Travis Wood dominated a very good Cardinals lineup tonight, and continues to roll through his 2013 season. On a better team, Wood would be getting a lot of national attention – his numbers are great, and he looks pretty good to the eye, too. His performance looks good to the eye, I mean.

The Cubs’ offense didn’t muster much against Lance Lynn, but I love the way they scored: a two-out single by Alfonso Soriano, immediately followed by a two-run homer by Nate Schierholtz. Quick runs are the best runs.

Things were momentarily touchy for Carlos Marmol in the 8th before he was bailed out by Yadier Molina badly trying to steal third base with two outs. Marmol picked him off easily. Kevin Gregg came in for the 9th, and picked up another 1-2-3 save. He’s really on right now, which is still hard for me to accept. But it’s swell.

may 7 box

  • Zogie

    And the Cubs beat the Cards! Enough Said! This can make any bad day into a great day. Travis Wood was dominant once again. He only had one flaw which was throwing too many pitches. Marmol pitched decent and Gregg had a 1,2,3 9th. On the offensive side. Schierholtz had a big 2-run blast that ended up being enough tonight. Soriano also had a good night at the plate and Rizzo just missed another big HR. My shout out goes to Schierholtz. One great AB can make a difference and his was a great showing of patience. As always if you have a question about any AB. I have them recorded. @Zogie.

    • Can’t think of a cool name

      Look forward to a time when we acquire enough hitters to make other starting pitchers throw a lot of pitches. The Cardinals have a good approach to hitting and acquire players who optimize that approach.

      • Rcleven

        The Cubs did a pretty good job with there AB’s tonight. Wood and Lynn stayed neck and neck by pitch count. Wood got squeezed in the sixth on what should have been a three pitch strike out. Gave up the hit and took a few more pitches to get out of the inning. Barney had the grinding at bat that pretty much put Lynn out of the game at 104 pitches.

        • Alex S

          Hell, even Soriano made it to a 3-2 count before fouling off a few in the game today.

  • hansman1982

    I don’t understand the cards…Yadier stealing with 2 outs and Carpenter with the 2 out bunt attempt.

    • Timothy Scarbrough

      Voodoo magic!!!!!

      • Can’t think of a cool name

        Maybe the winds are turning and the magic is coming our way.

    • baldtaxguy

      Bird flu

    • Jimmy James

      The Yadi thing was probably counting on poor fundamentals from marmol…..surprised it didn’t pay off……I’ll take it

  • willis

    Yes! I love it. Well played game and one timely hit. Wood flat out was nails. Great win.

  • Oswego Chris

    Just call Gregg the closer please…it’s the right thing to do for many reasons….

    • baldtaxguy

      I understand that a closer by committee “never works.”

  • mister_rob

    good win!
    For the love of god give barney a day off. He is hitless still for the month of may

    • Rockin’ Dawg

      Bring up Logan Watkins!

  • adam

    Marmol persevered tonight. Hopefully its a turning point. He sure looked excited walking off the field! Go cubs go!

    • Tom A.

      Of course he would be excited, because he was not boo’d off the field.

      All his past failures at throwing strikes, leaves me with a bad feeling every time he enters the game. It is not good to pay for entertainment and get bad feelings. Uncertainty (such as what you might get from an unknown rookie) is clearly better than these Marmol bad feelings. I have never seen him admit that he is stubborn and should listen to his coaches — Be coachable Carlos ! I also would love to see him realize his stuff is now no longer that good and he truly needs to learn to pitch and not just throw (where is Maddox when we need him).

  • Die hard

    Good game… Like to see other team catch that virus when come in contact with growing ivy causing bonehead plays

  • BubblesHargrave

    This is the type of thinking that boggles my mind, one good outing and everything is better. Why does everyone forget the unforgivable heartache Marmol has caused. It’s to late for him.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I don’t think you’ll find too many saying everything is better with Marmol.

      • Geech

        Or that this was an especially good outing, for that matter.

        • demz

          Actually, it was a pretty good outing

          he was throwing strikes, and had a couple of unfortunate bloop hits. none of those runs scored though.

          all in all a solid last couple of appearances for marmol.

      • BubblesHargrave

        Well you’re right Brett, not “everyone”. But Brett, do you have any explanation or sane reasoning as to why they keep using Marmol in close games after all the trouble he’s caused in them this year? It really bothers me, like Sveum must be a really unintelligent bad manager.

