new-york-yankees-logoThe first trade of the season for the Cubs!

And it’s a doozy. No. It’s the kind of deal you’d expect in early May.

The Chicago Cubs have reportedly traded infielder Alberto Gonzalez to the New York Yankees for a PTBNL or cash, according to Andy McCullough. Gonzalez, 30, signed with the Cubs this offseason on a minor league deal with a Spring Training invite. He performed well in Spring Training and was a last-minute addition to the roster when Darwin Barney went down with a knee laceration. He hit .217/.269/.391 over 26 plate appearances with the big team before being sent down, which was actually the best he’s hit in the big leagues since 2008. At Iowa, he was hitting .303/.395/.333, which is virtually meaningless.

Because of Gonzalez’s status (a guy who had to settle for a minor league deal, a back-up to back-ups, and a light-hitting utility type), and because the PTBNL comes with the dreaded “or cash” attached, you can expect that the return on Gonzalez will be virtually nothing. It’s conceivable that the Cubs could get a minor leaguer that might be worth discussing for a day (and dreaming on as a future middle reliever), but your hopes of the Cubs picking up an actual future contributor should be squashed. The Yankees needed a little emergency depth, and the Cubs were willing to give it up. No big deal.

But it’s a trade! Trade season is here! Kinda.

  • Jp3

    Oh man… Couldn’t we have done a 2 for 0 swap and made them take Stewart with him?😄

    • Cubbie Blues

      We would have had to given them cash plus paid Stewart’s salary.

  • Bryan

    Nothing for Alberto Gonzalez?!! wow theo is just horrible. i figured they would add dolis and get cano. WOW. he is sabotaging this roster so they can steal our money by putting a poor product on the field….. PFT.

    im kidding, although im sure someone will complain about this move today.
    Happy Friday cubbie fans

    • BluBlud

      No, serious, Theo is just a genius. I heard the Angels offered Mike Trout, but Theo turned it down because he thought the PTBNL from the Yankees had a better chance of being a Super Star. The three guys they are looking at in the PTBNL are comparible to Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Babe Ruth. If he chooses to pass, the Yankees will have to pay him $100,000,000. :)

  • Brian cubs fan

    too bad it wasnt marmol

  • jt

    perhaps it means they are now comfortable with Watkins as the back-up to the back-up.
    I would consider that a something, a small something but a something.

    • Brett

      Well, sort of – but there’s also Edwin Maysonet (currently on the DL).

      • Jim

        Well I heard that Soriano was moving back to second base with Barney as the backup. So it would be back-up to the back-up to the back-up.

  • Jp3

    For cash… See what you’ve reduced us to Ian Stewart!!!!

    • CubFan Paul

      For cash… See what you’ve reduced us to [Ricketts’]!!!!

      “maxed out” was Theo’s words.

  • Serio

    The thing about Ian Stewart is who’s going to want a fucking asshole on there team

    • Cubbie Blues

      You realize we are joking about Stewart right?

    • Jp3

      Seriously, he’s a human porta potty. I was insinuating we’re selling off players to pay for his undeserved salary. I’m sure all Theo was thinking was getting some cash relief.

  • Grant

    40-man at 38 now? Making room for another trade?

    • cubchymyst

      That was my thought as well. Freeing up room on the 40 man roster.

    • BluBlud

      I would assume not. If we make a trade, it would be for one or more of our 40 man roster guys for a couple young prospects who probably not on anyones 40 man roster right now. I don’t see a purpose in shrinking our 40 man to make a trade.

    • cjdubbya

      No, Gonzalez was DFA’d when Barney came back, so he was taken off the 40-man. It’s still at 39.

      • cubchymyst

        Missed that, thanks.

      • BluBlud

        True. Since thats the case, why didn’t the Yankees just claim him off waivers instead of paying for him.

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  • Die hard

    Precursor for a blockbuster ?.. Teams putting toes in the trade waters before all in the deep end is how I see it

  • Die hard

    Package Jackson Hairston and Stewart for Yankees draft picks?

    • ssckelley

      The Yankees have no draft picks that can be traded, the only ones that can be traded are the Competitive Balance draft picks and the Yankees have none.

  • amskustoms

    Hey 20 bucks for the guy is a good deal. No future with the club so great let theo get warmed up with this one and see where he goes

    • jay

      Theo needed this trade to pay for his lunch tab, since Ricketts is so strapped and all…..

  • a_mazz_ing


    • Feeney

      I think you mean to say…..

      “IT’S A FIRE……sale”

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  • Bric

    Well, his career was in jeopardy ever since he fired those nine federal judges. I’m surprised he stuck around this long.

    • TWC

      You’ve been waiting since 2007 for a chance to use that one, haven’t you, Bricster?

      • Bric

        You know me too well my friend. When I find a random, obscure nugget I’ll sit on it for years if need be, just waiting and hoping for the chance to use it.

        • TWC

          Kid, eventually those eggs you’re sitting on will hatch. Just watch out for saddle sores.

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