Travis Wood dominated a very good Cardinals lineup tonight, and continues to roll through his 2013 season. On a better team, Wood would be getting a lot of national attention – his numbers are great, and he looks pretty good to the eye, too. His performance looks good to the eye, I mean.

The Cubs’ offense didn’t muster much against Lance Lynn, but I love the way they scored: a two-out single by Alfonso Soriano, immediately followed by a two-run homer by Nate Schierholtz. Quick runs are the best runs.


Things were momentarily touchy for Carlos Marmol in the 8th before he was bailed out by Yadier Molina badly trying to steal third base with two outs. Marmol picked him off easily. Kevin Gregg came in for the 9th, and picked up another 1-2-3 save. He’s really on right now, which is still hard for me to accept. But it’s swell.

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