        • Kyle

          Because there’s nobody better in the bullpen. Rondon, Bowden, Camp, Dolis, they are all just as awful. Russell can’t pitch every close and late situation.

          • http://deleted bubbleshargrave

            that question was meant for brett anyways. you all will be crying in your poridge tomorroh when marmol gives up the game winning homer to pete kozma.

        • Wester

          Who would you use instead?

          • BubblesHargrave

            I can’t believe you guys are even asking who else to use. The guy walks too many people to be used late in games. Use anyone else!

            • Kyle

              So you are of the opinion that Dolis, Camp, Bowden and Rondon are viable late-inning, high-leverage options?

              • http://deleted bubbleshargrave

                no but i feel like when you tell a guy no more pitching in close games you should keep your word. anything else is not holding guys accountable.

                • DocPeterWimsey

                  Their is a huge probabilistic problem with that. The Cubs have good starting pitching. The Cubs have pretty unlucky hitting. That means… a lot of close games! 27 of the Cubs 33 games have been within 3 runs after 6 innings. 23 have been within 2 runs after 6 and 12 within 1. Even if the Cubs had gotten luckier with their hitting, most of those games would still be close after 6: that would just have turned a few narrow deficits into narrow leads.

                  The relief staff is not big enough to *not* pitch the guys, so until the starters start getting hammered OR the batters turn into an AL East lineup, Marmol is going to have to pitch in close games.

            • DocPeterWimsey

              The question is a necessary one: you don’t get to call “free outs” after all. Sveum has to send in someone to pitch. There is the rub: other than Russell, all of Sveum’s options run a very high risk of allowing walks and/or home runs.

              This is hardly an unusual dilemma. The Cards bullpen has also sucked this year. The “magic guaranteed out reliever” for whom fans tacitly clamor when they say “why did Manager A bring in Sucky Reliever W/ Sucky Reliever X / Sucky Reliever Y / Sucky Reliever Z???” should be “why didn’t manager A bring in Good Reliever… Good Reliever… Good Reliever… um, why aren’t there many good relievers in MLB?”

              • DocPeterWimsey

                There should be a “… means that the question should be …” in there.

            • Carew

              There are only a couple I would use against teams like the cardinals, Russell and Gregg, perhaps Bowden. Not a lot of options there.

              • DocPeterWimsey

                The Cubs have rolled snake-eyes with Gregg several times in a row. That luck will *not* last: he’s still a BP pitcher.

                • Carew

                  I should have said “at this point in time” with Gregg.

                  • DocPeterWimsey

                    Eh, he’s been lucky, not good.

                    • Bill

                      I’m not sure I agree with this. I’m certainly not a Gregg fan and agree he will revert back to his old self, but at least using the eyeball test, he appears to be pitching well. I’m not even basing this on him getting the saves, but rather on where his pitches are on the K-zone. He’s painting the corners with his pitches, hence, the weakly hit balls or K’s.

                      I don’t doubt he’ll go back to the old Gregg and start throwing the meatballs, but for now, he’s actually pitching good, it’s not getting lucky. Lucky is when guys are missing pitches that they should crush or hitting balls hard that are caught. I’m not sure that’s been the case in Gregg’s current streak.

            • baldtaxguy

              Poor bullpen options = “unintelligent bad manager”?


  • Rcleven

    Cubs just stopped a heck of a winning streak by Lynn.
    Wood is a Core member of this team.
    Trade Wood for assets should stop right here.
    Wood is the future.

    • bbmoney

      I don’t know why they’d trade wood. To be clear he’s not an ace, but he’s young, controlled, and solid. Could be a mid to back of the rotation starter for a while. That’s valuable and he’s young enough that its even very valuable, to the cubs.

      • Carew

        I believe he was considered a “special project” or something like that for Bosio too.

        Wood will be around for awhile.

      • Rcleven

        He may not be an ace but he is starting to come into his own. Last year your statement is true. I think this kid may have number 2 all over him. Right now he is one of the hottest pitchers in baseball. Defiantly not back of the rotation. Number fours and fives don’t give you seven quality starts. Heck number threes don’t always give you that.

        • bbmoney

          That’d be great, but its a long season

  • willis

    How dirty has Wood been? He is flat out ballin right now.

    • CubFan Paul

      There’s a joke in there somewhere…

  • Seth

    Is it safe to say that the Cubs won the Reds-Marshall trade yet?

