It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve seen this script. The Cubs got an early lead and a starting pitching performance that was good enough to win. Then the bats went silent and the bullpen went boom.

Then it seemed like every time the Cubs put something together, they grounded into a double play. It probably seemed that way because the Cubs did it in each of the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th innings.

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  • Boccabella12

    I hope your suggesting this works as well this time as it did for Rizzo!

  • @cubsfantroy

    Looks like I am glad I missed it. Twitter sounds disgusted with it as well.

  • Patrick

    Not gonna lie, at first I thought you were highlighting Molina’s total bases with that period before the OPS.

  • willis

    Ugh. Probably could have let Villanueva face Carpenter. He was at his end but one more batter couldn’t have hurt and he should have been allowed to finish that inning. Too bad for him the bullpen kicked another quality start by him again. Sickening.

  • Kyle

    I love how using Russell with 2 outs and none on in the 7th was both the wrong move for using too good of a relief pitcher for the low-leverage situation *and* it blew up in his face when his best reliever couldn’t get one out without giving up a run.

    • Koyie Hill Sucks

      I though the same, the pitcher was up to hit in the next inning, imo probably should of let Villanueva finish the 7th or brought in Camp/Bowden for that one out.

      Instead he planned to use Russell for one out and then Bowden for the 8th, bad move, regardless of the outcome…

  • ari gold

    Well the Cards were 3-5 with RISP. We were 1-9. That’ll lose a game more often than not.

  • Brandon Painter

    I could be mistaken but i thought they got navaro because he was a good defensive catcher

    • Rebuilding

      That’s what I had heard as well. I really hadn’t seen or paid much attention to Navarro before we signed him and I thought that was his reputation. As Deshais said today “the Cubs lead the world in balls to the backstop”.

    • Rcleven

      Please. Don’t light my fuse on this subject. I can go on and on.

  • Koyie Hill Sucks

    Castro had a terrible day at the plate today. In general though the team takes turns choking, today it was Russell’s turn…

    • Rebuilding

      Castro’s seeming lack of progress over the last 2 years is a bigger concern to me than our bullpen issues on a rebuilding team

      • Koyie Hill Sucks

        I think he is overthinking at the plate trying to “be patient” he ends up taking a lot of first pitch fastballs right down the middle of the plate and ends up going down early in the count…

        • Rcleven

          Taking first pitch fast balls didn’t hurt the Birds.
          It’s swinging at out of the zone pitches that kills Castro.

          • Koyie Hill Sucks

            He will always swing at those because he does not have the best eye, if the first pitch he will see is the best pitch to hit he should hit it… instead he gets a fastball down the middle to hit and never sees another pitch like that the rest of the at bat…

      • Kyle

        Ick. They are both concerning.

      • Voice of Reason

        Rebuilding you hit the nail on the head.

        All the other bums in today’s line up less rizzo mean nothing to the future of this team.

        • Voice of Reason

          Rizzo AND castro

  • RY

    hey look on the bright side where now we get to go to play the Nationals this weekend! Probably wont be much chance of our bullpen blowing any leads against them.

  • cubfanincardinalland

    Ridiculous call by the umps, gave the game to the Cardinals. But that is what you deal with when you play the Peacocks, the umps think they should win. Can you imagine if they had made that call against St. Louis, you would hear the wailing all the way to the commissioners office.
    You can’t have worse at bats than Castro today. His pitch selection makes Pablo Sandoval look like Pete Rose up there. Someone please tell the boys, it is ok to add on to a lead, the other team won’t quit and go home.

    • RY

      which call are you referring to, i did not see the game??

      • Rebuilding

        Ransom was on first with no one out and Borbon dropped a nice bunt down that Carpenter sort of hesitated on. The play at first was close and Descalso dropped the ball when Borbon hit his glove. They called Borbon out for running inside the baseline. It’s really a subjective call since the rule really has 2 parts (1) the runner was inside the baseline (he was) and (2) it affected the throw (debateable since the throw got there before Borbon and Descalso originally caught the ball). It really hurt because it was an out and Ransom had to return to 1st. Honestly, I thought it was probably the right call because he was quite a bit inside the line, but it could be argued either way

        • cubfanincardinalland

          A runner is not out for running outside the box. Only if it affects a throw. Had nothing to do with the play. Descalso tried to make the catch, with his glove and the ball directly over the first base bag. The runner has a complete right to be there. Cubs would have had 2nd and 3rd with no outs, tie game. Over umpiring, but as I said, the Cardinals get these kind of calls all the time, the umps look for ways to give them breaks, they are supposed to win.
          Other than Mujica, their bullpen might be worse than ours.

          • Rebuilding

            I don’t disagree with you that the call could have gone the other way. You’re right, it’s a 2 part test where the 2nd part is entirely subjective

            • Rebuilding

              I will point out w/o trying to be negative that in the postgame Sveum seemed completely unaware that there was a 2nd part to the rule

          • Adventurecizin’ Justin

            Not only did the ump make a horrible call, but I don’t understand how Ransom doesn’t get 2nd base. “Interference” or not, the Cards were giving Ransom 2nd base on that play. Double screwed!!

