • Fastball

    Last time I past fm this phone

    • Cubbie Blues

      Way too funny.

  • Alex S

    If Camp and Marmol got “canned,” we have a bullpen of:



    In all seriousness, who do you call up then? Move Cabrera, Raley, or Rusin back to the bullpen? Or do you bring up Coleman? (Honestly, I’d like to see Coleman get another shot in the bullpen. He had a solid spring and has done alright at Iowa. Then again, he could end up being another Loe.)