  • Rcleven

    Sveum just called Wood the best pitcher in baseball.
    Mets have a good argument against that statement.
    Lets just say one of the best.

    • BubblesHargrave

      Sveum is not very smart

      • Timothy Scarbrough

        Every manager says those kinds of things.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          Sparky Anderson was the King of Exaggerated Praise. His players liked him for that.

      • Carew

        He probably meant it as more like “best in baseball right now.” And he kind of is…

  • Spriggs

    I don’t know Brett. If Wood can handle the cards like this all the time, he starts looking good in all kinda of ways. And there isn’t anything wrong with that

  • cubfanincardinalland

    When Garza comes back, my guess will be Villenueva will be coming out of the pen, which is quite a good upgrade. Should be Jackson, but you know they just can’t do that.

    • Rcleven

      Pretty hard to take Villenueva out of the rotation right now. With a .093 WHIP he is 4th in the NL and 8th in MLB.

  • http://deleted bubbleshargrave

    sveum is too hasty with his speech. plus he shows litle regard for his starters good outing by bringing little m in to hold or save the game.

    • fortyonenorth

      That’s, what–five, maybe six slams on Sveum in the last hour or so. Can you hit ten before the evenings out?

  • Oldstyle1908

    I told my wife if Marmol loses this game I’ll have to leave the house and get a sixpack of something delicious to forget. After we won I told her I have to leave to go get a sixpack of something delicious to celebrate!

  • Dustin S

    Off-topic from today’s game, but I’m curious if Ian Stewart has reported yet. He wasn’t in today’s box score at Iowa, although he could have been on the bench. If he was optioned Friday and had 72 hours, he should be have reported by now (yesterday technically).

    • Rcleven

      Reported and sat on the bench.

    • Dustin S

      Ah should have checked Twitter, I noticed Brett’s update on this soon after but thanks for the update too. Not many AB yet, but good to see Vitters warming up also.

  • Kyle

    He was there yesterday and today, but has not been put back in the lineup.

    I’m beginning to wonder if the Cubs have washed their hands of him but can’t make it too obvious or else risk a grievance.

    • Rcleven

      I have the same feeling you do. Hoyer won’t come out and say it publicly but I think their trying to get him moved.

      • Jp3

        Move him where, for what?? Not going to happen, we were the only ones dumb enough to fall for him. You have to actually play to accrue trade value.

        • SWCA

          To the Marlins; for magic beans and a PTBNL.

          • Jp3

            I’d settle for a turd-sandwich in return…

            • Alex S

              Ah, Turd’s been having a solid season at third base for Greensboro.

        • jt

          “Move where, for what?”
          To Boston for Aceves?

    • Bill

      We can only hope. Maybe Theo has finally kicked his addiction to the drug called Ian Stewart. Maybe there is hope for this front office afterall.

  • North Side Irish

    One of the smallest crowds I have ever seen for a Cubs-Cardinals game…maybe 20K in Wrigley tonight. Felt really strange.

    • The Dude Abides

      what percentage were card fans?

    • Pete

      Radio said official attendance was 30,100 or so. Still, it’s Cubs-Cards

    • Voice of Reason

      A team that will lose 100 plus games and can draw over 20,000 in spring before the schools are out? That’s a really good gate!!

      • bbmoney

        Who’s losing 100 games? Surprised the Astros are drawing that well

  • Bill

    When Garza comes back, you move Villanueva or Feldman to the pen, and hopefully Fujikawa comes back pretty soon. Then the bullpen doesn’t look near as bad. The bullpen improved with the DFA of Loe.

    • SWCA

      Jackson to the pen, easy. He’s performing the worst and is the one we are least likely to trade in any event (i.e. don’t need to show him off). “We’re paying him a lot” is terrible logic — sunk cost — and any pitcher who goes to the pen and back is going to have the same adjustment problems.

      • cjdubbya

        Good Lord, we’re about 1/5 through the first of four seasons, and Edwin Jackson’s already a sunk cost? Fickle much?

        • Voice of Reason

          My problem isn’t with Edwin Jackson. He is what he is… an average starter.

          The problem is the Cubs don’t need him THIS YEAR! When they are ready to compete and need to add an average starter there will be another Edwin Jackson to sign.

          This year the Cubs needed to sign a bunch of marginal starters like Feldman and Villanueva. They needed to find starters that they could trade for prospects to keep stock piling the minor league system OR find a cheap starter who develops into a fourth or fifth starter that they can keep.

