Playing in Washington just doesn’t sit well with the Cubs, I guess. It was another whipping, and Jeff Samardzija’s earned run line could have looked a lot worse if not for his own error.

What can you say? Good teams do things like this:

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  • cjdubbya

    Pen looked good at least in keeping it there. Happy with the trio of Rondon, Fujikawa and Camp turning in scoreless innings. Did Camp throw four pitches to get out of the 8th? That took like 45 seconds.

  • MikeW

    2-14 RISP. The legend continues

    • cubfanincardinalland

      Versus a top team like Washington, had 11 baserunners, seven of them scored.
      When was the last time you saw a team have seven doubles in a game, and score three runs. Almost impossible to do. To me, it is not that they are pressing in run scoring situations, just the opposite, most of the hitters are just to casual, instead of bearing down and focusing in those spots.

      • Timothy Scarbrough

        I really doubt that the problem is that our team doesn’t care about being good, for the team’s sake and their own sake.

  • B

    Shark is a #3 pitcher at best

    • Tim

      What do you mean he’s the best pitcher in baseball

  • Die hard

    Sweeney also untouchable?

  • jt

    Perhaps Hairston to Minn. or Siberia with Sweeney doing the short side platoon in RF?
    I’m not a huge fan of Sweeney but he has a lot better “D” and a more often bat than Hairston who may be better off doing the DH thing.

    • Anonnifan

      Uhhhhm, its cold here, but its not Siberia.

  • CeeDeeVee5811

    When is it time to start worrying about Shark? It seems like every start he starts off nasty thenn he fades away quick.

  • Walter Sobchak

    Anybody else think Castros strong suit would be lead off? Maybe Castro dejesus Rizzo sori?

    • Timothy Scarbrough

      Against lefties maybe, but DeJesus is almost definitely a better choice against righties.

  • Walter Sobchak

    Barney got a hit !!!!!!!

  • Walter Sobchak

    It’s embarrassing to have him actually hit in the lineup …..he would be dhed for in the al

  • Walter Sobchak

    I mean more or less Castro being a better lead off hitter for this stage in his career….. Remember Hanley rameriz used to lead off….. Castro would o think thrive in the one

  • justinjabs

    Bye bye Kat Dennings, it’s all downhill from here

  • cubfanincardinalland

    Did you guys see that mess in Houston last night? How is it possible that 4 major league umpires can’t figure out that a relief pitcher has to face a hitter before being replaced? Did they need to be explained before the game that you get 3 strikes and your out? Stunning.
    I can just imagine every guy umpiring down in the minor leagues watching that and getting really pissed, like you have to be kidding me, why can’t I get to the big leagues.

  • Kyle

    #@$@$@# I really thought this team could keep it interesting in a “we’re just a hot streak away from .500” sort of way, at least until the draft or the trade deadline.

  • The Dude Abides

    13 – 22 record, tracking for 102 losses. We have played 8 out of the 17 we have scheduled against San Diego, Houston & Miami. Those 8 games account for 5 of our 13 wins. We are playing .296 ball against everyone else.

    127 games to go, 9 against the big three listed above and 118 against the rest of the teams. All before the summertime purge of anyone we can trade begins. Looks like it will be fun at the old park this summer for sure…

    • Die hard

      As been saying ad nause since spring training — with this staff need 6 runs a game to avoid 100 losses— does Theo ever consult with me?!– By bringing up Sweeney he’s realizing that will have to pound out 6 runs because staff will give up at least 5– sorry to say but my favorite Darwin Bellyfire may be next to go in favor of an infielder who can hit ,250

      • Timothy Scarbrough

        If the Cubs average 6 a game, and allowed runs at their current pace, their Pythagorean expectancy would be a record of 105-57. They should score 6 runs a game. Someone tell Theo.

        • Die hard

          Thank you– was wondering if anyone else was out there in the audience as was blinded by bright stage lights

          • Timothy Scarbrough

            I can’t tell what you mean. If any team in baseball averaged 6 runs, they would be a 100 game winner. Every person who has ever watched a baseball game could tell you that.

  • MichiganGoat

    Crappy game and then my DraftStreet team took a bigger crap than Brett’s team. And now Jr has me up in the wee hours so all I can do is wait for another day to begin.

  • RC

    maybe shark should be a closer , barney might have to go away, overall crappy team that cannot hit w/ men on base

  • Blake

    The sad part about the game last night was coaching. When you are getting lead off doubles on a team that struggles with men in scoring bunt the runner over. The chance of scoring are so much higher at that point. Castro doesn’t get thrown out at home on that rizzo sinle if he is standing on third, but no, let the great cosy random take his cuts…this team needs to start manufacturing runs any way they can

    • Die hard

      Exactly –which is why there is nothing to lose and definitely no pressure if kids were promoted now — let Baez Soler Watkins et al have a taste– nobody would care if they struggle as would be part of education and make them better when promoted for good — and one or more may surprise by showing they are ready

      • AB

        nothing is going to soothe the typical Cubs fans anger at this season more than seeing their top prospects strikeout 50% or more of their at-bats and seeing Baez throw the ball all over the infield.

        Great thinking there.

        Watkins is striking out at something like 27% of his at-bats so far this year, right??

        • hansman1982

          Maybe, but K rates aren’t calculated using AB’s, use PA.

          He’s at 24% with a 19% BB rate.

    • hansman1982

      Well, the history of baseball has not borne this out:

      “When you are getting lead off doubles on a team that struggles with men in scoring bunt the runner over. The chance of scoring are so much higher at that point.”