Yesterday was an absolutely terrible day for the farm system. Three Cub teams were in action (Low-A Kane County had the day off), and those three teams were outscored a collective 34-3. For real. They gave up more than eleven times as many runs as they scored.

That’s pretty depressing. So before we get to the details, here’s a picture of a kitten with an ice cream cone on his head.

Anyone still depressed? No? Good. Think happy thoughts and lets look at the numbers.

Scores From Yesterday

Iowa – Being shut out is never fun. Being shut out in Colorado Springs (elevation: roughly 6000 feet) is even worse. The Cubs lost 5-0.
Tennessee – Tennessee may have hit rock bottom. They got blown out 16-0. At home. In five innings. Ouch.
Daytona – Daytona didn’t exactly cover themselves in awesomeness yesterday either. These Cubs floundered to a 13-3 loss.
Kane County – Kane County had the day off.

Performances of Note

  • [Iowa] Not only did Nick Struck have the start in this one (and he pitched a moderately decent game), he also had one of the Cubs four hits.
  • [Iowa] Logan Watkins swiped his third base of the season in this one. He also played shortstop. Internet conspiracy theories about Castro being traded to Australia for a package of kangaroo sausage so Watkins can take over at short should be arriving shortly.
  • [Tennessee] The Smokies surrendered four home runs in this game (three by Matt Loosen, one by Tony Zych), and balanced the scales with four singles. But at least they walked more times than they struck out (3 to 2). There’s the silver lining, I suppose.
  • [Tennessee] The standout offense performance for the Smokies in this one belongs to Ronald Torreyes. He did not have an official at bat as a result of walking in both his trips to the plate.
  • [Daytona] Javier Baez did not strike out. He also hit his sixth home run, but right now the lack of strikeouts is probably the bigger story.
  • [Daytona] The only pitcher who had a good day for the Cubs yesterday was Sheldon McDonald. His perfect inning left him with a tidy 3.46 ERA.

Other News

  • Not to pile on Tennessee excessively here, but they managed to give up 16 runs in five innings despite surrendering just 11 hits. That’s what 5 walks and 4 home runs will do to you.
  • We are now less than a month away from the draft. The festivities start on June 6 and continue throughout the 7th and 8th. In some form or fashion, Brett and I will be covering this year’s event as completely as we can. Last year that meant every round covered on Twitter, a couple enormous threads on the front page, and additional info dropped in the Message Boards. It was the sort of crazy bout of baseball overload you do not want to miss. I’m looking forward to doing it again this year.
  • Jp3

    Kangaroo sausage eh??? Very interestingšŸ’¬

  • On the Farm

    “Internet conspiracy theories about Castro being traded to Australia for a package of kangaroo sausage so Watkins can take over at short should be arriving shortly.”

    Not sure we could get Kangaroo sausage, maybe some shrimp from a barbie.

    G’day Mate!

    • frank

      And some Tim-Tams.

  • On the Farm

    “He also hit his sixth home run, but right now the lack of strikeouts is probably the bigger story.”

    Only post stuff on Baez when he walks or has a no strike out game, all other facts about him are meaningless.

    • ssckelley

      Right now it is the biggest story concerning Baez, unless he gets his strikeout numbers down the odds are overwhelming that he will flame out. If he strikes out 30% of the time against A ball pitching imagine how bad it will be in AA/AAA and the MLB level.

      • On the Farm

        That was my point, don’t even get me excited about his HR potential, just let me know if he walks or has another game without a strikeout.

    • Kyle

      At the level he’s at, I’m not so sure BBs, Ks and HRs aren’t all we should care about.

    • Spriggs

      He had another throwing error too.

  • Dustin S

    Speaking of draft, I noticed Oklahoma is playing on ESPNU Friday. I’m hoping Gray starts that game. Might be a good chance to see him.

    • On the Farm

      I think the Ace usually gets the ball on Fridays in college ball doesn’t he? They do have another top 100 draft prospect (LHP), but I thought he was their Saturday guy. I could be wrong, but my educated guess is that he will be on the bump.

  • Die hard

    Wish they would give Struck a couple MLB starts— this kid has that Bellyfire

    • Cubbie Blues

      The Force must be strong with Struck to have it capitalized.

    • ETS


    • On the Farm

      Not sure if Struck is scrappy enough to be on the 25 man roster

  • Idaho Razorback

    Starling Peralta gets shelled everytime he pitches. Yesterday 0.1 innings pitched and 5 earned runs to raise his season era to 12.86. I’m surprised it’s that low. And at one time this winter I thought Arizona scored big on us in the rule 5 minor league draft.

    • Spriggs

      Him and Lendy Castillo are going to battle for the Cubs system ERA title.

    • Spriggs

      Corey Wade might have had a chance too, but I guess he was released?

  • Spriggs

    Daytona hitters had 10 strikeouts and Baez wasn’t one of them?

  • Tom A.

    I have no idea how you are able to keep up with all of these subjects. Day-after-day, I am habitually drawn to this site and am able to read well-written information about all aspects of the Cubs and their entire organization. I know you get regularly get thanks from many people. But, thanks again !

  • Tim

    Is anyone concerned about the chances of being able to sign jonathon gray being that he is only a junior?

    • On the Farm

      If the Cubs can’t sign Gray that means they will have two top 10 pick next year! Score!

  • North Side Irish

    I saw in AZ Phil’s EXST report last night that Maples had a fairly positive outing and could be heading to Kane County soon. For as much as I’ve heard about this kid the past two years, it would be worth the trip out to see him pitch and make sure he really exists.

