carlos zambrano marlinsWhen Carlos Zambrano visited the Cubs a few weeks ago when the Rangers were in town, I was secretly disappointed that he wasn’t there to sign with the Cubs. That’s not because I think he can add value, necessarily, mind you, even considering the Cubs’ bullpen woes. I was disappointed because … man … the lulz. In a probably lost season, Zambrano would have added hours of entertainment.

It was not to be, however, as the visit was just a visit, and Zambrano continued to seek employment elsewhere. Well, according to Chris Cotillo (who is all over these kind of transactions), as well as minor league pitcher Jon Hunton and Gil Reyes (who appears to have had it first), Zambrano has agreed to pitch for the Long Island Ducks of the independent Atlantic League. The team already features former big leaguers Dontrelle Willis (who camped with the Cubs this year before being released) and Ramon Castro, among others. Vlad Guerrero is also reportedly going to be a Duck. So those could be some fun games to watch.

Zambrano, 31, has been looking for a job since the end of last season – an unsuccessful one with the Marlins. The Cubs traded him for Chris Volstad, also unsuccessful, before the 2012 season. He’ll try to dominate independent ball in the hopes that a midseason injury or five in the big leagues could open up a spot for him.

But it won’t be on the Cubs.

  • @cubsfantroy

    He should have retired after his contract was up, like he said he was going to do. Although, to see him getting back to the bigs with someone would be cool.

  • kgd

    Let me guess…Ozzie is going to manage the Ducks.

  • dying cubs fan’s last request

    I actually was surprised that he didnt signed this season. He had a decent winter pitching for the Navegantes del Magallanes in the venezuelan league, they won the championship and everything.

  • andoalex


    Did you mean “to seek employment”? Just know how you are about typos so trying to help you out!

    Love the site!

    • Brett

      Thanks – I can’t see where you’re referring to, though.

      • TWC

        First line of the second paragraph, above.

        • TWC

          *sentence, I mean.

        • Brett

          Thanks. Bizarre – I literally did a control-f for “employ” and I couldn’t seem to find “employment.”

  • Featherstone

    You are right the Lulz might have been worth the headaches and broken gatorade coolers.

  • Cardfan

    He was a welcomed substitute, albeit a step-down, from the peak of insanity during the Bradley days. Now your craziness factor is at near-normal levels and, selfishly speaking, it’s just not as much fun. You need a more robust Head Case Farm System.

  • JJ

    As bad as Zambrano has been over the last two years (ERA+ in the low-mid 80s), there are starters in the majors now who were worse than Zambrano and remained employed, not to mention a number of bad relievers (Kameron Loe?). The headache of Zambrano — even if he wasn’t a headache in Miami — is the reason he didn’t even get a minor league deal. For that, I’m sure Z blames only Derrek Lee.

    • Smitty

      No, he blames Michael Barret…

      • Karla


  • Toby

    I’d rather the Cubs hired rodeo clowns than Z.

  • Justin

    Stories like this make me thankful that starting pitching is an area the Cubs do not need right now.

  • ssckelley

    One would think that after all this money he has made over the years he would find something else to do with his time than going back to the minors.

    • jay

      Absolutely agree.

      • John (the other one)

        Maybe he simply loves to play the game.

  • Patrick G

    Being a LI native I look forward to going to a game and see him pith. Hopefully see a few water cooler beatings or tossed onto the field

    • EuroCub

      Living nearby it would be a huge mistake to NOT to go and see him pitch, with all the potential (of LULZ) he possess 😀

  • August

    Big Z started game 5 of the ’03 NLCS. It’s striking to me that he is only 31 now.

    • Bric

      Yep, just as striking as how Rafael Furcal instantly aged 2 years after his immigration records were reviewed post 9-11, how Soriano accidentally aged himself 2 years in an interview last June, or how Fausto Carmona suddenly became and identity thief. In other words, he’s probably not 31.

      • Kyle

        One of those things is not like the others. One of those things just isn’t the same.

      • AB

        If Soriano is 40, he should be given kudos for his contiual performance above the league average. Talk about an ironman!

  • Rebuilding

    Carlos did a lot of silly things at the end to really taint a pretty good Cubs career. I’ve met him a couple of times and lets just say that athletics were the only thing he was ever going to do. I’ll always have a soft spot for him though because as good as Wood and Prior were they broke down and he was far more durable despite Dusty. When he was on with that mid-nineties fastball that bore into a righty he was just as dominant as those too

    • Rebuilding

      *athletics was* and *two*. Damn, no edit

  • http://Isa Voice of reason

    Have you ever googled Zambrano’s name and found the rumors that he is bi sexual?

    Not that there is anything wrong with that……

  • August

    Gay-Z, huh? I am seeing “Snap your fingers in a Z formation, exclamation, hip rotation…

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