  • CeeDeeVee5811

    Don’t get me wrong, Nate had a good game but man, how many times this year has he hit into a key DP? He’s gotta have the most on the team.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Schierholtz has 3 or 4. (I don’t know if today’s GiDP has registered yet.) Castro leads with 5, but he’s the #2 hitter, and those guys usually lead the team in GiDP, especially if the leadoff batter is good at getting on base. Barney has been the real GiDP machine: he has 4 (tied with Castillo) with about 2/3rds of the PA. Of course, Barney excels at making contact while not exactly excelling in making *hard* contact; so, he’s a good candidate for GiDP.

  • Cardfan

    Thanking the double play gods after that one. A few observations from the other side:
    1. Cudos on the obnoxious facial hair displayed by both starters – nice
    2. Sheisterheifenmeisterschmidt can ball
    3. Gregg looks a helluva lot better than when I saw him last season. That pitch on the inside corner that rang up Descalso was pure money.
    4. Given what I have seen the last two days, you’re a better team than the Brewers, by far. Still think Sveum was the wrong move, though.

    That being said, all is right in the universe again today.

    • willis

      #4 hits it squarely.

      • Koyie Hill Sucks

        it’s heresy to think that way here.

        The logic is: Sveum has nothing to work with, therefore he cannot be judged.

        The reality off course is that:

        1. This team has more talent than the record shows, this usually falls on the coach.

        2. Everyone expected a better performance from the team this year but they seem to be headed for another 100 loss season, yikes, even if they lose 90-95 games still virtually no improvement.

        3. There have been plenty of questionable decisions by Sveum, especially with how he has handled bullpen personnel. Things that would matter if the cubs had a chance.

        • bbmoney

          The sveum hate is going way too far. They had 2 legit MLB starters for half the season last year. You just aren’t going to win any games that way. Thats not sveum.

          And it’s been 35 games this year…… Too soon too soon,

          • Rebuilding

            It’s not hate. I doubt anyone here hates Sveum. No one argues that he has enough talent, just that he doesn’t seem to get certain game situations. I think everyone here wants a manager that is top notch when we do have the talent. Sveum has shown me nothing so far to indicate he’s that guy

            • Koyie Hill Sucks

              Rebuilding said it: “Sveum has shown me nothing so far to indicate he’s that guy”

              There is no Sveum hate, you can hate a guy when the team has no chance at a title or playoff run.

              What I do expect is improvement from last year and better in game decisions.

              I don’t think Sveum is the coach who will take a team to the WS, imo he is here because they needed someone who would take a job with a team rebuilding who wouldn’t lose credibility after some losing seasons.

    • Cyranojoe

      Cardfan, thanks for the friendly input! A little silver lining to a lousy day.

  • ruby2626

    4 GIDP is what lost this game. Is anyone else getting tired of Mr. Overrated, Starlin Castro. A .270 singles hitter with a .300 OBP, if Miami would bite ship him off for Stanton. What the heck is Rizzo thinking, on 2B with 2 outs and he tries to steal 3B with a lefty up and the best defensive catcher in the game behind the plate. Schierholz and DeJesus now 2 for 20 against lefties, maybe you consider batting Hairston in that situation before he GIDP. Almost went today, thank goodness I stayed home.

    Kaplan on post game show just said Schierholz had best game. Couple nice catches and nice hits but come on, game on the line that damn GIDP against a lefty we know he can’t hit.

  • baseballet

    Castro ranks 10th out of 12 NL shortstops in OBP. And 7th in OPS. Only 5 walks in 150 plate appearances.

    I appreciate that he has a consecutive games streak going but maybe a day off spend reading The Cubs Way would be a good thing.

  • Die hard

    Needed that elusive 6 again

  • Die hard

    You can look it up but as I stated before Castro should have been rested that last Marlins game on getaway day after 3 in a row … Now he’s paying for it and so are Cubs as he’s not done a lot since then

    • TWC

      I’m still waiting for your “Struck will stick” prediction to come true.

      • Die hard

        Due time due time — much Bellyfire there like Greg Maddux

  • jim

    they are going NOWHERE!
    HAS DEFINITELY been a shining
    spot,however, their relief pitching
    will CONTINUE to”let them down”!
    EVER HEAR OF “small ball”?
    WELL,most teams know what it

    • DarthHater

      EVER hear OF “small brain”?

    • Brett

      You are not contributing any useful conversation, and your style is brutal to try and read. Offer something worthwhile rather than continuously doing this crap. Thanks.

      • N8 the Gr8

        Cubs (and jim): Committed to giving Brett headaches.

      • DarthHater

        I am living proof that Bert will let you get away with a lot, if you at least *occasionally* try to post something polite and constructive. πŸ˜‰

        • TWC

          It’s the emoticons, really.

          • DarthHater

            Have a wonderful day, TWC! πŸ˜€

        • Tommy

          It’s Brent. Duh.

