Well, the Cubs just retroactively won another April series, and this one was against one of the best teams in baseball. If only we’d known they had this in them back in April.

Scott Feldman was absurdly good for the second straight start, and the offense exploded with its best output of the year by far. That includes a five run fourth inning, which started with two outs and no one on base.

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  • Tommy

    ohhh, Valbuena up to .271. Where are the Valbuena haters now? The guy is getting better every week!

    • MichiganGoat

      Stewart who?

      • Cub Fan Dan

        Ian Pipp

    • ssckelley

      I do not consider myself a “hater”, but do you honestly think the Cubs can win a World Series with a platoon of Valbuena and Ransom playing third base?

      • Justin

        Well, I think the Cubs could do way worse than Valbuena at 3rd. He’s cheap, plays D, knows how to take a walk, and still has upside. He’s been a very pleasant surprise. Which is nice, because Baez is striking out Brett Jackson style in A ball..

        • jp3

          While i think cheap would be a priority if i was personally paying for the team, im not so i’d appreciate talent being more of a prerequisite. While i agree you can’t have $20mill players at every position what the Cubs thought would work for competitive baseball this year was laughable. Also, i’m not a Valbuena hater but would we have paid $2mill to “MIA” Stewart if we really thought Valbuena was this kind of player? I dont think this is sustainable from him him but i’ll try to enjoy him playing good ball at 3rd while it lasts.

          • Justin

            Well obviously none of us are paying the bills. But anytime you have a player under team control and they’re cheap, it allows you to spend money and upgrade the team in other areas. Having players that contribute who are cheap is huge in my opinion. I am not saying Valbuena is the longterm answer, but he’s been very solid so far this year.

            • Jp3

              Hmmm while I agree with you in theory where did we spend this money saved at 3rd? Oh yeah that’s right our payroll keeps going down while our loss total continues to go up every year… I can’t wait til this “rebuilding” phase is over. Cubs fans deserve better than to sit around with their hands In their pockets while upper management makes excuses for putting a AAA team in a major league uniform. It wouldn’t be depressing but when the fans are going to more games than most franchises year in and year out its frustrating to be fibbed to. I woke up on the grumpy side of the bed this morning but I’m getting off the Rickett’s bandwagon until they give us something. I live in Atlanta and go to several games a year, buy lots of Cubs memorabilia and they are laughing all the way to the bank to pay off the creditors. Rant over, I’ll try to only post things of the positive nature today, sorry for trying to turn your positive comments to my misery Justin😁

              • Justin

                Yeah, I hear ya. I am not talking about this year. They weren’t trying to win, and didn’t want a bunch of dead weight when they were. If they ever get to respectablility anytime soon, dudes like Valbuena help you drop major coin on the David Price’s of the world.

            • ssckelley

              I agree with both of your comments, but that does not answer the question. On a good team Valbuena would be a utility infielder and pinch hitter coming off the bench. As much as I love how well Valbuena has hit as of late I cannot see him being the long term answer at 3rd.

              • Jp3

                Ssckelley, I agree 100% as posted above. It’s admirable what Vbuena has don’t but its a surprise. Management obviously didn’t think this is the player he really is otherwise a salary cap ridden team apparently that we are wouldn’t have flushed $2mill down the proverbial drain with Stewart as we have. Vbuena’s success while great is not sustainable.

              • Justin

                I don’t know.. If Valbuena can keep up a pace close to this, I could see him out there on a contendor. They sure as hell would have to upgrade a lot of the other positions though. At least with him, 3rd doesn’t look “as glaring” of a need..

                • Hookers or Cake

                  Yeah I don’t think anyone is thinking Valbuena is going hit 850+ OPS all year, but 725-750 is realistic. With decent defense and team control thats a win.
                  Many playoff teams have steady but not great regulars.
                  Anyone else notice the Cubs are stealing bases at a good clip and nice percentage?

    • hansman1982

      I certainly didn’t think he had it in him. Heck, before the season I was giving Stewart the slight nod.

      I’ll have to dig into his stat line more later, but at first glance, this certainly seems sustainable.

    • Noah

      Luis Valbuena is my favorite guy who I think I was wrong about in quite awhile. Honestly, I also think it’s time for a bump up in the batting order. If I was Dale, I’d go:


    • Spriggs

      Did you hear the Rangers announcers last night… “Who is this guy?”