    “RHP Dillon Maples got the start for the Cubs and threw four innings (67 pitches), allowing one run on two hits (both singles), three walks, and a HBP. He struck out three and really had the sinker working (8/0 GO/FO). Maples did struggle with his comand throughout the first two innings (a 22-pitch 1st and a 25-pitch 2nd), but then retired six of the last seven men he faced on just 20 pitches. After completing his 67-pitch four inning stint, Maples went out to the bullpen and threw 20 more pitches, so he should be well stretched-out if the Cubs decide to move him up to Kane County before the end of Extended Spring Training. (FWIW, he also threw 78 pitches in an intrasquad game last Thursday).”

    • On the Farm

      Very encouraging news indeed

  • jt

    The Smokies have been shutout in 5 of their last 8 games.
    Don’t think there is a need for a weatherman to see which way the wind blows

    • King Jeff

      They haven’t scored in 27 innings. Someone get some offense to Tennessee, fast.

  • On the Farm

    Luke, any insight on what the Vitters/Stewart situation will be in Iowa? Will they be moving Josh to LF to make sure he gets his ABs?

  • AA Correspondent

    The best thing I can report from last night’s debacle is that the Double Play Cafe restaurant has some new menu items that are pretty tasty. The wraps and ribs are incredible.

    As far as the baseball product last night……it was a stinker. THANK GOODNESS for the rain which limited this game to 5 innings.

    The boys are back at it at 1130 this morning and should be a inspired by a larger than normal crowd… 6,000 kids will be in attendance. Yippee.

    I cannot stress enough how critical the loss of Justin Bour and Jae-Hoon Ha have been. This team needs a slump buster in a bad way. Perhaps a Bull Durham moment (Lolligagers) is in order. (Fun fact: the Character of the Durham Bulls manager in the movie was modeled after current Smokies Manager Buddy Bailey who managed Durham during that time period).


  • ari gold

    Why did Tennessee play 5 innings? Slaughter rules? LOL

    • Cubbie Blues

      I think they found out that (in hind sight) they couldn’t field an actual baseball team.

  • ari gold

    Baez 0-4 with 3 k’s today. I’m hoping he turns it around enough so we can trade him and get a decent return this offseason. On a more positive note, Soler is 3-3 with a homer, 2 doubles and a walk.

    • Voice of Reason

      @ari gold:

      Everyone is clamoring that the Cubs need a third baseman — and they are right — and we have a very strong candidate in Baez… yet you want to trade him?

      And, for Baez, what is a “decent return this off season” for him?

      • ari gold

        Yes, I absolutely 150% want to trade him if the trade value is there. This guy is going to bust. Just watch. K/BB % is by far the best way to evaluate prospects and his is historically awful for so called “top” prospects. We all went over this yesterday. Baez is not the 3rd baseman of the future. I hope I’m wrong, but history says I’m not.

        • Voice of Reason

          So, what do you trade Baez for?

          • TWC

            Oh my, you are relentlessly tedious, aren’t you?

          • hansman1982

            A mystery player that plays SS, walks 20% of the time, K’s 10% of the time, hits 40 homers a year and wins GG.

            Seriously, Giancarlo Stanton.

          • ari gold

            If a GM offered someone like Headley or a player of that nature, I’d pull the trigger immediately. But I’m not a GM.

            • Justin

              Yep, me too. Baez’s K’s aren’t going away, and will probably get worse. Plus he doesn’t walk at all. Not good indicators..

  • North Side Irish ā€@MiLB 2m
    Jorge Soler has HR, two 2Bs and a BB for @daytonacubs today. Tie game with @stluciemets in bottom 9th: @Cubs

  • Kyle

    Our minor league pitching is just depressing right now. You’ve got Pierce Johnson, and if you squint you can almost see something in Alberto Cabrera, but it’s just a humongous pile of awful outside of that. A bunch of future Casey Colemans at best.

    The rookie league rotations should be pretty sweet, at least, once they get started up.

    • Justin

      Yeah the minor league pitching is hard to believe bad. I keep hoping that out of all of the dude’s they drafted last year, someone would step up, but I haven’t heard much good about anyone besides Pierce.

      • Luke

        The rest of the higher profile arms they drafted last year are still in extended spring training. You’ll hear about them as they start moving up into short season leagues.

    • Dynastyin2017

      And to make matters worse, the guy who was pitching lights out in ExtSP, Josh Conway, blew out his arm last week.

      • Brett

        Suspected blow out. I don’t know if we know it for sure yet. But it really, really sucks. As does Paniagua’s delay.

        • Dynastyin2017

          You’re right. We aren’t sure about his injury yet. I guess I was just assuming that that ‘God’s Wrath’ thing would not be kind to us. Hope I’m wrong.

          • Brett

            Problem is, with minor league injuries, you often don’t get the full story until much later. We might not even hear anything until after Conway has had a second TJS, for example. Here’s hoping Az Phil’s report of hearing a “loud pop” is exaggerated. Conway was on his way to showing why he was considered a first round talent before the original TJS.

            • Dynastyin2017

              That’s why I don’t get TOO nervous about the silence surrounding Lake and Almora. Still not happy about it.

              • Brett

                Ditto … though it’s OK to be a little nervous. I wish I had more people to ask.

  • Carew

    I really hope the Cubs are keeping an eye on Max Schrock from South Carolina. He’s only a freshman, so he probably won’t leave until after junior year, which is scary. One time as a 8th grader, he hit a homer off a buddy of mine that went 350+ feet easily. I’m not one to exaggerate on stuff like that.