  • Rcleven

    Thoughts and prayers go out for AJ Happ and his family.

  • Jp3

    Am i late for the continuation of the Ian Stewart bashing????๐Ÿ˜ He didn’t play tonight for I-Cubs, anyone heard how his broken feelings are doing?

  • RightFieldForLife

    Jackson to the pen is not likely to happen. I’m not saying I’m completely against it, as a pure baseball decision I have no issue with Jackson going to the pen. Unfortunately baseball is also a business. It’s only been 7 starts. It would send a very strong message to the team, but it’s a risky message after only 7 starts. Also, it could really scare away potential free agents.

    • SWCA

      “Baseball is a business” is not logically succeeded by “therefore the businessmen will chose to ignore the most basic doctrine of decisionmaking.”

      I suppose I see your other points, but for any pitcher it’s only been 7 starts, and Villanueva and Feldman are also both free agents. Someone has to go, so why not the guy who makes the most sense?

      • Bill

        According to the advanced pitching numbers Jackson is pitching the same as he always has, he’s just been incredibly unlucky. So, why move him to the pen? It’s too early. If he continues to pitch poorly then this is something they’ll have to consider.

        I’ll admit moving Jackson to the pen does allow you to continue to show off Villanueva and Feldman as possible trade chips. However, aren’t those two under contract for next season? Why not keep them, unless someone trades a Vizcaino type prospect for them. The FA market next year is weak. The Cubs have plenty of quality prospects in the farm system, what they lack are prospects who a near major league ready and they lack top of the rotation pitching prospects. I don’t think your going to fill those needs in a trade for Villy and Feldman, even if they are pitching lights out.

        • jt

          “According to the advanced pitching numbers Jackson is pitching the same as he always has, heโ€™s just been incredibly unlucky.”
          2012 was somewhat typical for E. Jackson: 31 starts 22 of which he pitched at least 5 innings and allowed 3 or fewer runs. 11 of those games he pitched 7 or more innings.
          2013 Jackson has 7 starts three of which he has allowed 3 or few runs and has not pitched more than 6 innings in any one game.
          If there were a stat on missing the catchers target by a foot or more he would probably be among the league leaders.

  • Mysterious4th

    That’s 2 days in a row the Cubs have beat a pair of the best teams in baseball.

    Watch out they are going to win the next 15 games and end up winning the NL Central by 20 games and Marmol will be the star pitcher. Ok, that last part may not be totally true.Who are we kidding? Marmol, Gregg, and Camp will share those honors.

    Now that I have quit laughing….

    The Cubs might be the winner in the Sean Marshall/Travis Wood trade if Wood is actually having that first quality, “breakout” season similar to Shark’s last year. Along the lines of being consistent every 5 days when he get’s the ball. If it is the future rotation of Shark, Garza, Wood being the 1-2-3…I am pretty excited for future of the rotation.

    • http://Noclue Marc N.

      Whoa now – Los Cubbos are 2-0 in the last two days against only two opponents. *WINK*

  • Tommy

    I’m starting to think we might want to just hang on to Schierholtz!

  • Cubfanbob

    In the last inning Lynn pitched did anyone else noticed that dark spot on the tip of his cap ? Between every pitch he would lick/spit his hand, rub his fingers on the bill of his cap, then wipe his hand on his right ass check. Close ups on the bill of the hat showed a dark round spot the size of a fist on the top. Maybe it’s dirt, maybe it’s normal ..but it was deliberate between every pitch in his last inning. Just seemed odd.

  • Die hard

    If the Mets Harvey faces the Cubs hope it’s against Smardzja on one of his good days– could be a classic as Harvey is second coming of Tom Terrific

  • Stinky Pete

    Shades of Prior – Vasquez…

    • Cubbie Blues

      You called?


  • Walter Sobchak

    Can Logan Watkins play second base???? Watching Barney at the plate is horrible….there is no way his defense is that good to have in the lineup …..he is a zero at best on the offensive side of the ball

    • Cubbie Blues

      That is exactly where Logan plays. He will be challenging Barney next spring.

  • jim

    CUBS WILL NOT even make the playoffs!
    THE losses will come in bunches & you
    can bank on it! GO CARDINALS!

    • http://ODU Greenroom

      I think there is something under the bridge.

      • TWC

        Unfortunately there seems to be an internet connection under that bridge.

        • hansman1982

          I knew all the dial-up modems went somewhere…

          • Cubbie Blues

            And bag phones

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