  • MichiganGoat

    So I didn’t watch the game but how did we give up two unearned runs in the 9th?

    And now the “who goes to the bullpen when Garza returns?” Becomes a real question. I’m sure many will scream EJax but it ain’t happening my bet is the Th Stashe gets booted to the pen. He was signed to be a swing man and that’s where he will end up.

    • Koyie Hill Sucks

      With a man on second Valbuena fielded a ball that should of been out 1 or 2 (I forgot) and proceded to throw the ball into the stands on his throw to first. Both runners advanced two bases after that, whoever got to second because of the error eventually scored so it wasn’t an earned run.
      Dolis looked ok, I actually thought he was going to hold the scoreless game even with the man on second.

      • Spriggs

        Dolis cannot afford to be up in the zone, which is where he was consistently last night. I hope that was just because of the score and he was making sure that he made them hit the ball. But he’ll get killed if he stays up in the zone like that.

  • Chad

    Feldman’s ERA is now 2.70. MOVE HIM TO THE PEN WHEN GARZA COMES BACK. People and their small sample sizes/overreactions. Feldman is looking pretty good. Flippable?

    • Chad

      man you guys beat me to it. I took to long trying to be sarcastic with my upper case letters.

    • ssckelley

      Guilty as charged, but in my defense he looked horrible in those first 3 starts and he would have been the odd man out had Garza been ready.

  • @cubsfantroy

    Feldman has been a pleasant surprise these last four starts. Way better than I thought he was going to be. Should get something decent at the deadline for him.

    Valbuena, I’m glad he is doing good right now. I’m not a fan of him, but I’m coming around. Especially after the crap Stewart has pulled.

  • Jason

    The best part easily of everything you highlighted? The 2-out RBIs.

  • Chad

    I don’t think anyone believes Valbuena is the answer at 3rd, but he is better than Stewart and serves as a pretty good stop gap until the cubs find that everyday 3B, whether it is Baez, Villanueva, Candelario, Vitters, or someone we don’t know about yet.

    • Cedlandrum

      I don’t know, I actually am starting to believe he could be part of the answer with a platoon partner. He was never a great prospect but was well respected. He is only 27 so it isn’t like he is some washed up minor leaguer. What people might not remember is that he was up as a 22 when he came up.

  • cubchymyst

    My guess is Wood gets moved to the pen. The front office is still thinking in terms of next year so they will keep Feldman and Villanueva in the rotation to build up as much trade value as possible. Really don’t want to see Wood in the pen because I like the way he is pitching but it makes the most sense and it would be only until someone is traded from the rotation.

    • Cedlandrum

      Villanueva was brought in to be a swingman and I think that is exactly what will happen. I think Wood will keep his spot for now.

  • Chef

    18 LOB.

    • ssckelley

      But 3 out of 9 with RISP, I will take that.

    • ETS

      You are never going to score every runner. LOB isn’t a bad thing. It just means you got people on base. The cubs have had terrible LOB #’s this year but the only solution is to keep getting men on base. Eventually they will get hits. There is a correlation between LOB and wins.

  • Die hard

    Caught the Rangers looking ahead to and going thru the motions before meeting what could be their WS opponents… And they were pooped… So lets not order playoff tkts yet

    • Chad

      Ha, what? Who said anything about the playoffs, playoffs!? Just saying how this was a game that showed potential of some of the young guys. It’s ok to get excited when the cubs win. Don’t always have to be debbie downer.

      • Die hard

        A realist … Not a surrealist

        • Feeney

          I’m a realist. The Cubs aren’t a very good team. But I still enjoy the wins. Otherwise, what’s the point?

        • MichiganGoat

          That is funny from the man with suggestions to move every player to a different position, removing beer from Wrigley, and using belly fire as a sabermetric. Great job realism indeed.

          We really should have a book on the Die Hardian Way

  • August

    Optimist: The Cubs will win the WS one day

    Realist: They might win, but not today

    Psychologist: How would a Cub WS make you feel?

    Nihilist: Even if they do win, the world still sucks

    Anesthesiologist: 2015 here yet? Pass the Demerol, please.

    • Eternal Pessimist

      Archeologist: Look at the bones of these old Cubs and their fans…and the dig site has world series championship banners from 2016. Good for them!

  • August

    Urologist: 12 LOB? Piss on that.

  • Beardface

    Great game but I still don’t like seeing 2 in the E column.