respect wrigleyAs a bleacher guy, I haven’t peed in a trough at Wrigley Field in a couple years. The men’s room in the bleachers has these nice, individually-separated urinals now, which makes a visit to the loo feel like a European vacation.

But, for you traditionalists in the bowl who would miss that big, long bowl in the bathrooms, fear not. The troughs aren’t going away when Wrigley Field is renovated. From Serena Dai at DNAinfo:

“The troughs are staying,” Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts said Tuesday to a laughing crowd at D’Agostino’s Pizza ….

[The troughs are] a part of what keeps Wrigley Field feeling like Wrigley Field, said team spokesman Julian Green, explaining the decision to keep them.

“It’s one of those longtime fan favorites in our ballpark,” he said. “It’s tradition.”

Tradition, perhaps, of the shared suffering of Cubs fans?

No, Green said. More bathrooms will put a stop to that.

“Mutual suffering will end,” he said.

In other words, you’ll still have the joy of peeing into a long tub, but you won’t necessarily have to do it while your shoulders rub the gentlemen on either side of you.


  • Mark

    It’s NOT tradition! I’m a DIE HARD Cubs fan and I HATE, HATE, HATE those things. I wonder if he talked to the common fan or pulled this on his own?

  • magilljl

    Very happy there was no link or mention of the “trough slip n slide” guy in this article…. only in the comments..

  • Ron

    Hey, nice watch.

  • TWC

    Man, if folks think that Wrigley is the only place with troughs, they need to get out more. I can think of three venues here in the Bay Area that have them, and I’m nearly certain that a handful of stadiums on the east coast do, too.

  • mak

    That reads like an Onion article.

  • cubchymyst

    I don’t mind the troughs because I think they help get people in and out of the restroom quicker (As long as your not one of those bashful bladder guys).

    • Brett

      *Raises hand. Waits for stall.*

      • Ron Swanson

        Dang, I’m the guy behind you in line Brett. Doesn’t matter how bad I have to go. When I get up the the trough I can’t squeeze a drop.

  • Matt

    Haven’t face palmed the Cubs in about 24 hours, so I guess now is as good a time as any.

  • Cubfanbob

    Some of my greatest memories have been pissing away the ten old styles in those troughs, listening to all the jokes bring spread around, as pat calls the game over the bathroom radio.

  • Spencer

    Those troughs are the worst.

  • magilljl

    Troughs don’t bother me one bit as long as I don’t have to pay an extra fee to go, I’ll piss in a floor drain.

  • Jim

    Maybe if we start crossing the streams, we can reverse the curse?

    • Cubbie Blues


      • davidalanu

        True story- I’m explaining to my wife the troughs at Wrigley, and she asked me, with a straight face, “doesn’t it splash on the guy across from you?” I had to explain that no, dear, the troughs are at least up against the wall. No crossing streams with a guy across from you.

  • Indy57

    The troughs at Wrigley are bad, but not as bad as the old Chicago Stadium. I can remember bathrooms were so small and so packed between periods that I (and others) peed in the sinks;) Ah, the maturity of a teenager.

  • Cubfanbob

    Conversation I over heard in the troughs this season.

    “Cant complain about these troughs ever go to a game at the United Center ? Lines out into the hallway or worse at Solder Field your missing at least a quarter of the game, sure it’s not an issue on the south side cause there aint enough people to make a long wait to piss anyways”

  • Cubbies4Life

    As Doris Day once sang, “I enjoy being a girl!”

    • TWC

      So you’re not a “Go Girl”?

  • tsb

    I was in a bar restroom where the urinals and johns were all full so a guy pissed in the sink; while another fellow was washing his hands in the same sink! Wouldn’t have happened with troughs; and there wouldn’t have been the punch in the face either.

    • cubmig

      It would if Moises Alou was next to you………and who knows, there may be some Alou believers who piss on their hands to toughen-em up.

    • Richdanna

      One can only hope that he waited for the guy to finish pissing before he unloaded the right hook….

  • baseballet

    Moo! I wonder if the bottom of the trough will be an LED screen advertising Ricketts’ bison dogs.

  • ProfessorCub

    Yes! Love the troughs! They keep the lines moving…plus, we all know that the troughs drain directly into the Old Style taps – recycling is the green way to go!

    • JoeyCollins

      Went to my first Cubs game at 12 and had never used a trough before. I was squeezed elbow hip between two large gentlemen and one felt necessary to lean down and tell me exactly that. I’ve never been a bashful pisser and I attribute it to that experience at Wrigley.

  • ssckelley

    This is an awesome article! 😀

  • http://none millhah

    had a feeling they’d keep em. but they’re awful. i wait for a real stall every time

  • 5412


    I understood the troughs do not meet code. They can stay until they go (pun intended).. In other words, if they need to be removed, they cnnot be replaced. That is why the current men’s room have a combination of both troughs and individual urinals.

    One often unmentioned item is the wall behind the trough it is one place a guy can go and look up and look another guy square in the eye who is also relieving himself. I still find that amusing….



  • farmerjon

    Keep the troughs…put in dividers

    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      Then it wouldn’t have that Wrigley feel unless the drunk guy besides you wasn’t leaning on you and pissing on your shoes.

  • @cubsfantroy

    I have no problem whipping it out in front of a bunch of people, but I still can’t piss in troughs with another guy that close breathing on my neck. It’s weird.

  • Montelle Walton

    Love the Cubs, HATE HATE HATE the troughs with the FIRE OF 1000 Suns! Funny that I never see Ricketts swinging his junk in one….

  • hansman1982

    Wow, the comments on this post are….interesting.

  • hawkcub

    Troughs are great for saving time. Everyplace that replaced them with urinals the wait has been at least doubled. In a sporting event time is the issue so less time in the bathroom is what I want. Give me the troughs.

    Also maybe I’m not remembering this correctly but doesn’t the bleachers have both urinals and troughs? It was last year I was there after all.

  • JulioZuleta

    They’re not even in some of the bathrooms anymore. I pretty much always sit in the bleachers and always use the same bathroom, and it doesn’t have any troughs. Nice separated urinals with partitions.

  • sven-erik312

    Ah, the name D’Agostino’s Pizza brings back memories, I lived on North Janssen Street just 2 blocks south of Addison. Oh, take me back…
    Sweet Home Chicago

  • Clark Addison

    In Asia troughs are common.

  • Barroof

    I’ve Fully Krausened those troughs many many times. I feel relieved just typing this. As long as they add more restrooms I’ll be ok with it.

  • Vin23

    If Ricketts thinks troughs are a positive then I’m starting to worry how the f he knows how to build a baseball team from the bottom.

    Troughs are disgusting, but I guess being cheap in the name of tradition is the new way.