  • Die hard

    Don’t be shocked if Sandberg named Phillies mgr over wknd– getting very ugly

    • DarthHater

      Manuel is the most successful manager in Phillies history and his contract is up after this season. They are not likely to fire him right now.

      • Die hard

        Halladay gone… and likely mgr and pitching coach culpable in not handling properly during spring training… Pot ready to boil over

  • Jono

    They hit into 3 double plays with RISP, and Gregg was their only pitcher not to give up a run….not to mention the fact that they lost to the F-in cards. What a shitty game

  • Jeffrey Wilson

    I’mSorry To Say This, But Castro Looks Far Too Much Like Soriano. He Doesn’t Get On Base, His Strikezone Is Massive, Especially With 2 Strikes, And His Power Isn’t Coming Along. He Just Isn’t Getting Better. And Then Once Every Couple Weeks, He Has A Good AB And Slaps A 2B To Right Field. At What Point Will People Begin To Question His Potential/Ceiling?

    • Die hard

      Don’t be sorry— I’ve been saying for 2 yrs that he needs less belly fat and more Bellyfire …most on this board have Castro on a pedestal … look closely and he may also remind you of Pie and Patterson

      • @murdiddlyurdler

        pie? patterson? you’re a madman.

        • Jeffrey Wilson

          He Doesn’t Remind Me Of Pie Or Patterson, But He Just Doesn’t Pass The “Eye Test.” I Do Agree That Most Do Have Castro On A Pedestal, A Crown On The Hopeful King, And That Fogs Judgment. People Will Point To One Advanced Metric And Ignore Another, Just Like Economists And Politicians. I Am Not Optimistic, I Wish I Was.

          • TWC

            “People Will Point To One Advanced Metric And Ignore Another…”

            People might point to your odd use of capital letters, too.

            • Jeffrey Wilson

              Great Argument, I Am Honored To Be Speaking With A Future Nobel Prize Winner In Physics, Another Enrico Fermi. I Can’t Help The Caps, It’s Some Android Swype BS. Castro Isn’t The Player We Envisioned After His Watching His First 200-300 Games.

      • AB

        Are you obtuse??

        Pie – injuries/failure to hit LHP were his main obstacles. You get constantly hurt when you are 23-26, chances are you’re probably not fit as a fulltime major leaguer. If anything Castro is the opposite, much more durable and plays every day.

        Patterson – when Castro has 168 K’s in a season let me know.

        These are probably the worst comparisons you could actually make.

  • wkranz54

    Here’s a fun stat…

    Cubs w/RISP 48/262=.183 BA
    Cubs w/o RISP 231/889= .260 BA

    Is this team just pressing or what? I have NEVER seen such a discrepancy in BA to the negative effect w/ RISP.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      I don’t think that it’s “pressing.” The Cubs K-rate is indistinguishable in both situations: 66 in 299 PAwRiSP vs. 179 in 930 PAwnRiSP, or 6 more “clutch” K’s than expected. One team in 10 shows that just by chance.

      The Cubs BB-rate actually is *better* with runners in scoring position (33 in 299 vs. 50 in 930), and is better even after we eliminate intentional walks (23 in 289 vs. 50 in 930). Only one team in 40 should show that difference, but as we know how bad the Cubs are at taking walks, that’s got to be dumb luck.

      Like K’s, the Cubs singles rate (31 for 252 ABwRiSP vs. 129 for 867 ABwnRiSP) is indistinguishable: one team in seven would show that.

      Where the Cubs get hurt is in extra-base hits: 16 for 252 vs. 92 for 867. Only one team in 73 should show that difference. Now, this stuff does just happen: after all, there are 30 teams, and there will be about 5 replications of 5+ weeks of baseball, so we expect this to happen twice a year to teams just out of the blue. Still, that does make me worry that the Cubs are “just trying to make contact” with men in scoring position. That really hurts overall production because it does nothing to increase expected singles rates while killing XBH rate: and thus nuking batting averages. (Supposedly it cuts down on K’s, except that altering your swing is a great way to miss the ball, too.)

      • mudge

        It may not be “pressing,” but it certainly is “depressing.”

  • cubfanincardinalland

    The optimist tells me some teams are really going to pay, because it just is impossible for major league hitters to continue to have such poor averages with runners in scoring position. But they have to improve their pitch selection, as Dale said after the game, they were swinging at balls under the zone, thus double plays.

  • Anonnifan

    Guys, I know that losing to the cardinals is like a knife in the gut to all of us, but honestly, coming into this series I did not think we would have two close ballgames, much less win one of them. Things are looking better for this team, and a 5-4 loss to the team with the best record in the National League is nothing to cry about. Lets just all calm down, breathe, and look at the positives. Three games, 1 against Texas, 2 against the cards, and we won 2 of them. 2 out of three from the teams that are playing the best ball in the league, and our loss was by one run. This is not cause to start calling for anyone’s head. I hope the Cubs continue to play ball as well for the next few weeks, because they looked like a tough team to beat the last few days.